Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non surgical hair replacement is a non-invasive and safe procedure to treat all your hair related problems. Most of the people misunderstood it with a toupee, hairpiece, or a wig. With the advancements in medical science, the hair systems, too, have become sophisticated and evolved. Hair replacement treatment helps to establish a look that is easy, natural, and comfortable to carry. It is the best opportunity for those people who find it a little difficult to accelerate hair growth with the implementation of medicines.

Hair Replacement

The hair systems are created from the grafts of hair restoration treatments. Thus one cannot tell the difference between this and real hair through the touch or sight. Through various non-surgical hair replacement processes like hair bonding, hair weaving, and hair clipping, you can have a glossy and beautiful hair without the pain of transplantation. You can heartily cherish the confidence with a young appearance again through the hair by hair non-surgical procedure. Additionally, through the hair replacement process, you can get advantages like:

  • High hair density
  • Style without any scar or pain
  • The fastest way to regain the natural look

Hair Restoration in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

All the expertise in La Belle analyzes the color, style, and type of the patients carefully to create an outcome that will suit them. They will also explain the basics in detail to all their clients. There is an option to select between readily available hair systems or get a customized one. La Belle is one of the top organizations for hair restoration treatment andis present in cities like Bangalore, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Chennai, Secunderabad and Vizag. So get an appointment today and get back your natural look full of hair.

FAQ's – Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Will my hair system fall off my head?

No, the hair specialists at La Belle for hair replacement will put a schedule for attachment and adhesive maintenance to ensure all of them are performing well. They also check for any damage on the hair system, and if any, they repair that as well.

Does the Hair system have to be of the same style every time?

You can always switch colors and styles in the non-surgical hair replacement process to create various hair systems. You can also stick to one look every time you go for the procedure.

How much will a hair restoration treatment cost at La Belle?

There are various types of hair restoration treatments available, and the cost is based on the type you select.


  • Jaya Sai

    I am Jaya Sai. I have completed my hair fall treatment at labelle Care Vijaywada branch. I am satisfied with the treatment. Hairfall was reduced and i have got some hair regrowth also.

  • Srinivas

    I'm srinivas from machilipatnam. Labelle hair and skin treatment is good and nice follow up with clients. Thanks to Labelle team.

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