Jaw Line Shaping

It is true that well defined and shaped out jawline can help frame your facial features beautifully. Even though the perception of beauty seems to be quite subjective, throughout time, the meaning of beauty keeps on changing. Men are noted to like square shaped and stronger jawline. Women, on the other hand, would always prefer having V-shaped slimmer face. However, in recent time, the requests from all the female patients we have handled at Labelle were associated with well-defined jawline much like men. For that, we have separate jaw line shaping procedures in store.

With growing age, your body starts to form less amount of collagen, which results in changes in bone mass. It can further alter the angle of your jawline, which will result in that week jowly jawline. At some point of time, the overly developed lower face is not quite genetic but can be the result of TMJ or a larger masseter muscle, which are located towards the edge of the jawbone. Another condition leading to imbalanced facial structure can be bruxism, which is habitual clenching or grinding teeth.

Jaw Shaping

Whether you are in love with V-shaped jawline or the square shaped one, our jaw shaping from Labelle might help you to get that defined and flawless smooth jawline you have always craved for. We have some of the non-surgical jaw shaping procedures, which can help you to procure the much desired results.

The jaw shaping process we follow:

In order to get that slim down look from the building masseter muscles or for gaining that V shaped jawline, we have so many neuromodulators as part of our jaw shaping procedure, injected into masseter muscles on each side of the face. Those options are XEOMIN, BOTOX and DYSPORT. Apart from the cosmetic effect of that slimmed jawline, patients, who are suffering from the TMJ syndrome can also experience that decrease in tension caused otherwise by the face muscles onto TMJ joint, because of the injected neuromodulators.

Now, the best part is that our team from Labelle won’t be taking much of your time for covering the jaw line shaping procedure. This duration will take place around 15 minutes of your time. You get to see the results of the facial contouring quite visible within a span of 2 weeks. Now, the current longevity of our results is subject to vary, from 3 months to even a year. It solely depends on how your body gets to respond with the treatment.

For contouring the chin and jaw shaping:

For all those patients who are looking for jaw line shaping because of contouring their chin and jawline, we at Labelle, use some of the injectable fillers like RADIESSE, VOLUMA and JUVEDERM as some of the other options. Each one comes handy with amazing results and with no downtime. The jaw contouring procedures that we follow are pretty affordable and come handy with minimalistic side effects. Such processes are going to last for a span of 15 to 20 minutes and here, the jaw shaping results will last longer for 1 to 2 years. It also depends on your filler choice and body’s response.

Jaw Line Shaping in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

It is always vital to rely on the certified and licensed professionals only for jaw line shaping treatment as they are well-trained to cover the services right on time. It is true that individual jaw shaping results are subject to vary. At Labelle, we are ready to follow the state of the art and modernized technology for presenting the best jaw line shape to our patients. We are a highly skilled team of experts, who are more than ready to attend all your personal needs and customize our plans to match it. If you have any query related to this jaw line shaping procedure, feel free to ask us and we will solve it for you. Book an appointment for Jaw Shaping at Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Vizag & Vijayawada, depending where you reside, and we have our services open for you all.

FAQ's – Jaw Line Shaping

In case you are quite unhappy with the weak appearance of your present jawline, or have started noticing some aging signs in lower facial part, then you are most welcome to try out the dermal fillers for jaw shaping we at Labelle have in store. But, you need to be an adult before moving forward with our cosmetic jaw shaping procedure.

The filler comprises of hyaluronic acid, which is formulated in viscous gel matrix form. Whenever it is placed over bone, it offers scaffolding for supporting your loose skin by working as one plumbing cushion. So, injecting it in your jawline will offer that structural firming to keep it steady in its place.

The dermal fillers for jaw shaping will offer an illusion of being slimmer by increasing the current structural definition.

You won’t be able to feel the pain as our doctors will use a numbing cream in the treatment area for making you comfortable during the said jaw shaping procedure. Even the fillers have local anesthetic agent for ensuring that you don't get to feel the pain


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