How to Remove Pigmentation from Face Permanently

Everyone desires to have a beautiful skin which glows with natural radiance. Every person desires to feel comfortable in their skin. However, that gets hampered when you are faced with the issue of skin pigmentation. Skin pigmentation, not only steals the glow from one’s face, but also makes you want to resort to various drastic, yet unnecessary steps, in order to hide it. Skin pigmentation shakes up your self-esteem and confidence. Skin pigmentation makes women want to cover up their faces by using concealers, colour correctors; foundations etc which might help in hiding skin pigmentation instantly, but can lead to chemical reactions.

Skin pigmentation steals the glory and makes you want to hide your natural beauty. However, by understanding the reasons and cause behind the pigmentation, you can remove pigmentation from face naturally and permanently. Whether you take help of home remedies or consult a dermatologist, you would never have to face the issue again.

What is Pigmentation?

In order to find ways of how to remove pigmentation from face permanently, one should understand what is pigmentation and the reasons for pigmentation on face. Skin pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation, is a medical condition that causes the darkening of the skin in patches. It leads to skin looking unhealthy and uneven since the patches can vary in size. In this, the pigment-producing cells or melanocytes get damaged or produce more melanin in some areas of the face than necessary. In order to have a healthy skin, it is vital to remove pigmentation from the face.

How to Remove Pigmentation from Face

Causes of Pigmentation

There are various factors that can lead to hyperpigmentation (or darkening of certain areas or patches on the face). Before trying any home remedies for pigmentation, it becomes vital to gauge the reason behind pigmentation. Skin pigmentation is majorly caused by sun exposure which leads to overproduction of melanin compound on certain patches of the face. It can also be caused due to stress, menopause, hormonal changes which occur in a women’s body owing to use of birth control pills or during pregnancy etc. Genetics can also make you prone to skin pigmentation. Insulin resistance, skin damage due to injury, tattoo, excessive use of hair dyes etc can be harmful to the skin

Contrary to popular belief, aggressive skin care routine can also lead to skin pigmentation. Overuse of anything can be hazardous for the skin. Skin pigmentation is also be triggered by improper hair removal techniques or allergic reactions in the body. However, by taking certain measures, you can get rid of pigmentation easily.

How to Get Rid of Pigmentation

If you are wondering how to remove pigmentation from face permanently, you are on the right page. There are various ways to remove pigmentation from face effectively. There are chemical peels available as well as certain home remedies that help to remove pigmentation from face very effectively. However, you should consult a dermatologist before trying any of the methods to remove pigmentation.

If you are wondering how to reduce pigmentation instantly, there are few treatments available to combat skin pigmentation like chemical peels, OTC creams etc. They yield faster results with easy recovery. However, in the case of mild pigmentation, home remedies are preferable. Home remedies do not involve the use of harsh chemicals but make use of simple ingredients from the kitchen to combat the issue of skin pigmentation. Whatever the choice- chemical treatment or home remedy- you must consult a skin clinic doctor before in order to avoid any further skin issues.

Home Remedies for Pigmentation

If you are wondering how to remove pigmentation from face, you must try some effective home remedies for pigmentation. The home remedies for pigmentation helps you to get rid of pigmentation in an easy way. The best part about home remedies is that they reduce skin pigmentation without leading to any kind of side effects.

1. Raw Potato

Cut up one clean washed potato and cut it in half. Add few drops of water on the cut side of raw potato and rub it on your face in circular motions. Keep the gel on for ten minutes and wash it off with warm water. This would help in reducing pigmentation.

2. Lemon

Extract the juice of one lemon and add one teaspoon of organic honey into it. Apply the paste on affected areas and wait for fifteen minutes before washing it off. This would moisture as well as help in bleaching of skin tone.

3.Apple Cider

Take one teaspoon of apple cider and mix it with two teaspoons of water. Apply it on the affected areas and leave it on for five minutes before washing it off with warm water. This method makes the skin radiant and supple.

4.Aloe Vera

Mix two teaspoons of aloe vera gel in half teaspoon of raw organic honey. Let the mixture sit in the bowl for ten minutes before applying it to your face. Wash it off with warm water after twenty minutes. This would help in reducing dark spots and evening up the skin tone.

5. Cucumber

Take one teaspoon cucumber juice, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey and mix it in a bowl. Apply to the affected areas and let it sit for ten minutes before washing it off with warm water. This helps in skin rejuvenation and boosting up the skin’s complexion.

Tips to Reduce Pigmentation

Some tips to get rid of pigmentation quickly yet permanently are-

  • You should avoid direct sun exposure which is a major reason for hyperpigmentation. Without using a sunscreen, you should never leave the house or else the skin gets damaged.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet by including green leafy vegetables in the diet plan is very important. Vegetables like coriander, curry leaves, spinach etc help in providing vitamin A to the skin. You should also eat fruits and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

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