How to Remove Birthmark

It is normal to feel conscious in public places owing to the presence of a prominent birthmark on skin. Many people can have various positions for birthmarks. Some of them can have a birthmark on face, birthmark on forehead or even a birthmark on the nose. Birthmarks, present on the prominent areas of the face, tend to look strange and dull the beauty of the person.

Whether it is a white birthmark, red birthmark or black birthmark, it becomes vital to try birthmark removal home remedies for naturally getting rid of them without surgery. Don’t let a birthmark steal your shine.

What is a Birthmark?

In order to understand how to remove birthmark, it becomes important to understand what is a birthmark and what is it made of. Birthmarks are the patches on skin caused by the discolouration on the human body. They are often permanent in nature and are present since birth. They might occur as red, purple, pink, white or even brown patches on the skin which vary in size in the individual to individual. Birthmarks can appear on any part of the human body. Birthmark on face tends to be most noticeable. Mostly, they do not pose to be of any medical threat, but some of them can be a clue to more serious medical issues.

Birthmark Removal

When it comes to birthmark removal, it completely depends on the type and nature of the tissue involved. The type of birthmark removal technique is also dependent on the involved risks versus the benefits of birthmark removal treatment. For instance, vascular birthmarks can be resolved to by some simple medical treatments. Scalpel surgery, radiation and lasers are helpful in removing the birthmark quickly yet permanently. Birthmarks are often removed because of their dampening effect on the individual’s self-esteem. Birthmark removal technique involves targeting the areas of pigmentation and breaking them up into tiny fragments so that the body’s immune system can dispose of them.

How to Remove Birthmark

How to Remove Birthmark on Face

If an individual needs to remove birthmark on face, there is a simple yet effective home remedy specially made for dealing with such problems. Lemon juice is the ideal solution for fading away from the freckles, birthmarks, acne along with lightening up the facial hair. This leads to a visibly brighter and glowing face. All you need to do is to dab some drops of lemon juice on the birthmark present on forehead or any other part of your face, and let it sit for twenty minutes. Wash it off with warm water and clean dry your face. Repeating the process three times a day yields visible results.

How to Remove Birthmark on Skin

If you want to know how to remove birthmark on skin fast, you need to consult a specialist regarding the matter. But there are certainly other measures which can aid in helping you to remove birthmark naturally. For instance, using papaya soaps and creams can help in lightening up your birthmark on skin. Papaya contains papain enzyme which exfoliates skin and brings new cells to the surface by replacing the older ones. Natural papaya creams and soaps should be applied on the birthmark thrice a day for effective removal. Alternatively, fresh fruit slices of papaya or apricots can be rubbed directly on the birthmark for ten minutes and washed off with warm water.

How to Remove Birthmark Naturally

Home remedies work wonders for removing birthmarks effectively without experiencing any kind of adverse effects. They lighten up the birthmarks present on skin with ease. Home remedies might work slowly but they do not pose any threat to the skin. With simple ingredients lying around the house, you only have to give few minutes daily to remove birthmarks.

1. Tomato juice

Tomato juice is acidic, consisting of antioxidants, which lightens up the birthmark. Take juice of freshly cut tomato and apply it on the pigmented birthmark for ten minutes. Wash it off and do this daily.

2. Ice packs

An ice pack tightens the skin pores and reduces marks. Wrap up few ice cubes and rub them on the affected area for few minutes. Repeat this daily for skin lightening and removal of birthmarks.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil moisturises the skin along with lightening up the birthmark. Take a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and hold it against the birthmark for five minutes. Rinse the skin with warm water and repeat this process thrice a day.

4.Vitamin A

Take any vitamin A cream and apply it to the birthmark thrice a day. Cover the birthmark for maximum results. Vitamin A leads to the production of collagen, renewal and exfoliation of skin along with a reduction in skin pigmentation.

5.Vitamin E oil

Being an anti-oxidant, Vitamin E can minimize the cellular skin damage. Apply the oi thrice a day to the birthmark and let it naturally exfoliate the skin.

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