Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure of reduction mammoplasty to remove excess fat and tissues around the breasts and mainly over the nipple area. The extra skin when gets stretched around the breast push it lower and reduce breast size completely. Male breast reduction also helps in reducing the unnecessary pain that you get around shoulder, neck and the back area. The most common methods are around the areola, called periareolar incision; from the bottom of the areola to the underneath of the breast and around the natural shape of the breast crease.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery offers relief to most of the males having “women like breasts” which is a very common condition among 60-70 percent males. Most of the men have it from the younger days. It can become a serious problem when the breasts become larger and start showing through the clothes, it feels embarrassing and affects the person psychologically. Gynecomastia Surgery or the Male breast reduction surgery brings changes in slim as well as obese males.

Gynaecomastia is a condition that occurs in male mostly during teenage years. Generally, the breast regresses on its own after some years, however, this does not happen in some males, for them male breast reduction is the best method.

Gynaecomastia can become a problem when -

  • Male breast or nipples show through the clothes
  • Causing embarrassment while wearing swimming trunks, gym clothes or shirtless
  • Causing mental trauma
  • This condition can occur in obese or slim men

Male Breast Reduction surgery is done under local or general anesthesia. The duration of surgery is one to two hours. It does not involve hospitalization and recovery is fast. One can even résumé work the next day. Precisely, the male breast reduction is done with the use of liposuction, wherein, tumescent solution is injected in the breast and liposuction is carried out.

Female Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction removes the extra tissue through these incisions before relocating the nipple and areola in the higher position. Breast reduction surgery is eligible for female if her breasts are larger in proportion to the body frame, breasts are heavy having the areola and nipple pointed downwards, one breast is larger than the other one and there are skin irritations around the breast especially under the breasts. Breast reduction surgery is for women for bilateral reduction of the breasts, which helps in overcoming the unnecessary health problems and makes your breasts smarter and bouncy.

La Belle Offers Breast Reduction Treatment

La Belle offers discrete and excellent procedures for breast size reduction at low cost, for both men and women. You can have a consultation with our experts who are always willing to resolve all your doubts.

FAQ's - Breast Reduction Surgery
Is the treatment of breast size reduction permanent?

While surgery is usually permanent, results vary from patient to patients and breasts can start sagging due to health issues, overweight problems or due to pregnancy.

What are specific post-operative guidelines to be followed?

After the surgery, breasts get reduced and repositioned. The patient has to take care of the breasts for at least 15 days after the surgery by avoiding laborious activities. The elastic bandage should be wrapped around the breasts along with wearing high-quality support garment or surgical bra after the surgery as recommended by our experts.

How much does male breast reduction surgery cost?

Labelle provides the male breast treatment at cost-effective rate. You will get the best service with effective results at very low price.

How long does it take to recover after the breast augmentation reduction surgery?

On an average basis, most patients recover within two weeks. It depends on the health condition of the patients and also on the type of treatment. Some patients may recover with 5 days or some other take maximum 3 to 4 weeks.

Is the breast reduction surgery painful? Does it leave any scars on the skin?

After the surgery, there will be some swelling and minor pain. Scars can be smaller in size or bigger in size around the areola, depending on the type of surgery. But proper prescribed medication will help heal the pain and scars completely in a few weeks of time.

What are the risks involved in this surgery?

There are few risks involved in the surgery such as the fat and tissues becoming necrotic due to lack of blood supply and turning reddish. If it spreads, it can worse the conditions around the breasts. But these are very far and few and our experts at La Belle will ensure such situations are avoided.

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