Breast Lift Surgery

A Breast Lift is also widely popular by name of mastopexy and it is a surgical process that is executed performed by a plastic surgeon to transform the contour of your breasts. Throughout the breast lift, too much skin is eliminated and breast tissue is redesigned to augment the breasts. Breast Lift Surgery in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, Vizag, Vijayawada at Labelle is mainly implemented cosmetic surgery method.

The main reason women choose breast lift procedure is due to lose breasts. Flabby breasts are caused because of:

  • The natural effects of severity on the body
  • Natural ageing procedure
  • Inherited factors play a vital function in flagging breasts too
  • Too much weight loss leads to failure of size and leads to sagging
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding might cause certain amounts of sagging breasts

Applicants for Breast Lift Treatment

If you are more than 18 years old and are worried about sagging breasts, and have practical expectations from the breast lift treatment, you are a patient for breast upliftment. Mentioned the criteria for breast lift processes:

  • Condition of the nipple is lower than the crease of the breast
  • Less size in the top part of the breast
  • Failure of inflexibility
  • Asymmetric volume and size of the breast
  • Augmented stretchy skin on the breast
  • Pendulous breasts


The kind of process mainly relies on the harshness of the drooping, amount of slack skin and also the choice of the patient.

Reversed T Mastopexy:

It is known as anchor incision. An incision is found around the areola and operates up and down to the breast fold, and then leads straight along the breast. The drawback of this type is more blemishes but can be applied in cases of stern drooping like with excessive weight loss. It is typically applied in permutation with breast reduction.

Upright Mastopexy:

This is also known as the keyhole or lollipop incision. The incision operates around the areola, and then up and down to the breast fold. It is implemented for restrained sagging.

Peri-areolar Mastopexy:

It is also known as donut incision or Benelli lift. The incision operates along the edges of the areola. The skin is taken out as a round stripe in the shape of a donut. The scar development is smallest in this process near the ends of the areola. It is implemented in cases of modest to gentle dropping since the skin take out is nominal and lifting is less. It is implemented in permutation with implants.

Crescent Incision:

The incision works in a crescent form over the areola and eliminated the skin. The new stripe of skin is reconnected to areola. It is right only for gentle cases of drooping. It is executed in amalgamation with breast expansion.

Breast Upliftment Surgery in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad

You have to stay at the hospital for at least 1-2 days and get under medical care after the breast lift surgery. You require experience like a little pain, uneasiness and inflammation with staining in the breast for a few days after the breast upliftment treatment. You can continue schedule activities in around ten days. You should stay away from dynamic performances such as gym, sports and lifting anything weighty that might lead to stress or pressure on the surgery site for at least six to eight weeks. A special bra is highly recommended to wear for a few weeks after the treatment. This is an effective process of breast lift treatment in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, Vijayawada at Labelle. The surgery provides you fuller, bloated breasts that sit higher on the chest. 

FAQ's - Breast Lift Surgery

What Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost in India?

Breast Lift Surgery Cost in India generally starts from 1.5 Lac to 2.5 Lac; though this will mainly rely on your specific case. At Labelle, we know the importance of healthy well-being of our patients and therefore our intention is to offer the best breast lift treatment at competitive prices. 

Who needs a Breast Lift?

A woman needs a Breast Lift if she has

  • Moderate to stern sagging breasts
  • The nipples indicating down
  • No skin is able to be seen under the areola when looked close up
Does a woman require a lift after breast augmentation?

The breast expansion process is to put in size to your breasts whereas a lift improves the sagging. Your breasts look fuller and rigid after you have experienced a breast upliftment or augmentation. However, in the long-run, if your breast looks to sagging due to ageing or weight loss, you can choose for a lift.

Does the decrease of breast or elimination of implants welcome a breast lift?

No, it is not compulsory to opt for a breast upliftment after you a drop surgery or elimination of implants. The requirement of breast lift mostly depends on the condition of the breasts.

What are breast implants? How can they help if breast lifts?

Breast implants are silicone encircles that is packed with saline or consistent silicone gels, which are fixed to add volume to the present breast tissues.

Can breast augmentation or Mastopexy join with implants during a breast lift?

Yes, of course, both the technique can be merged while performing breast lifts. Breast augmentation method merged with implants will provide you fuller and well-toned busts. Although, the nipple and the areola are located upwards to provide a younger look to the breasts.

A perfect breast lift can help you to get rid of drooping breasts that results from weight loss, pregnancy, ageing or hereditary trend.

What to anticipate after a Breast Lift?
  • Puffiness, redness, soreness, wound and itching are very common factors after this breast lift treatment
  • You can experience gentle pain and lack of sensation
  • Your breasts will be worn with gauge and small drainpipe might be instilled to eliminate too much fluid
  • You are recommended to put on a surgical bra for a few days until breasts restore to health completely.