Skin Lifting Treatment

Traditionally, surgical treatments were required for effective skin lifting and that was a bit costlier process. Now-a-days, non-surgical processes have come up that are cost-effective and does the least harm to your skin as well. La belle is known to offer one of the best Skin Lift Treatment like double chin reduction, face reshaping in this Industry. Various benefits are associated with our non-surgical skin lifting treatments that are FDA approved. Our Ultherapy is based on ultrasound energy utilizing ultrasonic frequency ranges to give firm and tightened skin. We commit to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and genuine double chin removal results, free from any harmful side-effects.

If you are looking for face lift treatment, then Labelle should be your one-stop destination, providing complete face lift solutions. Some of the professional face lift treatments that we do for a facelift are based on laser technique, radio frequency, ultrasound energy, and much more.

Face Lift Treatment

Anti-wrinkle infections are one of the best ways to relax different muscles of your face. When your muscles are pulled in the downward direction, upper pulling muscles tend to become stronger and hence help in healthy face lift treatment.

Double chin removal, Chin Fat & Sagging Double Chin Reduction Treatment

Not only do we treat our customers for skin lifting, face-lifting, but we do offer treatment for Double Chin removal, chin reshaping, double chin reduction and sagging chin removal as well. Double chin treatments are a common way of face reshaping. Labelle has years of experience of working in double chin reduction profession so you can trust our services and contact us freely without any hassle.

Thread lifting is one of the reliable solutions for sagging double chin removal that was haunting you from years. Although, you may observe mild swelling after thread lifting but that is temporary and would vanish with time.

At Labelle, experienced surgeons carry out these procedures. It is the safe, effective and gives lasting results.

FAQ's - Skin Lifting Treatment

How skin lifting treatment actually works?

Ultherapy, non-surgical skin lifting treatment is mostly used to enhance the production of collagen. This helps in getting younger looking skin that is free from sagging and any other signs of aging.

Who should try double chin reduction treatment?

Some cases where people go for double chin removal treatment:

  • Unsatisfactory surgical treatments results
  • People who have dull & toned skin, less prominent jaw-line to name a few.
Can I expect to get long-term results?

Results vary from person to person. Many patients have found results lasting for upto 5 years. However, it is advised to follow up for double chin removal treatment after every 12 months.

Is double chin removal a painful treatment?

It varies from person to person. However, we try to reduce the discomfort level by applying numbing cream over the skin area to be lifted using Ultrasound energy.

How is skin lifting beneficial to me?

This treatment will help you to get rid of that old, dull, wrinkled, and sagging skin. We do this treatment mostly on men and women of and above 30 years of age to get the best results.

Any side-effects of double chin treatment?

double chin removal treatment, you may face some of the common but temporary side-effects like numbness, swelling, tenderness, and skin-tightening.


I highly recommend La Belle which helped me regain my confidence. It was very frustrating and I just could not control eating. The therapeutic approach helped me shed big kilos only in a few months.

- Lavanya. R
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