How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

Hair damage has remained a hot topic of discussion among people for quite some time now. The rate of hair damage has increased in recent times owing to a lot of reasons. This problem has started to plague people horridly. To get rid of this menace, some people turn to low-key home remedies to repair damaged hair whereas some seek elaborate help from the professionals. Whatever, it is there are the best possible treatments to keep this problem at bay. If you are a person who loves it all-natural and organic then home remedies can help you a lot. Some home tips work like magic on damaged hair; you can try it and see the results for yourself. Well, for some nothing works at all and in that case, it becomes necessary to understand whether the problem is just superficial or deep-seated. 

Causes of Damaged Hair

There innumerable causes that can damage your hair gravely. We make our hair go through a lot of terrible stuff. Let us look at a few causes.

Pollution and sun damage – These two factors don’t spare anybody. You cannot control it for you have to go out in the sun. Too much exposure is a known cause of hair damage because the harmful UV rays will overheat your hair which is not good. The hair cuticles get damaged due to overheating. Damaged hair caused due to exposure to the sun for a long time looks unhealthy, frizzy and brittle. 

Bleaching – Now comes, the galore of chemical treatments that we can control but we don’t. Bleaching means the cuticles are opening up to shed its pigment. Once the cuticles open up, hair becomes brittle and tends to get split ends quite often. Applying heat after bleaching means you are bidding adios to your hair.

Styling and hair coloring – Styling requires heating tools, hair sprays, and much more. Believe it or not, all these are poison for your hair. Different hairstyles that put extreme pressure on the hair for prolonged hours weaken the roots and you start to experience excessive hair fall. Blow-drying is yet another reason why people feel their hair is losing its luster and healthy shine. Hair coloring is also responsible for hair damage. The chemicals in the color can open up the cuticles, affect the shaft and penetrate the cortex to worsen the situation.

Using chemical-based products – shampoos and conditioners that contain paraben, alcohol and other chemicals can cause heavy damage to your hair. If you apply shampoo on your hair every day, it is bound to become weak and sometimes you will see a grey hair or two peeking out. 

How to Identify Hair Damage?

The signs of hair damage are pretty conspicuous such as –

  • Your hair will lose its healthy shine, bounce and the texture will become dull. This happens when the hair cuticles are damaged sorely. 
  • You will start experiencing excessive hair fall. You can also notice premature graying of hair
  • Split ends are a part and parcel of damaged hair. 
  • Hair will become very frizzy. This happens when the cuticles open up and moisture escapes making the hair look unmanageable and excessively dry. You will fail to detangle your hair easily; if this is the situation you must be careful. 

Easy Tips to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair

To keep a check on hair problems, just keep a few easy points in mind and follow them religiously. If you still feel your problem is persisting then maybe you should consult an ace trichologist at Labelle’s hair clinic. 

Regular trimming – Women who love to grow their hair might not like this point but trimming can help mitigate the hair issues. If you do not chop off the damaged parts, it will spread and make the healthy parts weak. You must make sure to remove split ends if there are any.

Use natural or organic products – Organic products are sulfate, paraben, and alcohol-free. These help your hair to retain its healthy sheen. The organic products nourish your hair to keep the cuticles, the shaft and the cortex unharmed.

Hair masks that hydrate – Keeping your hair hydrated is a must. If you use a hydrating mask it will moisturize your hair and will make it smooth and frizz-free. 

Do not forget to condition your hair nicely – If you are applying shampoo, do not forget to condition your hair. Try to avoid chemical-based products as much as possible. 

How to Repair Damaged Hair: Treatment and Solutions

You can follow a few simple tips mentioned below to repair damaged hair.

  • The first important step is to nourish your body properly only then your skin, hair, nails, and teeth will look beautiful. Intake of food rich in protein can potentially be used for damaged hair treatment. Hydrating or conditioning masks are there to externally nourish your hair.
  • Keep chemicals at bay.
  • Lifestyle is very important. Your hormones must function properly to facilitate healthy hair growth so, do maintain a very healthy lifestyle.
  • Completely avoid hair styling or coloring or bleaching.
  • Whenever applying hair oil, make sure to massage well to facilitate healthy blood circulation. 
  • Protect your hair with a scarf or cap to reduce sun damage.
  • If you love to swim, make sure to cover your hair nicely with a silicone shower or swim cap to protect your hair from coming in contact with the water of the swimming pool. The pool water contains chemicals that can harm your hair. 

These hair treatments to repair damaged hair can be pretty helpful if you follow these strictly.

Home Remedies for Dry Hair or Damaged Hair

Who doesn’t want shiny and bouncy hair with a lot of life in it? Hair, after all, is such an important part of our body; the entire appearance depends greatly on how the hair looks. So, if your hair is damaged dry or frizzy with split ends then follow some of the awesome home remedies for damaged hair to see improvements almost instantly. 

Oil treatment for dry Hair – The everyday styling, pollution, harsh water, weather conditions, harmful UV rays and much more damage our hair greatly. To safeguard hair from all the damages, give your hair the nourishment of oils such as jojoba, almond, olive and coconut oils. Mix these oils in equal proportions and heat them a little. Apply it on your scalp, massage gently so that oil can penetrate the scalp. The massage will improve blood circulation that will help new hair to grow healthily. You can add vitamin E to the oil concoction to make it more efficient. Vitamin E helps in hair growth and nourishes the hair cuticles. 

Natural conditioner for Damaged Hair – So, are you tired of those harmful, chemical-based hair conditioners which fail miserably to meet your expectations? You don’t know how to repair dry hair? Not to worry anymore because egg yolk is there to help you out naturally. The essential proteins in the egg yolk help to retain the natural moisture of your hair by nourishing the hair shafts. This is a tried and tested damaged hair treatment that has helped many. Take the egg yolks only mix it with water and apply on the hair. Keep it for 30 to 40 minutes and then wash off. Feel the difference and love your soft hair.

Natural hair mask – You can mix honey, yogurt and egg yolk to prepare an amazing hair mask that is rich in proteins and will make your hair shiny. This hair mask is also used for dry hair treatment. After applying this hair mask, wrap the hair with a damp warm towel so that the essential vitamins can permeate through the depths of your hair. 

Homemade hair washes – Use honey and rice milk to prepare a magical hair wash. The goodness of honey and rice milk will add softness to your hair naturally and get rid of damaged hair.  

Avocado and banana hair mask – Both avocado and banana are known sources of important minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth. Take out the pulp of both banana and the avocado, mash them together and apply the hair mask for 30 minutes. Wash off the hair and feel the magic. 


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Damaged Hair Treatment at Labelle

At Labelle, we ensure the best possible treatment for all your hair problems in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Vijayawada & Vizag. The experts at Labelle will provide insights into the problem and will eliminate the root-cause, to make the dry hair treatment permanent. They will tell you how to repair damaged hair easily and with the support of advanced technology. Labelle is known for its amazing services, the highly qualified hair doctors working in the clinics, the friendly staff and much more. You can opt for dry hair treatment to treat your gravely damaged hair. If you are facing excessive hair fall, that too can be handled by the star doctors of the clinic. For A to Z hair related issues, you can safely rely on Labelle, like thousands of other people all over the country.

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