Hair Weaving

Are tired of using creams and oils for your hair loss problem and want a more satisfactory result than you can opt for Hair Weaving treatment which has the best results. If you are looking for the best Hair Weaving treatment, then one can visit Labelle center for the best promising results. Besides our promising results, we are also very cost-efficient. You can experience our hospitality if you are living in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

People many times get confused between hair weaving and hair transplantation. So the answer to this is that both are different from each other. Hair Weaving is an advanced hair fixing treatment for partial baldness which is available for both men and women. This technique is non-surgical with zero side effects. This technique mainly targets the bald area and provides length and volume to the hairs.

Often referred to as hair integration that involves weaving hair extension to the root so that the hairs grow naturally. It is important to take care after treatment as it is not a permanent treatment and needs a retouch every six months.

Hair Weaving Cost

Hair weaving is used to treat partial baldness. It is strictly recommended that the treatment should be done by professionals only. The Hair Weaving Cost purely depends upon the area covered during the treatment. But if you are living in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag or Vijayawada then you might get the best Hair weaving cost at Labelle.

Hair Weaving in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai

If you are residing in any of this state mentioned above then you might get a chance to experience the best service provided at LaBelle. We provide you the best international standards at a reasonable cost. We work through scientific ways with at most care. To know more about us visit Labelle Today!

FAQ's - Hair Weaving

What is Hair Weaving?

Hair weaving is a technique through which synthetic or natural hairs are fixed to the partial bald area without harming the skin or the pre-existing hairs.

Where are the Hair Weaving Centers of La Belle in India?

You can find them in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

Is Hair weaving possible for bald people?

No, the technique is only for treating partial baldness.

How much time will the procedure consume?

Approximately it takes 2 hours for the treatment to get complete.

Difference between hair wigs and hair patches?

Hair wigs are for completely bald people who cannot have hair weaving as an option. Hair patch is much similar to hair wig but it is smaller in size and more natural-looking.

What do you mean by Hair fixing?

Use of hair patches to treat partial baldness is referred to as Hair fixing. It is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment.