Milia Treatment

Other than acne and scars, you might see some whitehead like bumps on your face. Those are called Milia and it starts to grow with incidence among not just teens but adults as well. These bumps can easily make the skin look texturized and also uneven. Most of the time, these bumps will not go away easily or just by themselves. That’s when seeking professional milia treatment from any dermatologist is recommended, in order to get rid of the persistent milia from your face and other body parts too. Consult the reliable dermatologists from Labelle and get quality milia treatment from the experts.

Know what Milia actually are:

Milia appear as tiny bumps, which resemble whiteheads. They will appear pearly white in color and found in groups, most of the time. There won’t be any form of swelling or inflammation related with milia spots like acne. Moreover, there won’t be any pain or itching sensation too.

Reasons behind milia formation and why do they appear:

It is important to know what causes Milia on the first place. Keratin is the main proteins found in hair, nails and skin. When this protein gets trapped in epidermal layer or the top-most layer of the skin, it forms milium cyst. It can happen after any kind of skin damage like sun damage, burn, excessive rubbing of skin, use of steroid cream etc.

The dermatological milia removal treatments to follow:

The dermatologists from Labelle will use multiple methods for milia removal like:

  • Chemical peels milia treatment
  • Laser therapy for destroying and removing the cysts
  • Cyrotherapy milia treatment
  • De-roofing with sterile equipment for emptying out keratin in cysts

We will advise you the best milia treatment after checking out the condition of the skin and cyst.

Milia Removal Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Labelle is known for having 21 years of working experience and one of the trusted brands in South India. We have a team of experienced dermatologists, who ensure utmost care for patient’s comfort, safety and best milia treatment results. Get free consultation for milia removal in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, Secunderabad & Vijayawada, where we use the most modern technology and equipment for processing milia treatment.

FAQ's – Milia Removal

If milia become persistent and not fading away naturally after few weeks it is better to see a dermatologist from Labelle for milia removal help.

Certified dermatologist can identify milia because of experience and knowledge. He/She will examine the skin to diagnose milia from other similar conditions and provides best milia treatment.

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