Acne Treatment

Whether you call them pimples, breakouts, zits, acne or anything, those red spots are not something you would ever want to have on your skin. That acne is a sign of an infection that something is going wrong and you need to eliminate the root cause of it. Single acne is more than enough to make your skin look bad. It manages to steal away the glow from your skin. The best way to combat acne is to consult a dermatologist for laser treatment for acne at Labelle’s skin care clinic who would suggest you the best form of acne treatment as per your skin type.

What is Acne?

A pimple or acne is something that everyone encounters at some or the other point of time, regardless of gender. Stress or anxiety is the major reason which leads to acne. They can appear at any part of your body but are more prominently found at face, neck, back, chest, shoulders and upper arms. Even though the average age for the occurrence of pimples is 13 to 17 years i.e. teenage years, it can happen to even adults. Adults in their late 40s can also suffer from severe pimples or acne. You might suffer from comedones (i.e. whiteheads and blackheads), nodules, papules, cysts or pustules types of pimples so one type of treatment does not work for everyone. However, this does not mean that there is no acne treatment available. With a proper acne treatment regime, you can easily get back your flawless skin. But, for the best treatment for acne, you ought to consult a dermatologist at Labelle and then follow any other things.

What Causes Acne?

Usually, pimples or acne are formed due to overproduction of oil in the skin along with the build-up of dead skin cells that tend to clog the pores and the opening of hair follicles which then leads to bacterial infection. However, it can also be caused due to overproduction of hormone androgen which makes the oil glands to secrete more sebum or oil. Some of the other reasons for acne include stress, use of cosmetics, pollution, hormonal changes, unhealthy diet and some medications like corticosteroids.

Why Should You Choose Labelle For Acne Treatment?

Labelle is India's leading skin care clinic which excels in providing the best acne treatment at the lowest affordable rates. With centres spread across cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada, Vizag and Bangalore, you can be assured to find the best laser pimple treatment for your skin. At Labelle, there is no generalised pimple treatment. Instead, we specialise in analysing the skin history, allergies of the individual along with lifestyle patterns to devise the combination of acne treatment that would be required to cure your acne problem. With personalised laser acne treatment, there is a higher level of customer satisfaction and guaranteed results without side effects. We also excel at treating all kinds of acne- whether mild, moderate or severe- we have got it covered.

Our dermatologists are not only skilled but also are adept at analysing the stage of your acne to devise the best acne treatment. With skills and years of experience in the field, our doctors are better in treating different kinds of acne. They do follow-ups and also stick to Labelle's treatment care protocols in order to help you in every stage. The main aim of our dermatologists is to offer you a comfortable and painless experience.

What Are The Pimple Treatment Options Available At Labelle?

Based on the severity of the situation, there are varieties of acne treatment available at Labelle. For example,

  • Clarifying peel is a treatment done for sensitive skin types and is followed up by comedone extraction.
  • Comedone extraction is done wherein the dermatologists nip the acne in the budding stage itself.
  • Acne control peel is done by lessening the acne incidence and is done along with comedone extraction.

Along with these, the dermatologists might also ask you to go for laser treatment for acne. They can even provide you with some tablets, antibiotic creams or other medicines to combat acne. It is better to nip the acne in the budding stage or else it leads to scars which then require treatments like TCA cross peel, punch excision, subcision, pixel laser resurfacing, secret micro needling radiofrequency etc.

Laser Treatment for Acne Procedure

First and foremost, during the initial consultation, the dermatologists will suggest acne treatment plan based on your skin type after a thorough analysis. There is a personalised approach to our actions since each client coming to our clinic is given medications based on the cause of pimples and their skin type. Not only the treatment, but the dermatologists also take care of the post-treatment wherein you are explained each and every step and precaution to follow. There might be 4 to 5 sessions needed as per an individual’s acne severity. Everything about the pimple treatment is explained in great detail and depth to avoid any confusion.

Best Acne Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai

In order to get started at Labelle, simply call us on our number or book an appointment online on our website. You can even book an appointment at any one of our centres in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Bangalore & Chennai.

FAQ's - Acne Treatment

Are there any specific body areas that are treated at Labelle? How are the pimples categorised?

No. At Labelle, irrespective of the location of the acne, we cure it with our treatment options available. The treatment only depends on your skin type and the type of pimples. Pimples can be mild, moderate or severe and we provide treatment for all types. And based on the skin type, the treatment is personalised.

What to expect?

During the initial consultation, the dermatologist will analyse your skin to devise a treatment plan for you. This is done after studying your medical and personal history to find the cause of pimples. After the consultation, there are some pre-care instructions given to follow before undergoing the treatment.

What should I bring for consultation?

You just need to bring your medical history and know your lifestyle patterns. You should not wear any makeup if you want the correct analysis for your acne problem.

How to handle my skin between the pimple treatments?

The dermatologist will explain that to you in detail. Depending on your skin type, the doctor will advise you post-care instructions. You just need to follow them up.

What is the cost of acne treatment at Labelle?

The cost is dependent on the type of treatment used. The cost structure and payment plan will be explained to you so that you can decide for yourself. But rest assured, Labelle’s treatment options for acne are comparatively less and more effective than others.

How many sessions are needed?

Generally, four to six sessions are needed but it depends on the individual to individual.

Is the laser treatment for acne painful? Are there any side effects?

The treatment at Labelle is painless, comfortable and without any side effects.

What are the different types of pimples?
  • Acne vulgaris- whiteheads and blackheads (mild pimples); papules and pustules (moderate pimples); nodules and cysts (severe pimples).
  • Acne mechanica- when the pimples are caused due to heat, friction or pressure on the skin.
  • Acne fulminans- this is an extreme case of ulcerative acne.
Can makeup worsen acne?

Yes, using the wrong type of makeup can make your acne problem even worse. You need to use non-comedogenic makeup that does not clog your pore. After any treatment, you should never apply makeup for at least two days.

Is there a diet regime that needs to be followed?

Depending on the factor behind your acne, there might be some changes that need to be made in your diet. The dermatologist will explain that to you in detail.


I highly recommend La Belle which helped me regain my confidence. It was very frustrating and I just could not control eating. The therapeutic approach helped me shed big kilos only in a few months.

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