Skin Polishing

We render our skin to an array of harmful things daily like dust, pollution, harmful UV sun rays and much more! This leads our skin to drop its natural sheen. It is important for us to pamper our skin and to protect our skin from adverse effects of toxins. For this reason, Skin polishing has always been an imperative part of beauty treatment for both women and men. If your skin requires recuperating its expected glow and skin fairness, this is the just right treatment for it.

Skin Polishing is a reflex procedure of exfoliating skin. It is used to produce extra-smooth skin similarly the way a carpenter ceases a piece of fine furniture. This method eliminates the dead layer of the skin and allows cells to recover its lost touch, gentleness, and brightness. It also excites production of collagen and eases the façade of large pores.

Skin Treatment

We at La Belle always ensure that during skin polishing treatment the skin is exfoliated with the help of special reflex procedure. As a result the dead layer of skin is removed and what we get is fresh and new skin. This skin treatment also helps the cells to re-generate and these cells are able to get their lost brightness and gentleness. Another best part about skin polishing treatment is that the collagen production inside the skin gets excited and the façade of large pores gets eased.

Anyone can experience the benefits of skin polishing. It is a tender cure with minimal side effects. According to Labelle experts, people with ecologically dented skin, fine lines, age blemishes, and patchy skin will find the best benefits from this treatment. It renovates smoothness to people having bumpy and darken skin tone.

Mankind and womankind both have always yearned to look young and beautiful. The causes that can lead to deterioration of skin are many. The anxieties of modern life, the rising pollution can cause lines, marks and eruptions on the skin.

Skin polishing can be best treated with Micro Dermabrasion, where, a jet of exfoliating crystals are passed upon the skin and sucked back along with the dead skin debris into the machine with the help of gentle vacuum which provides great skin. It delivers noticeable results on problems like dull skin, age spots, and dark tones. This boosts the surface of cell for firmer, younger-looking skin.

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FAQ's - Skin Polishing
Is this Skin polishing treatment safe?

This treatment guarantees you instant glow, and clearer skin. It is safe for any skin except one with active pus-filled pimples.

Is there any downtime post treatment?

No downtime at all. In fact, this is most suited before any upcoming event.

What if I am too young for the treatment?

Treatment can be done on as early as 14 years of age.

Why Skin polishing?

It is one of those tried and tested methods of skin treatment that has helped many.

How often does this procedure need to be repeated?

It all depends on the area of skin that needs to be treated. If the area to be treated is more, then more sittings are required.

Will my skin tone go back to its original colour once I stop?

After few months the skin might come down to its original colour however, it all depends on how much stress and pollution you are exposed to.

How can I lighten my skin?

With advanced skin treatment you can easily get a lightened up skin.

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