Blackhead Removal

Blackheads are miniature, dark bangs on the skin that come out when the pores of hair follicles get blocked. These are significantly present in parts such as the nose, back, shoulders and chest. Blackheads turn to the creation of acne and take place when dead skin cells, remains, and sebum gets ensnared in the holes. They come out black or dark in colour due to the decomposition of the melanin colour found in the skin and not ensnared grime. If blackheads are not cured properly in time, the clogged gaps might lead to the development of pimples that causes an acne break. But at Labelle, you can get the best blackhead removal treatment in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada.

Blackhead Removal Treatment

We offer the best possible of Blackhead removal treatment at Labelle that gives the perfect solution of blackhead treatment that will provide a complete way out of your deep blackheads on skin like nose, chicks, and other parts of the body. At Labelle the blackheads will you an effective blackhead treatment option at cost-effective prices.

Causes Blackheads

Here are the most common causes of appearing blackheads:

Too much sweat and heat –An environment with excess humidity might lead to too much sweating which can occur with overproduction of oil that leads to blackheads on your skins.

Hereditary disposition –If your parents have already suffered from blackheads, then you are also more prone to getting the same from your genetic.

Hormonal changes –Hormonal changes throughout puberty activate a thorn in sebum formation that mainly causes blackheads. This happens due to the androgen hormone that sets off the emission of sebum in both girls and boys throughout the teenage years. Moreover, hormonal changes throughout pregnancy, menstruation or due to birth control pills can also lead to blackheads in women.

Medication –Several medications that hold estrogen, testosterone, lithium, corticosteroids lead to blackheads as an adverse side effect.

Skincare products –Skincare or makeup products that contain comedogenic or those that obstruct pores lead to blackheads.

Stress –Stress can activate the sebaceous glands to produce extra oil formation that ultimately leads to the occurrence of blackheads.

Smoking –Smoking continually causes blackheads due to the chemical compounds present in cigarettes called nicotine which changes sebum element.

Diet – Some food items present in our diets those comprise a large source of sugars, fats, oils etc. are known to speed up the blockage of pores that cause to blackheads.

Symptoms of Blackheads

  • Blackheads are easily appeared due to their dark brown or black colour
  • They are smoother than pimples in look and have an elevated consistency
  • There is no pain or ache 
  • The occurrence of inflamed pores

Blackhead Treatment for Nose & Face

Blackhead Medication –Correct amounts of medication will be given by the doctor to cure severe blackheads. As blackheads mostly come with grade 1 acne, pertinent current medicines are prescribed. For grade 1 blackheads, the medicine usually holds vitamin A and includes tretinoin adapalene, benzoyl peroxide.

Chemical Peels –A salicylic acid peel is the key chemical peel which is used for cleaning out pores and eliminating dead skin cells that lead to blackheads. A salicylic acid peel is a gentle peel which is used to treat the blackhead removal process. The chemical solution encompasses salicylic acid is used on the skin which ultimately it causes to the feeling of the top layers that appears smooth and healthy skin.

Manual Blackhead Removal –Dermatologists or skin specialists make use of a special tool that is known a comedone extractor to take out the blackheads from the skin. The blackhead extractor has a circular ball at the list which is set on the top of the blackhead to be removed. It is softly pushed to eliminate the bung and pressure is then used to eliminate the clogging. It is one of the fastest and speediest ways to eliminate blackheads but you should take a professional while making use of this tool for the correct amount of pressure to unblock the aperture without hurting the skin.

Microdermabrasion Treatment –In this process of blackhead treatment at Labelle, the upper layer of skin is cleaned properly by applying an innovative tool. These blockages the pores and eliminates blackheads. It is not a trendy option for blackhead removal as in some conditions; it might condense the upper layer of skin and deteriorate the blackhead condition.

Cost of Expert Blackhead Removal Treatments in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad

The standard cost of non-invasive blackhead removal treatment depends on the blackheads on your body, so; at Labelle in Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, Vijayawada & Hyderabad, we offer the best blackhead removal treatment at cost-effective prices.

These are procedures for blackhead removal treatment.

FAQ's - Blackhead Removal

Are there any side effects?

In some cases, there are some adverse reactions that lead to mild or severe. Relevant medications lead to negative effects such as skin redness, inflammation or harsh sensation. The side effects of oral medications include headache, upset stomach, nausea, stress, depression and causes of a risk of breast cancer.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

The post-treatment guidelines comprise like looking after of your skin to put off any future progress of blackheads or congested pores again. These consist of cleansing your face at least two-thrice per day. Apply oil-free products on your skin. Furthermore, exfoliating or scrubbing your face should be done at least twice or thrice every week that eliminates all mounted up dead skin particles, dirt and other contaminations. In addition, you should keep yourself hydrated and maintain a healthy diet that does not comprise eating excess fat, oily or greasy and fried food items.

How long does it take to recover?

However, recovery takes almost a month. Although, treating for your blackhead is a permanent procedure that needs to be unremitting to avert any future breakouts.

What is the cost of treatment in India?

The average cost of newsworthy ointments for curing blackheads start from around Rs. 50 to Rs. 2000. The price of laser treatment in India would charge you almost Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 30, 000.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results of the treatment are permanent but you must have to look after your skin on a regular basis to put off any future possibilities of blackheads.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Alternative treatments for blackhead removal consist of homoeopathy and homemade treatments.