Body Sculpting

Body sculpting belongs to the method of improving the contours of different parts of the outer body. This might be essential after times of vast weight loss to take out any flabby skin and too much fat that could be unpleasant. It also takes out cellulite that mounts up under the skin to appear dimples. Our look appears with a huge part of who we are. It is the most important thing people should observe about us at Labelle. So, we all want to come out lean and fit, without extreme fat. Cosmetic body sculpting treatment is one of the most effective ways that guarantee that the too much fat and excess weight will be removed to provide us with healthy-looking physiques. The cosmetic surgical procedure which eliminates the surfeit fat and flabby skin from your body is known as body contouring.

Body Sculpting Treatment for men and Women

The body Sculpting Treatment for men and women at Labelle clinic in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, Vijayawada offers the body shaping options that usually belongs to the top treatment that damages fatty acids with the help of surgery. And this procedure of body sculpting surgery acts by freezing fatty cells and this therapy is done by piercing heat through radio-frequency or ultrasound treatment that assures to help reshape your stomach, thighs, and upper arm areas.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is an effective cosmetic process which targets at transforming the shape of different body parts to augment, improve and enhance and get the body contours into synchronization. It is done on parts such as edges, thighs, back, abdomen and buttocks. These methods are meant to assist to eliminate stubborn fat, excessive skin and make tighter primary muscles and tissues. As the body contouring in Hyderabad can help you to get the best goal. In this process, body contouring surgeon eliminates surplus fat and skin scrums from the infected area, and tightens up the muscles. A growing number of patients choose getting body contouring in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada at low costs.

Body Shaping Treatment

Body shaping treatment is done by the following non-surgical procedures at Labelle in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada like:

  • Ultrasonic lipolysis
  • Mesotherapy
  • Fat freezing lasers
  • Laser liposuction 

Ultrasonic lipolysis has become widely popular due to its some safety measures, effortless method, and better results at Labelle. The fat once noticed is reported with ultrasound frequencies. The unnecessary fat is eliminated by the body’s natural drainage systems and that includes the kidneys and the liver. The number of sittings required that ranges from 8-15 that usually depends on the size of the fatty area to be cured. It is tracked by a radiofrequency body shaping treatment that is unipolar and bipolar to make tighter the saggy skin that results as after the fat decrease. The collagen fibres under the skin are worked up, that leads them to reduce. This reduction leads to contraction of the subcutaneous tissue and restoring that takes out dimples and wrinkles and softens the body shape. These have to be merged with a daily diet and work-out to maintain the body contouring process.

Body Sculpting in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Body sculpting method which takes out the amount of fat in your body with the help of using innovative laser therapy or ultrasonic frequencies. This process is painless and it assists in toning your looks and appearance. One of the imperative questions, when you think about the surgery, is the process cost. The exact cost of body contouring surgery mainly differs from person to person and also on the amount of extreme fat and the amount of surgery required. However, at Labelle, it offers affordable costs of body shaping treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, Vizag, Vijayawada.

We, at Labelle, have designed a hi-tech medical facility which will make sure that your experience of cosmetic improvement with us at the best possible way. Our brilliant and highly skilled staff will make sure that your problem of surplus fat is reduced effortlessly.

FAQ's - Body Sculpting

What Happens after body sculpting treatment?
  • You are recommended to drink plenty of water to cleanse the liquefying fat from the body.
  • Exercise can be continued from the next day.   
  • Zero side effects have been found with this treatment.
How safe is the body shaping treatment?

At Labelle, the body shaping treatment makes sure for safety and has been clinically approved by the FDA.

Which body parts are treated in body contouring?

The main parts of the body that typically mount up fat are the stomach, the hips and buttocks, thighs, and the arms. These parts are mainly treated by implementing this technique to eliminate cellulite and also to cure baggy skin.

Is the body sculpting treatment painful?

It is a painless treatment method that is quite agreeable. It provides you with a feel of a gentle massage and therefore it is pleasant.

Will the change be visible?

With the elimination of too much fat, the transform can be observed beginning from the first sitting where around 3 centimetres can be removed the perimeter each sitting, with a further session, as it results in more and more visible changes.

What are the major points to keep in mind while undergoing this body shaping treatment?

Everyone has a different skin tone, and an individual should have authentic expectations and not get attracted by advertisements, even the results are simply good.

A professional cosmetic dermatologist at Labelle has many years of experience will involve in treating your body shaping process.