How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Sleeveless calls for waxed arms with clean armpits. No one likes to see hairs sticking out of armpits. Many people tend to suffer from dark underarms. You cannot wear sleeveless tops or dresses because of the dark underarms. It feels embarrassing to lift up your hands show the dark coloured skin. You can get rid of dark underarms with natural home remedies permanently.

Everyone loves to be fashionable- as trendy as possible. With changing trends, the fashionable clothes come in various assortments. People with dark underarms find it often stifling to wear something sleeveless or experiment with cold shoulders. The dark skin colour of the underarms in contrast to the natural skin looks odd.

Causes for Dark Underarms

The dark colour of the underarms or armpits is not unusual. So what causes dark underarms? Excessive shaving or using hair removing creams full of chemicals often lead to armpits discolouration. The black underarms also happen because of the build up of dead skin cells and poor ventilation system in the armpits area. Daily or frequent use of deodorants, alcohol based perfume, antiperspirants etc can also lead to skin darkening. Dark underarms are simply the skin’s reaction to certain elements which does not let it breathe.

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

However, certain medical conditions like acanthosis nigricans can also cause dark armpits. This disease is often due to insulin resistance, hormonal disorders, cancer, obesity and certain medications. It is important to consult a doctor for proper guidance to whiten underarms.

How to Whiten Underarms

The main question that poses itself is how to get rid of dark underarms or armpits. It’s not that difficult as it looks. With simple home remedies, one can easily lighten underarms. Underarm whitening is possible with simple home remedies. With the home remedies, there are no side effects whatsoever.

Excessive use of cosmetic products on the skin can cause discolouration of the armpits. To get rid of the dark underarms quickly, there are certain natural remedies along with clinical treatments that can help in armpit whitening. For getting underarm whitening permanently, one should go and visit a doctor’s clinic.

Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Home remedies are always most effective when it comes to lightening underarms. The natural remedies can also help in getting rid of the dark underarms overnight with effective and fast results. Home remedies for remove dark underarms leave no side effect on the skin.


Lemon helps in removing dead skin cells and lightens the area. All you need to do is to cut a lemon in half, rub against the armpits for 5 minutes daily and wash off with cold water. But, it is important to avoid sun or else it would lead to further darkening of the skin. You can even mix lemon, honey and oatmeal as a paste to apply on armpits until it dries off.

2.Potato to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Potato has bleaching properties. You can extract the juice from potato and apply it on the armpits to get rid of dark underarms. Massage the juice daily for ten minutes and repeat it for 2-3 weeks.

3.Aloe Vera

Extract Aloe Vera from the leaves and apply on the armpits to lighten underarms. Wash it off with water after it dries down. It moisturises your skin along with making the underarms lighter.

4.Baking soda

Take two spoon of baking soda with water as a paste. Apply it for thirty minutes before washing off with water. Again, it is important to avoid sun or else it would worsen the situation.

5.Cucumber to Lighten Underarms

Take one spoon of lemon with four spoons of cucumber juice and apply it to the armpit area. Keep it for twenty minutes before washing off with warm water. Or simply rub cucumber slice on armpits for 2-3 weeks to whiten underarms naturally.

Tips To Maintain White Underarms

  • To get rid of dark underarms, it is vital to remove the dirt, deodorant and sweat from the armpits by washing them daily.
  • Exfoliation of the armpits once a week removes the dead skin cells and stunting the growth of bacteria that gives off bad odour.
  • Like other skin areas, it is vital to moisturise the armpits daily for hydrating the skin. Dry skin leads to darkness.
  • You should always use alcohol-free deodorant or perfume to avoid skin blemishes. Use a deodorant which moisturises the skin.
  • Use wax or epilator for removing the hair from the armpits to get rid of dark underarms. Razor or other hair removal creams cause underarm darkening.

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