Scalp Micropigmentation

Everyone dreams of having bouncy, shiny, and healthy hair. But, there are many times when you become the unfortunate victim of hair loss. There are multiple reasons behind hair loss. It can be something that runs in your family and heredity due to some medication’s side effects, any illness, and more. Even too much stress and anxiety in life can fasten baldness. Scalp Micropigmentation is tattooing of your head to create that illusion of natural hair. So, in case you want to have a look of denser hair but do not have that naturally, then you can undergo scalp micropigmentation for that fuller look. This process does not grow hair. It just enhances the look and from far-off distances, you will look like you have natural hair. This method is used successfully in some other medical cosmetic conditions like Vitiligo.

How is this procedure done?

The process starts with a primary consultation from Labelle. Our dermatologists will discuss all possible kinds of treatments along with scalp micropigmentation cost. They will guide you on treatment plans, after the initial examination.

After the initial consultation period, it is time for scalp micropigmentation. We will be using medical equipment, which will instil permanent colors in your scalp. The chosen color will match the natural color of your hair to make the tattoo look real and natural.

Depending on the number of bald spots to cover, patients have to go for more than one sitting. After the pigmentation procedure is done, the areas might feel a bit red. But, within a day or two, this red color will vanish on its own.

Advantages of Micro-Pigmentation

There are multiple benefits and specifications associated with scalp micro-pigmentation. It is better to learn about these basic points before coming up to us at Labelle for the final treatment.

  • Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss treatment, and it creates micro hairlines on the scalp where bald patches occur. It is one innovative technique and a result of advanced technologies.
  • It is a suitable alternative for people with a higher degree of baldness or less hair on the donor’s side who cannot

Who Can Get Micropigmentation?

  • People suffering from thin eyebrows
  • Those who already have hair density but want to make it look denser
  • People who don’t have enough hair in the donor area for hair transplant
  • People who are scared of going for invasive methods

Scalp Micropigmentation in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Labelle has experience of over 21 years and one of the most trusted and renowned brands, covering the most of south India. We have our clinics located at Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, Secunderabad & Vijayawada. The team of renowned dermatologists and therapists will take care for offering best and safe results to the clients. We use the best and most advanced equipment and technology for scalp micropigmentation treatments.

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It has been great experience right from the consultation. I have enrolled for hair loss and hair thinning, sessions. Especially The staff is cordial and super friendly And Dr. Harish sir also very good and friendly awesome, excellent he always understands the needs of a client and works upon it and he give us good suggestions and staff also every week without fail they will call me and update about next appointment without fail over all super, excellent no words to say about it.

Sunil Kumar Metra

Very friendly staff and good service has been provided. They are very patient with their clients. Dr. Harish is very professional in treating clients. I am undergoing HRF treatment seen good results in 4 sessions. Thank you Labelle Kukatpally.

Mohan Gummadi

FAQ's - Scalp Micropigmentation

If you have a thin hairline or bald patches and don’t have enough hair in the donor area for transplant, then this method is perfect for you.

Scalp micropigmentation is semi-permanent. While the effects can last for up to 8 years, you need retouching once in a while.

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