Hair Replacement

Hair loss, medically called alopecia, is a condition where the body’s defence mechanism starts attacking hair follicles, leading to falling hair and reduced or no growth of new hair. At La belle, we offer every type of hair replacement solutions like artificial hair transplant, non-surgical hair replacement, and the best hair fixing services for alopecia in men, women and children. When other methods of hair growth fail, restoration becomes an extraordinarily significant treatment for baldness.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non Surgical Hair replacement and hair restoration helps you to recover your scalp in full hair frame and won't hamper your everyday life. You won't be required to change your routine just to get plentiful time for the treatment since our experts will conduct detailed analysis and explain the procedure before commencing the treatment.

Hair Restoration

The benefits of non-surgical hair replacement are that a customer can get back as much or as little hair as is desired without the torment of surgery. Gaining your hair back is a matter of your personality where you have to consider your health as well. Hair restoration will help you get back your lost confidence and is a minimally invasive procedure with no side effects.

FAQ's – Non Surgical Hair Replacement
What does surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement system mean?

The most common type of surgical hair replacement treatment is hair restoration surgery where in the hair that is transplanted onto your scalp is and looks natural. While the chances of getting infections are high in surgical hair replacement methods because of their invasive nature, non-surgical treatments are considered better as they are cheaper and have lesser recovery time with lower possibilities of complications.

Is it safe to opt for hair replacement treatment?

Hair transplants are a safe treatment with few reactions. Normal side effects include temporary and minor swelling and uneasiness and occasional tingling. Rarely does a patient encounter major side effects.

Is the treatment Painful?

No, in fact, this is one of the main advantages for opting for non-surgical transplant method at La Belle. Since this treatment includes no surgery, there is no pain and discomfort associated with surgical methods. This method of hair restoration has also no complications and risk of infection.

Will I be able to comb my hair like I used to before?

Since non-surgical hair replacement is done by using natural human hair, one can comb as usual without any implications. You can also cut and style your hair and apply shampoo, hair gels and dye.

Does Non-Surgical treatment impact the existing hair?

No, this method is used to treat thinning or bald areas on your head and has no impact on existing hair. As a recommendation, you may need to trim your existing hair to match the newly grown hair after treatment.

On what basis should I opt for this treatments?

It depends on the reason behind your hair fall. It is important to mention that if alopecia is the reason behind hair loss, a non-surgical method is a sure shot method for hair replacement. We welcome you at La belle to experience the best hair loss replacement without pain, cost and burden of surgery.

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