How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Are you trying to get rid of dandruff that appears to fall down on your dress? Are you amongst those who want to get rid of dandruff permanently, completely, quickly yet naturally? Even though it seems impossible to instantly remove dandruff, it isn’t the case. In order to understand how to remove dandruff fast, it is vital to understand what dandruff all about is. Dandruff is a very basic commonly occurring problem that is faced by people of all age groups.

Dandruff is signified by the appearance of white, scaly flakes on the scalp which cause excessive itching and fallouts. Malassezia fungus grows on the scalp to cause dandruff.

The shedding of dandruff on the attires leads to embarrassment and lowers the self-esteem of an individual. Dandruff is a confidence slayer which can also lead to pimples and acne problem. It becomes necessary to get rid of dandruff before it starts excessive shedding or an individual would face severe social embarrassment.

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common scalp disorder that happens owing to oily, irritated or dry scalp, fungal or bacterial infection on the scalp. Dandruff is also known as Seborrhoea which basically targets the scalp of people- irrespective of the age. It can also lead to the occurrence of acne and pimples on the face, due to fallouts. In order to understand how to get rid of dandruff, it is vital to understand the types of dandruff. Dandruff is of two types- one occurs owing to excessive dryness on the scalp while the other occurs owing to excessive oil production on the scalp.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Reasons for Dandruff

Dandruff is extremely common phenomena. Reasons for dandruff range from dry skin, irritated oily skin, bacterial and fungal growth on the scalp, irregular cleansing of hair, inflammatory skin conditions amongst various others. Reasons for dandruff might be diverse but it all leads to the appearance of excessively dry skin flakes along with itchiness on the scalp. Malassezia is a fungus that results in shedding of scalp skin. Improper diet, irregular shampooing, improper brushing or irregular combing of hair, stress, eczema etc. can further aggravate dandruff. Dandruff falls all over the place- on the shoulders of the dress that an individual wears- and it becomes important to deal with it at the right time.

How to Remove Dandruff?

Before starting any treatment to remove dandruff, it is important to consult a doctor for understanding the root cause of it. Skin disorders that cause dandruff need to be tackled differently over those caused by other conditions. Changing the shampoo does not necessarily get rid of dandruff or prevent it from reoccurring. In order to reduce dandruff, it becomes necessary to try home remedies to remove dandruff. If that doesn’t help, then a hair care expert at Labelle will surely reduce dandruff and eliminate it efficiently. Having a proper diet is taking one step ahead to reduce dandruff and tackle other skin problems too.

Home Remedies to Remove Dandruff

Using home remedies to remove dandruff is the best solution for tackling itchiness in the scalp without undergoing any hair care treatment. Even though home remedies to remove dandruff works slower than the hair care treatments offered by various clinics, it does not bear any side effects and is completely natural.

  • Coconut oil

    It has antifungal properties which moisturise the dry scalp and reduce itchiness. Simply take some coconut oil and mix lemon juice (half of its amount) to it. Massage well and shampoo after twenty minutes. Repeat thrice a week.

  • Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of the scalp along with inhibiting the yeast growth. It unclogs the pores and makes hair shiny. Just take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with an equal amount of water. Add 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil in it. Apply, massage and rinse it off. Repeat thrice a week.

  • Baking soda

    It removes dead skin and absorbs excess oil along with reducing fungal growth on the scalp. Simply wet your hair and rub some baking soda on the scalp. Leave it on for few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Repeat thrice a week.

  • Olive oil

    Heat up extra virgin olive oil and massage it on the scalp. Wrap it up in a warm towel and leave on for 45 minutes or overnight. Shampoo and condition the hair afterwards. Repeat it thrice a week to get rid of dandruff completely.

  • Curd

    The curd is extremely effective for removing dandruff. Apply curd to hair and scalp and leave it on for one hour. Rinse off with a mild shampoo. It is always better to use two to three days old curd in this. This would exfoliate scalp for removing dead skin cells and get rid of dandruff fast.

How to Prevent Dandruff?

If you are looking for tips on how to remove dandruff, here are few preventive measures to ensure hair strength-

  • Keep your hair clean from the build-up pollution, sweat and excessive oil by using a mild shampoo every alternate day. Don’t touch your hair with dirty hands and wash hair after exercise.
  • Consuming a proper healthy diet is vital. Consume lots of vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, fibres, biotin, minerals etc to ensure better digestive health that leads to the dandruff-free scalp.
  • Always wash your hairbrush and comb daily to avoid bacterial growth. Pillowcase and towels should be washed daily in order to maintain a good hygiene.
  • Always go for home remedies like using a hair pack every week. Home treatments are always good but work only if they are followed religiously and for longer times.
  • Protect your hair from chemicals and avoid hair products consisting of parabens, sulphates and silicones. Look out for Pro-V complex and ZPT ingredients since they reduce dandruff.

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