Skin Peeling

Skin peeling treatment is used for improving the appearance of the skin. Skin peeling can be done on the face, neck and hands, wherein a special solution is applied for exfoliation and peeling. Peeling treatment of skin allows quick skin regeneration, removes wrinkles, and smoothens the skin. Skin peeling is a very safe and medically approved procedure. La belle is a market leader in Skin peeling treatment and provides various kinds of skin peels:

Skin Peeling Treatment

La Belle offers advanced skin peeling treatment for acne scars in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Vizag and Vijayawada cities. Register now and get free consultation for all below given skin peeling treatment at pocket friendly cost.

Yellow Peel

The effectiveness of yellow peels depends on the number of applied layers. Oxygen supply to the skin improves within a few hours after the treatment. This yellow peel treatment, administered by our expert skin care professionals, retains water under the skin, which increases firmness and tightness almost instantly.

Salicylic peel

Salicylic Acid peel used at La Belle is a highly effective peeling agent and an excellent pore cleanser. It works by sloughing off old cells allowing it to be replaced with healthy skin and boosts collagen production, balances oil production and lessens wrinkles and fine lines.

Lactic Peel

Lactic acid occurs naturally in the skin and helps pull moisture from the air and hold it to make the skin supple. The treatment at La Belle is less irritating and more moisturizing than other peels.


Arginine peeling has mild peeling action and prevents the development of inflammations. With Agripeel many of our customers have noticed benefits right after the first procedure.

Glycolic Peel

Glycolic Acid, made from sugar canes is the most agile and useful of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA) in skin care. Because of its small molecular size and expert administration in the hands of our beauticians, it can easily penetrate through cell walls and trigger new collagen formation inside the cell, thereby reducing wrinkles on the skins surface easily with Glycolic peel treatment.

Pumpkin Peel

Pumpkin has vitamin A in highest concentration compared to any vegetable and is thus a secret weapon for beautiful skin. La Belle uses it as a world class peel treatment to rejuvenate your skin since it is safer when compared to other chemical peels.

Peel Booster

Peel Booster renews and lightens pigmented skin by reducing melanogenic activity and creating even pigmentation. Other beenfits of La Belle Peel booster treatment are moisture retention, activation of cell renewal, fading of scars and dyschromia.

AHA Peel

This treatment is a tender micro exfoliating procedure, executed to perfect by our skin experts, drafted to soothe and hydrate dry, flaking and sensitive skins.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel treatment is used to improve and smoothen facial skin texture using a natural and chemical solutions and remove dead skin.

FAQ's – Skin Peeling

What does Skin Peeling mean?

Peeling refers to removal of dead skin from topical surface in order to develop new cells which make skin firmer and fresher.

Who can benefactors of peels?

Anyone with acne or skin problems can benefit from this treatment..

What is the average number of treatments required to resolve acne scars?

A series of 3-4 peels every four weeks is recommended for optimal results depending on the severity of the skin issue.

How do I know which peel is suitable for me?

A qualified expert at La Belle will advise you which peel is the most appropriate for you, based on the specific skin concern and quality of the skin.

How about the sensitivity of skin post peel?

During the peeling process, until the PH level is regained, the skin will be more sensitive.

When can my regular care regimen be resumed?

Once the PH level is replenished, as confirmed by your expert at La Belle, you can resume your regular skin care regime.

Avanced skin peeling treatment at our Labelle nearby skin clinics. In Hyderabad, Labelle has skin peeling clinics in Gachibowli, Malakpet, Basheerbagh, Ameerpet, Secunderabad, Kukatpally, In Chennai has branch at Kilpauk, Bangalore has branch at Indiranagar, Vijayawada has branch at Mogalrajpuram, and has branch in Vizag.