Breast Reduction Surgery

When we talk about breast reduction surgery, it basically means that you will be removing the extra fat on your breasts especially around your nipple area. Sometimes breasts do become a problem as they keep on growing and there's no stop to it. This is when you have to find your way towards breast reduction surgery. It is quite simple and very effective as well. It will allow you to get back to normal with your breasts and especially the nipples which tend to slide downwards when it grows. Most of the experts in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vijayawada and Vizag at LaBelle believe that it is the right treatment and it will prove to be effective almost immediately.

The breast reduction surgery at La Belle has worked wonders for the people. Some people tend to do this surgery over and over again as they are not satisfied with the results. The same is not the case when you go to La Belle to treat it as they are successful at their jobs and they have done a number of surgeries the same way. Breast reduction surgery will help you remove that shameful look on your face when people have an awkward stare at your breasts. The stare can prove to be inevitable when it has grown way too much.

Female Breast Reduction

With the females, they are always required to have a decent size of breasts. It is how they are considered to be well in shape. But sometimes it grows too huge and large and covers a huge part of the upper body. The female population face this problem after their pregnancy period. The breasts are bound to grow after the pregnancy but even after a couple of years, there's no stop to the growth. This is when they have to go for female breast reduction.

The experts at La Belle find it rather easier to deal with female breast reduction as there are very normal cases regarding it. Sometimes female breasts get back to normal itself but sometimes you are necessarily required to go for that surgery. At La Belle, you can feel absolutely safe regarding the treatment!

Male Breast Reduction

These are also pointed out as man boobs and it is considered to be a shame for the male counterparts. Usually, the males face the swelling around their nipple area and it slowly starts to grow up. Sometimes it grows too huge to be visible and there's another solution than looking for gynecomastia male breast reduction. It can really do a lot to tater the confidence of a man and that's surely not a great thing.

Breast Reduction treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

When you look for male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vijayawada and Vizag, you have to careful regarding where you look to treat it since it is a complicated issue. The doctors at La Belle are said to be very successful at delivering the results regarding it. The cases are here and there and far in between so most of the doctors at other places are not able to get it right. But with La Belle, you can stop worrying regarding any of it.

FAQ's - Breast Reduction Surgery
Is it a permanent solution to the problem?

More often than not, male breast reduction surgery will remove all your problems for good. But the results vary from person to person and in someone's case, it might not really be a permanent solution.

Are there any rules and regulations to follow after the surgery?

After the surgery, you need to be careful for about 15 days straight. You are required to not do the heavy lifting at all and you need to rest as much as you possibly can in order to derive those results.

How much does it cost to do the male reduction surgery?

It normally is economical when it comes to the cost of male reduction surgery. At La Belle, you will be treated at a very low price for gynecomastia.

Are there several kinds of breast reduction techniques?

Yes, of course, there are various procedures for different volumes and sizes of breasts.

How much time does it take to fully recover after the brest reduction surgery?

It is a period of 15 days which might prove to be tough for you but after that, it is all normal and even in those 15 days, you need to be completely bedridden. Otherwise, it doesn't take much time for you to heal.

Does the surgery leave any scars on your body?

You might be left with a few scars but these are not permanent. After a couple of weeks or a month, you will see them fading away slowly. So there's no need to worry about pain and scars about a couple of weeks.

Are there any risks involved in this surgery?

The tissues might become necrotic due to the lack of blood supply and the skin starts to become reddish too. But these cases are very rare and you have all the chances in the world to have a successful surgery so you don't really have to worry about the risks involved!