Weight Loss Treatment

In today’s lifestyle, the necessity for an excellent physical shape is important. La Belle is one of the finest organizations for implementing weight loss treatment, with a fast result for a longer time. Not all issues of weight can be treated with diet or regular exercise. Thus, having a doctor always by your side will help you in achieving all the weight loss goals with no difficulty. We focus on customizing a weight management program based on your body requirements and composition. Thus stop enduring your struggles of losing weight with our weight reduction processes.

Slimming Treatment

La Belle excels in the slimming treatment to provide reliable and valid results through their program. Below are some of the key pointers of the weight loss treatment executed by us.

  • Non-surgical procedures
  • Rigorous and comprehensive approach with detail analysis
  • Considering the past medical history and the current health condition, doctors suggest the weight reduction treatment
  • A simple and efficient process
  • No crash diets, unfavorable side effects or serious exercises
  • Customized programs keeping individual lifestyles in mind

Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

LaBelle is one of the most reputed organizations for weight loss treatment in south India. It delivers non-surgical, highly advanced, and non-invasive methods like cool sculpting, Zimmer, Cool mini, Cryolipolysis, and many more. Now let us check below at some of the reasons as to why people should select weight loss treatment at La Belle.

  • The success rates for slimming procedures are high
  • Non-compromising protocols and high standards implemented
  • The best doctors in the field with vast experience
  • Every case is treated equally by the highly skilled specialist doctors
  • Appropriate procedure and correct assessment methodology for the treatment
  • Latest equipment and high infrastructure adds value to the treatment process

Visit any of our branches in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore, Secunderabad, and Vijayawada today for a consultation and be the beautiful you in no time!

FAQ's - Weight Loss Treatment

What is Slimming treatment?

A weight loss treatment is a process that reduces undesired stubborn fat cells from the body. These cells do not decrease even after regular exercise and diet. It is non-surgical in nature and does not include any cuts or needles.

Is the slimming treatment safe to implement on the body?

FDA has cleared all the slimming treatment procedures at La Belle. They are non-invasive methods that target the fat cells and do not affect any tissues, skin, or organs. Thus we guarantee that all our processes are absolutely safe.

Is the recovery period after the weight loss procedure?

As the weight loss procedure does not need any sedation or anesthesia, thus there is no recovery period for it. You can immediately resume all your daily activities almost instantly.

How many sessions will I need for the treatment?

The duration and the total number of sessions required for weight loss treatment at Labelle depend on the targeted fat area. Each session approximately reduces 21 to 22% of the targeted fat cells. Thus, according to the fat thickness, you might need 2 to 3 sessions to reduce your fat layer.

Will Slimming treatment work on the loose skin?

Weight reduction procedures do not work on sagging or loose skin. They are mainly designed to decrease stubborn fat.

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