Eyebrow Lifting

Have you been looking for a procedure, which will give you a refreshed and more youthful look? If so, then softening the forehead decreasing frown lines might work wonder for you. Even raising the current position of the eyebrow line to a certain extent will work out great. Overall, you need the best eyebrow lifting procedure for covering all these tasks, all at once. Join us at Labelle for an exquisite help with eyebrow lifting services.

Here, the natural looking brow lift is performed regularly in sequence with some of the other cosmetic methods. The main goal is to procure a similar facial appearance. Brow lift or nonsurgical blepharoplasty is also pretty relevant for treating the specified inherited traits. Some of the growing adults might be suffering from lower brow or who might already have deep frown lines because of extra pressure of over movement of facial muscles. All these people are likely to get highly benefitted from the eyebrow lifting procedure that we follow.

Through our nonsurgical blepharoplasty packages, we are going to work on the low eyebrows, which will otherwise form a sad or tired appearance. Our treatment will also cover the deep horizontal creases, which you otherwise see on the forehead. Moreover, our talented team of doctors will deal with the frown lines, especially between your eyebrows and sometimes right on top of your nose.

Eyebrow Lifting Treatment

Whenever you are aiming for eyebrow lifting concern, it will include extra forehead wrinkles from holding up eyebrows. Some of you might face difficulty in seeing upward from extra skin pushing down your eyelids. There are deep lines located right between the eyebrows, for which some have to style hair over forehead for hiding the wrinkles.

The forehead’s analysis is well engaged with the above hairline and the eyebrows below. All these features are carried together for making multiple anatomic features of each field, which are addressed before starting the nonsurgical blepharoplasty procedure. Our doctors from Labelle will coordinate all the features of analysis with proper expectations. We will make a plan for you and will guide you through that same process. Our process will typically last for around 6 to 9 months, though you can maintain it with follow-up injections. This quick process is perfect for patients, suffering from early signs of aging.

Types of Non-surgical Eyebrow Lifting Procedures:

The type of non-surgical options is available in forms of injections like Botox or dermal fillers. The main goal is to create appearance of lifting up the skin without going for surgery. The exact treatment that you care to choose will depend on your own needs and on some other factors like budget and your overall health. It is vital to have a direct chat with our dermatologists working in Labelle for all the available options handy.

Use of dermal fillers:

These fillers are injectables and will be using some of the skin-plumping solutions to fill up the wrinkles. We ensure to use the fillers only from popular brand called Juvederm. These are mainly hyaluronic acid based filler. We can complete this treatment in just one to two hours and without any need for downtime.

The process we follow:

At first, it is about the consultation period, where our dermatologist will assess face and then plan the treatment type based on the needs. The procedures will include the benefits and risks, which our doctors will explain in detail after ruling out the contraindications.

During this procedure of filling in dermal fillers, our dermatologist will be using a numbing cream, applied on treatment area. It will make the clients comfortable, before starting the filler procedure. Our doctors offer post procedure care too.

Non Surgical Eyebrow Lift in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Even though the competition in cosmetic surgery center is pretty high, but we at Labelle are known to have taken the top spot. For any kind of eyebrow lifting procedure, our cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists are well-trained to be the best in town. We are working in multiple Indian cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag & Vijayawada. So, if you reside anywhere in these localities, we welcome you to come and try our services. After going through some serious consultations, we will book you for the perfect treatment to lift up your eyebrows.

FAQ's – Eyebrow Lifting

Any adult suffering from asymmetry eyebrows can opt for the Eyebrow Lifting procedure. We use special hyaluronic acid fillers from Juverderm brand for rewarding results.

If you want to lift your eyebrows, which otherwise makes it hard to look, then Eyebrow Lifting through dermal fillers. It is also for those with extra frown lines on forehead, forming unwanted wrinkles.

Before going for the injections, the dermatologists from Labelle will check out the patient’s appearance, skin type, elasticity and will perform multiple tests. Moreover, you should stop consuming alcohol and stop smoking before injecting the dermal fillers. You should not take any anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements too, as that might affect the healing process once the fillers are pushed in.


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