Skin Lifting Treatment

Ah, aging – what a nightmare it is! Getting older, your skin loses its elasticity, the muscles atrophies, paving way for folds, wrinkles & lines. And let’s face it; not everyone would actually wanna undergo an extensive, long surgical treatment to get their flawless, younger face back. But wait, what if we told you about a certain “place”where you could erase your Wrinkles and fine lines, improve your skin's quality, making it healthier – yeah, that too all without the help of a blade?And yes, there’s such a place - Enter; Labelle skin lifting treatment clinic! Forever redefining modern skincare, Labelle is your one-stop destination for all skin face lifting, double chin treatment needs, especially if you are looking for a pain-free, cost-less experience.

What’s more! Here at Labelle clinic, we are breaking the mould on high quality, affordable skincare, delivering advanced equipment's, trained experts and world-class skincare at a truly frugal cost. Know more about our double chin reduction and face lifting treatment solutions.

Face Lifting Treatment – Easier, Better & Long-Lasting!

With well-known exclusive clinics in Vijayawada, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Hyderabad, Labelle facelift is best for those who can’t handle pain yet want only the best possible results, after all, it’s not every day you get to be alive, why waste it with wrinkles and lines?

With expert doctors, face reshaping treatments and innovative skin care tools, at Labelle, we guarantee brilliant face lifting treatment results with none of the downtime or huge risks that are usually associated with it. From laser, ultrasound RF therapy, and massages and everything in between, Labelle can easily (and effectively) help rejuvenate and lift your skin. And hey, guess what? Depending on the patient, we’ll even offer fully tailored skin lifting solutions for you.

Fast-acting, our face lift treatment sessions take only around 40 to 60 minutes to get completed. Plus, being fully flexible, you can even choose to change or adapt them to fit better to your needs!

Labelle Double Chin Removal –Look Your Best, Today!

Whether it's because of age, weight gain, genes or even postures, double chin can occur courtesy of a variety of reasons. And yeah; In a“selfie” obsessed world like ours, nothing can ever be more embarrassing – especially if you’re young – than having your double chin ruin all your pics – ah, the horror!

Fully painless, at Labelle, we’ve literally pushed the boundary with our double chin reduction treatment, using lasers to rid your gorgeous face of that ungodly lump of chin fat and skin. Designed to offer smoother, tighter & more glowing skin, the chin contouring solution that we are offering have no downtime – it's fast, it's easier and the result themselves can also last longer. In addition, our techniques are also FDA approved, promising pure quality.

Highly effective yet a gentle treatment, each laser session can get (again) 40 to 60 minutes to get completed. Anddepending on the result, further sessions will be advised per your preferences and needs.

Chin Fat & Sagging Double Chin Reduction Treatment

Promising 100% patient satisfaction, Labelle clinic is one of the most recommended/popular chin fat reduction clinics out there – and yes, it’s not without good reason! Affordable, easy, effective& lasting, whether you wanna go for a bit of double chin reduction or a sagging chin lifting treatment, our Labelle experts can guarantee you the best results possible – always!

So why go for painful, huge surgical procedures when you can conveniently get the same, or a better result, with LaBelle's fully painless skin lifting treatments and therapies. Plus, since there’s no downtime either, getting back to your lives too is also now easier!

Stop the wait! Come; find us at our exclusive LaBelle clinics in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

FAQ's - Skin Lifting Treatment

How face lift treatment & double chin removal works?

With Labelle’s patented UL-Therapy, we’ll help you increase and enhance the production of collagen, which in turn, will help your face look younger by protecting it from sagging & other signs of aging.

With double chin removal, the ultrasound attacks the excess fat on your chin, melting it away, giving your face a better look.

How long will the results going to last for?

Based on age, condition and its extent, the longevity of the “skin lifting” can tremendously vary from person to person. However, expect the results to, on average, last you for upto 5 years or more.

Is double chin removal a painful process?

A mild discomfort can be expected, yes. However, we always try our best to reduce/limit the level of bother by applying either a local anesthetic or numbing cream before the procedure begins.

Will there be any side effects?

Aside from a bit of short-term bruising or redness, there really are no permanent side effects with either of these therapies.

What about the cost?

Depending on the patient, the cost may vary quite a bit. However, we have nevertheless have tried to keep it as frugal as possible.

Where are your clinics located?

With plans to open in more cities soon, find Labelle clinics now at Hyderabad, Vizag Chennai, Bangalore & Vijayawada