Anti Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is the common problem caused by fungal bacteria, yeasts and cracks dry skins of the scalp. Growing of dry skin crumbles and inflammation of the scalp are very common signs of dandruff. Dandruff formation occurs in people getting oily skin.

At Labelle, we offer a complete anti dandruff treatment with good quality of shampoo and proper medications. Using oil on hairs is not at all pleasing for people who are having oily skin. in spite of that, day-by-day use of shampoo is compulsory.


We make use of the top-quality tested shampoos for curing dandruff. Therapeutic shampoos are also used by Labelle for curing obstinate dandruff and offer the best dandruff removal treatment. We advise shampooing after every third day for individuals who have to go outside for several reasons. People who mostly stay indoors then need to do shampoo their hair once in a week.

We at Labelle perform allergy check-up of our anti-dandruff shampoos as they are chemical elements and might have allergic effects. Allergy tests are conducted for each chemical composite utilized in the treatment of dandruff.

Better Prevention of Dandruff

By following some important steps, you can put off dandruff if it is quite gentle. All stubborn dandruff requires specialist advice and treatment. The following points should be used to thwart dandruff from appearing:

Dandruff Removal Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai at Labelle

When it comes to dandruff removal treatment, the top given option is available with the most effective anti-dandruff shampoos. Our specialists at Labelle will recommend you the effective and mainly therapeutic shampoos that will give the best results within a short time. Often, when medicated shampoos are not adequate, some creams are recommended to use.

Dry Scalp Treatment for Dandruff Removal

In dry scalp treatment, Labelle has brought a visible reputation. Labelle has successfully treated most of the people with the dandruff issue. The specialists have enough experience and skill to deal with the dandruff problems which are mainly caused by several reasons.

Dandruff Removal Treatment for Itchy Scalp

Since dandruff problem related to itchy scalp treatment, major treatments for dandruff mainly pays attention to each part of the scalp and hair to properly care for scaly skin can be served with successful results to notice. The anti-dandruff treatment at Labelle makes sure that all the crumbles of skin are removed from the head and that you obtain a perfect look and smooth feel to the hair.

At Labelle, we offer a distinctive dry scalp treatment to counteract Dandruff in men and women with the following premeditated processes –

Deep Scalp Cleansing

The leading way is to wash and remove the entire flakes of dandruff on the scalp and hair. This makes sure that all the oily substances on the head that can be fully eliminated to provide a clean look and feel.

Hair and Scalp Nourishment 

Next step of the dandruff removal treatment comprises profound sustenance of the hair and scalp. All the dandruff sources fungus and oils are fully eradicated from the head so that your hair recovers most favourable well-being and nourishment to be invigorated with essential compounds.

Dandruff prevention therapy

To offer an effective itchy scalp treatment for dandruff, the specialists at Labelle gives a completely gentle treatment and protection direction so that you are doing well in thwarting future happening of the similar conditions and value stunning hair forever in life.

FAQ’s - Anti dandruff Treatment
What is the cause of dandruff and itchy dry scalp?

There are several reasons which cause dandruff. The oil is formed by the scalps that are the main origins of the dead skin cells chunk formation. They then produce white flakes. It can be the consequence of dry skin, fungus or other skin disorders. At Labelle, you find the best and effective dry scalp treatment at the most competitive cost.

How can you get rid of it?

One of the most effective ways of putting off dandruff is by applying anti-dandruff products. In spite of making use of chemical loaded hair products, you might choose homemade treatments as well. One of the great home therapies is by applying lemon juice on your scalp. Take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and massage on your scalp and after that wash it with water. The tartness in the lemon juice can help to balance the pH level of your scalp. This can assist you to stop it and also keep your scalp dirt-free.

How to stop a dry scalp? 

Apply warm oil on your scalp and it is the best way to eliminate dry scalp. 

What are the vitamins the deficiencies of which might cause to dry scalp? 

Dry scalp might be the reasons for the deficiency of several vitamins such as Vitamin B, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 to be specific.  

Can dandruff lead to fast hair loss? 

Dandruff indeed leads the fast hair loss or baldness. That is why it is vital to remove dandruff by using various home treatments and the best quality of anti-dandruff shampoo. And, also important is to consult a dermatologist. 

What essential oils are good for dandruff?

Tea tree essential oil is the best to fight against dandruff. And the method of using this oil to add 5 to 7 drops of tea tree oil in jojoba oil or coconut or olive oil and then massage softly on the scalp. Leave it throughout the night and rinse it off in the morning.