Damaged Hair Treatment

Has your hair experienced damage caused by too much colouring, blow-drying or chemical straightening? Now you can get a wide array of luxury damaged hair treatment at Labelle that can help to bring back the complete beauty of your hair.

Our damaged hair treatment is made to fix, smooth and restore your hair, and makes your hair feeling stronger and healthy. However, our damaged hair treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada is an affix service to refill and nurture hair with moisture that makes it smooth to the touch. Our all professional hairstylists at Labelle highly recommend the flawless treatment for damaged hair at Labelle will get your hair back to life leaving it looking recovered and brighter and feeling glossy smooth. Our expert hairstylists will be able to decide just which of our of best damaged hair treatment you'll need after a short conversation meeting.

Treatment for Damaged Hair at Labelle

Successful damaged hair treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada is the keratin treatment which is an uprising in recovering sternly damaged hair. We all know hair is created from keratin elements, and this damaged hair treatment helps to eliminate the dead keratin cells, therefore, making it fuller and sparkling again.

In this treatment for damaged hair at Labelle, a special shampoo is applied to your hair which rinses any remains on your hair, like pollutants. The keratin solution is used to your hair with by using a brush. Then, hair is wrapped with a defensive mask created of amino acids, the technique takes up to 4 to 6 days to be done. After the treatment, the hair specialist will recommend you to apply neutral shampoos, without containing any sodium chloride in the. Keratin therapy is the most effective in getting back to dry and damaged hair for a long time. This kind of treatment is affordable and is implemented at the Labelle clinic.

Dry hair treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

If you have long or short hair is long or short, wavy or straight, every woman has a dream of having moist and healthy locks. Regrettably, some people have dull, dry, and frizzy from birth. However, if you have healthy, lustrous hair by nature, and if you are suffering from dryness is expected when your hair is continually worn out by heat styling tools, chemical treatments, and contamination. To get rid of dryness in hairs it is important to consult with a dermatologist surgeon and once you visit Labelle then you can get the perfect and effective dry hair treatment. The dry hair treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada offers the successful dry hair therapy at reasonable costs. Dry hair treatment at Labelle gives the effective solution to your hairs instantly as well as the hair experts will also recommend you for using hair products approved FDA.

Causes of Hair Damage

1. Bleaching

When you bleach your hair, you compel your cuticles release to eliminate the colour from your hair. The damage is caused to your cuticle and makes it fragile and quite prone to dividing and split ends. And it becomes dry and dead.

2. Hair Coloring

Although dying your hair might appear like a nontoxic thing to do, the chemicals found in the pigments you apply are anything but undamaging for your hair. They make your hairstreak absorbent short and snappy of divulging your hair’s cortex.

3. Hairstyles

Any sort of considerable toehold can cause hair damage – whether it is through firm ponytails (esp. ballerinas), braids, or heavy extensions. Damaged hair is always seen around the side-line at parts of highest pressure. It is impermanent initially if the offending hairstyle is prevented.

4. Over Brushing

Over-brushing your hair excessively can lead to more roughness than it can take. The brush will hold-up at a tie and cause breakage and split ends. Low-priced brushes cause enough damage as they get trapped in your hair more effortlessly.

5. Over Shampooing

Shampooing is used to rinse out your scalp and eliminate too much oil and dirt from it. When you clean your hair excessively, the shampoo begins to remove the natural oil that is known as sebum, from your scalp. The sebum nurtures and defends your cuticles. When it is taken away, the hair becomes dry and fragile.

FAQ's – Dry Hair Treatment

How painful is the treatment of damaged hair?

The treatment procedure used by our specialists guarantees no pain at all. A thorough scalp massage is often offered in most of the instances. The process of treatment also ensures great care to make sure the hair doesn't get tangled or stretched out.

How do I decide whether I should seek treatment for my damaged hair?

In our clinics, the addition of external protein is practiced largely in the treatment of damaged hair for nutrifying the hair and rendering it smooth and silky. Thus, it is advised to visit one of our centres for getting a detailed evaluation by our experts regarding any sort of hair ailments like hair fall, dull and dry hair or even dandruffs.

Does this process of dry hair treatment render any sort of side effects?

No, the outcome of our dry hair treatment procedure renders no side effects. We can assure this as our treatment process makes no use of strong chemicals or medicines. Moreover, with the use of enriching hair proteins, we could offer the best and healthier hair to our customers.

Can we anticipate a long-lasting effect out of this damaged hair treatment?

The impact of our treatment process can last for a couple of months or even more. Nevertheless, you must take good care of your hair and routinely use the recommended oils and products for lingering effects.

Is a significant obliteration possible for such dry hair concerns?

The muddle of dry hair complications is seen to be getting rectified in most of the cases. Moreover, it is advised to look after the hairs copiously for long-lasting effects with the recommended oils and other nourishing hair care products. Just in case the problem arises again, you can promptly contact our dry hair treatment centers.