Tan Removal

Exposing your skin to direct sunlight is not an option anymore but has become a necessity. Therefore, getting tan all over your body has become a common symptom these days. With the help of proper permanent tan removal treatment, you can easily get quality help from dermatologists. Don’t just use any of the hoe-care remedy, as that won’t provide you with long lasting results. So, visiting reputed centers like Labelle will help you with the best tan removal treatment of all time.

Laser Tan Removal Treatment

Even if you are suffering from dull and flaky skin and need proper laser tan removal treatment, the team members know the exact point to address. At Labelle, you will receive latest lasers and other forms of chemical peels and necessary sun tan removal treatment for solving the tan-based issue you are suffering from. Depending on the current condition of the skin, the center has separate tan treatment allotted. So, consulting with the professional for the best permanent tan removal treatment is of utmost necessity these days.

Get to learn more about chemical peels:

Our well-trained team from Labelle offers the best chemical Peels to the necessary clients with the main goal to improve skin’s appearance. In here, a chemical solution will be applied to skin to make it blister and then peel off eventually.

  • The new skin beneath will be a lot smoother and with less wrinkles when compared to old skin. This process of chemical Peels is great for reducing fine lines under eyes and around mouth.
  • It can further be used for treating wrinkles, which are results of aging and sun damage. It can improve mild scar appearance and can treat some acne types, reduce freckles and age spots and dark patches too.

More on Q SWITCH LASER as well:

Also known as Q-switching, Q SWITCH LASER is a technique, widely used, in which, the laser can be used for producing pulsed output beam. This technique will produce light pulses with some higher peak power, which can be higher than the same laser, if operating in continuous wave.

When compared to modelocking, Q SWITCH LASER leads to some of the lower pulse repetition rates along with higher pulse energies and longer pulse duration. It can help your skin to look flawless and get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles as part of sun tan removal procedure.

Sun Tan Removal Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

The entire process of sun tan removal is not that simple as it might seems to be. However, with Labelle by your side, you need not have to look for another company for help. Our center has been associated with skin care routines for a pretty long time and would like to solve all your fine line, wrinkles and other skin related issues right on time.

Our members will be using some of the modern non-invasive techniques and scientifically proven methods for treating tan from its core and provide a flawless skin to the clients. We have our centers covering all around India for sun tan removal in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Vizag & Vijayawada. So, if you reside in any of these places, be sure to register your name with us first and get some of the finest skincare routine of all time.

FAQ's – Tan Removal

It is always vital for you to treat your tanned skin before it gets way out of your hand. Tanned skin can lead to some disastrous results like skin ageing, skin damage, skin cancer and even have some negative impacts on the immunity system. So, getting best tan removal treatment has become a necessity now.

One must have a popular belief that sun tanning is irreversible. But, that is far from the truth. There are various ways in which you can treat tanning and Labelle houses some of the best scientifically proven and non-invasive methods for you to give out a try. There are multiple treatments, skincare products and solutions available, which will reduce the pigmentation, otherwise caused by sun tan.

Any method, which is used for treating tan will involve exfoliation of the dead skin cells and will wash out the excessive accumulated melanin under the skin. So, there will be a uniformed tone to the skin. Moreover, our tan removal techniques from Labelle will reduce any sign of ageing, as yet another plus point.

Laser tan removal technique is one of the noteworthy options used by a well-trained dermatologist. It is one best way to remove tan, where the expert uses laser device with Q Switched YAG laser. It helps in breaking down the pigment and then gets to reduce sun spots, tans and more.

Chemical peels are highly used for getting rid of tanned skin and will further help in quick exfoliation and skin cell regeneration. It does that by removing the top of the tanned skin layers. Peels come handy with multiple concentration strengths, which can treat tanned and dark skin by removing superficial dead cells or layers with extra melanin.


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