Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

For those suffering from a chronic hair loss problem, the stem cell treatment is a quick and easy process to restore hair growth in the scalp. When the hair follicles are unable to grow naturally because of a hostile environment on the scalp, they can be grown artificially in laboratories and then injected into the scalp for growth. Stem cell therapy for hair is a fairly new method of treatment and you can avail of it at any of Labelle’s Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Vijayawada centres.

In stem cell therapy for hair, certain somatic cells are used to produce other cells. This is the perfect solution for those who are suffering from moderate to extreme hair loss. In this stem cell treatment, a few hair follicles are taken from the individual's scalp and then allowed to culture in a laboratory until they multiply to hundreds. Once these hundreds of cells are injected into the scalp, they multiply into thousands of healthy hair follicles and promote hair growth once again.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

This stem cells treatment for hair loss solution is perfect for people suffering from any form of alopecia, which is an autoimmune disorder. There are no side effects to this stem cell treatment, mainly because it is a completely non-invasive process and does not use any unnecessary chemicals. This stem cell therapy is also a good option for those who are suffering from male or female pattern baldness because the conditions can be reversed completely with this method.

At least two sessions are required for the successful execution of this stem cell hair treatment. In the first session, the dermatologist extracts the hair follicles from the client’s scalp, and in the second session, the lab-cultured hair follicles are injected back into the patient’s scalp. Stem cell therapy for hair loss from Labelle clinics across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Vijayawada not only promotes the growth of new hair strands on the scalp, but it also prevents the hair fall from happening again. The therapy does not leave any scarring- only initial scabs from the injections are visible.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Growth

With stem cell therapy for hair growth, you can get back your natural-looking hair, because it is your hair follicles that have been used for stem cell treatment. The new hair follicles are injected into the affected areas to promote the regeneration of hair in that spot. You might have to go for multiple sessions if you want your hair to look natural and flawless. On average, you will need 6 to 10 sessions spread out over 3 to 8 weeks. Depending on the severity of your hair loss, the doctor might suggest that you increase the number of sessions.

Stem Cell Hair Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Stem cell therapy for hair growth may be a medical innovation, but not all clinics in the country have the resources and equipment necessary to support the fruition of this therapy. Luckily for you, Labelle is a leading name in the stem cells treatment for hair loss. Our team of experienced doctors has the experience and knowledge required to conduct successful sessions of stem cell therapy for hair regrowth at our clinics in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Vijayawada. We also have a dedicated lab team that takes care of your hair follicles- from being cultured to being injected in your scalp. If you want a reliable and supportive team of doctors and staff to support you through your stem cell hair treatment at Labelle, you will not be disappointed with the service you receive.


  • Jaya Sai

    I am Jaya Sai. I have completed my hair fall treatment at labelle Care Vijaywada branch. I am satisfied with the treatment. Hairfall was reduced and i have got some hair regrowth also.

  • Srinivas

    I'm srinivas from machilipatnam. Labelle hair and skin treatment is good and nice follow up with clients. Thanks to Labelle team.

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FAQ's - Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

How much does stem cell therapy cost?

It usually differs from clinic to clinic, but the average cost for stem cell therapy for hair growth is quite affordable at Labelle.

Are there any long term side effects of stem cell hair treatment?

No. You may suffer from a bout of fever becauseyour body may treat the stem cell as a foreign body at first. But there are no lasting side effects.

Can stem cell therapy work for all forms of alopecia?

Unfortunately not. Patients suffering from alopecia totalis or alopecia univeralis do not qualify for stem cells treatment because they do not have enough hair follicles.

When should I consider getting stem cell hair therapy?

Consult your dermatologist on whether you are eligible for stem cell hair growth first. They will be the best people to advise you on how you should go about the treatment.

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