Body Sculpting

Drooping skin and undesired fatty acids might make your body look unappealing. Body sculptingtreatment helps you to get the most desired body with the latest and advanced technologies. Everyone has the equal right to feel and look their best, and body sculpting assists you in doing that. There can be numerous reasons that have caused you to put on excessive weight. But without proper treatment, sometimes it becomes difficult to lose the excess flab through regular dieting and exercises.

Many patients suffer from concerns like flaccid abdominal fat, additional thigh fat, and double chin that lowers their confidence in daily life. But now, with the treatment procedures for body sculpting, they can achieve any look or shape they desire. All the treatments offer long-lasting and quick results.

Body Contouring

On your first visit, an expert will examine your body from numerous angles to identify which portion needs body shaping. Then on a particular schedule, they will freeze the fat cells on the areas where body contouring should be executed. In the next few weeks, the fat cells will be naturally terminated from the body to reveal a slimmer and well-sculpted body.

Body Sculpting Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Body sculpting treatment at La Belle is a process through which you can alter the human body shape by removing the fat skin and cells. Excessive weight loss or change in the lifestyle can cause tissues and skin to return to the former elasticity in the body. Contouring of the body removes the sagging skins and tissues to enhance their shapes, ultimately resulting in a highly proportioned appearance and smooth contours. La Belle is one of the pioneer body shaping clinics that is backed by the knowledge of our highly professional cosmetologists having years of experience. So if you are seeking for the top body sculpting treatment in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Vizag, Secunderabad, and Bangalore, then La Belle can be your one-stop solution.

FAQ's - Body Sculpting

Can I be an ideal candidate for Body sculpting treatment?

Those people who have excessive fat pockets and want to have a well-toned body with weight loss are ideal candidates for body sculpting treatment. It can decrease by almost 27 to 30% of the targeted area fat within a few months.

Are there any age limitations for the body contouring treatment?

Anyone within the age range of 18 to 70 years can undergo body contouring treatment successfully.

What are the advantages of body shaping treatment?

Body shaping is a fat reducing non-invasive treatment that freezes away the undesired fat from the patient’s body. There is no surgery or downtime needed for this. Almost morebody sculpting treatments at La Belle are already accomplished in our clinics in India.

Are there any harmful effects of sculpting treatment?

A patient might feel a little sense of pinching, redness, mild pulling, and tugging in the treated areas. However, these effects are not permanent and will resolve slowly with time.

Can everyone undergo a contouring process?

People who have lately undergone surgery should not undergo contouring treatment within two to three months. Also, this is not ideal for people with high diabetes, infections and allergies, heart problems, and lactating or pregnant women.

Is it completely safe to implement this treatment?

All the Body shaping treatments La Belle are approved by the FDA. Since it is non-invasive, anyone can implement this process on their body without any worries.

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