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Signs of the passage of time can be seen everywhere, and your body is no different. Skin is the organ in the human body that reflects this easily. Sagging skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines are marks of having lived a great and long life, but there are instances when you cannot look at them so positively. If you have been feeling conscious of these skin concerns, it is time for a change. Regardless of how old you are, you deserve to look and feel your best all the time. Besides, the dry heat and winds of Hyderabad do no favors for your skin.


The first solution that rushes into everyone’s minds when it comes to aging skin is fillers and surgery. However, if you are concerned about high-risk procedures, you can opt for non-invasive procedures that bring back life to your skin. HIFU treatment in Hyderabad is a popular method to restore the lost youth and plumpness of your skin. For supple skin that makes you appear like you have gone back in time, Labelle’s HIFU treatment is the best. Unlike any other procedures out there, the results will surely shock you.

What is HIFU Treatment?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, and it is one of the best non-surgical cosmetic procedures available today. The procedure targets the bothersome line and wrinkles on the body, especially the ones on the face, neck, and chest. For those who are worried about getting cosmetic surgery and facing botched effects, this procedure is the way to go. No more nightmares about bad Botox, only covetable young and smooth skin.

HIFU makes use of ultrasound, and this brings many unique benefits to the table, unlike laser or radio frequency. It goes beyond the surface of the skin and reaches deep down into the skin, where the structure is weakening to treat the inherent issues. HIFU facilitates the production of collagen, and the resulting lift and tightening of the skin are unlike those seen after any other non-invasive procedure. In fact, pairing HIFU with laser treatment is a great way to maximize the results on your skin.

HIFU is a precise technique, so you can rest assured that the rejuvenation will be noticeable in all the targeted areas. The overall result of HIFU treatment in Hyderabad depends on the individual’s characteristics, but effects like tightened dermis and sub-dermal collagen formation are guaranteed.

Where to Use HIFU

It is normal to wonder about the areas to target with HIFU in order to see the best results. In case you have the following concerns, HIFU treatment in Hyderabad is the perfect method to get rid of them without undergoing surgery.

  • Fine lines and deep-set wrinkles
  • Sagging skin below your chin or jawline
  • Creases on the neck
  • Any early signs of aging
  • Eye plumping
  • Sculpting and contouring

How Does HIFU Work?

The HIFU treatment in Hyderabad is preceded by a session to assess your skin and understands the concerns that you have regarding the procedure. Your expectations and the probable outcomes are also discussed in this session. The therapist starts the procedure by prepping your skin and marking the regions that need attention. In some cases, local anesthesia is given upon request.

To start the procedure, ultrasound gel is applied to the area, and the handheld device is pressed to the skin. Ultrasound shots are delivered in a series, and you may feel a heating or prickling sensation while this goes on. In line with the purpose and severity of the skin concern, the process takes up nearly an hour most of the time.

The sessions can be timed apart a few weeks, and the treatment can take longer if the issues are serious. Even if one session brings out results, a repeat session will help consolidate the desired outcomes. There is no reason to keep you from getting back to your schedule after the treatment. However, using sunscreen and preventing direct sun exposure immediately after the procedure is recommended.

Why Choose Labelle for HIFU Treatment in Hyderabad?

  • Labelle is one of the leading skin clinics in South India, and we are experts in HIFU treatment in Hyderabad.
  • Our clinic has 23 years of expertise under our belt, and we are proud to have 2 lakh and counting satisfied customers.
  • We are one of the best clinics in the country thanks to the highly standardized protocols, advanced technology and equipment, and our highly trained and experienced staff.
  • We believe that a customized treatment plan is the best way to achieve outstanding results, and our certified dermatologists and dieticians care greatly about catering to each customer.
  • For gorgeous skin that makes you look ten years younger and gracefully aged, Labelle is the best place to go.

Wrapping Up

Youthful and radiant skin is everyone’s dream, and Labelle can help you achieve that. With branches all over Hyderabad, you can avail of Labelle’s services anytime.

With the help of Labelle’s experts, you can achieve the skin goals that you have always dreamt of. Apart from HIFU treatment, you explore the wide range of treatments that we offer. Our goal is to bring you closer to the body that you have always dreamed of.

For a boost in confidence and self-image, please book your appointment with us now for HIFU treatment in Hyderabad.

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User Reviews

I've taken treatment for skin and slimming and after taking treatment for skin my black spots got reduced and I can give 5 out of 5 for that but slimming I didn't notice any changes

Tripura Sai P R

I have taken skin treatment and hair treatment here in Labelle. I really like the way the staff is cooperative. I get my lasers session done by Sravanthi. she is very kind and humble. She also contact after sessions to check about the results. Keeps me updated about the upcoming sessions. I am glad that I chose Labelle for the treatment

Sheema Sultana

FAQ's - HIFU Treatment in Hyderabad

If you want all the benefits of a facelift without actually going under the knife, then HIFU is the best option out there. With the procedure taking care of the deepest layers of your skin, you can have youthful and glowing skin without the side effects of cosmetic surgery. 

HIFU treatment duration depends on the region of the body in focus and your personalized treatment plan. Regardless, you can expect it to take somewhere between 30-90 minutes. The procedure does not call for downtime in any case. You can head down to the clinic and get your procedure during your lunch break and be back on your schedule without any worries.

The HIFU treatment is usually described as comfortable, but the intensity of the sensation constantly changes from person to person though. While the ultrasound is applied, you can feel small bursts of energy being delivered to the deeper layers of your skin. It shows that the collagen production process has begun.

The HIFU treatment cost in Hyderabad depends on the size of the area being worked on. You also need to factor in the number of sessions that you will need to see the best results. One way to get an accurate estimate is by discussing the details with your clinician after an assessment of your skin and expectations.

A HIFU treatment often has some immediate results, but you need to wait for at least two or three months for the full effects to show up. The waiting period is because your body needs to produce collagen, and the duration of the production process varies for everyone. Once the full results are seen, they remain until the natural aging process catches up. 

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