Scalp Micropigmentation

Many Indian men and women go through an inferiority complex because of untimely hair loss. Sometimes the reasons are genetic, and sometimes they are not. SMP, mostly known as Scalp micropigmentation, is an erudite non-surgical technique that helps one battle against hair loss. It is an illusionary method where doctors use needles to use pigments. It involves putting microdots on the scalp within less than 1 mm to create the illusion of small hair. In this process, the pigment particles must go through the scalp surface under the dermal-epidermal junction. Labelle has created a brand name with its twenty-one years of expertise in scalp micropigmentation in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

The Process of Scalp Micropigmentation

Many people also call it the hair tattoo for its fascinating tattoo-like aspect. It is a non-surgical method with a lot to offer. The procedure is very creative. The following points will give you a comprehensive idea of how the SMP works:

  • Because of the intricacy of the process, one has to be sure that the physician or technician is highly skilled in the SMP sector. The first step is to understand flexibility because all scalps are not the same regarding rigidity and smoothness.
  • The next step is inspecting the remaining hair follicles to understand how far one has to go to give them a natural look. If the micro-pigmentation gives your scalp a disease-like look, nothing can be worse than that. The inspection will help the doctor to replace the scalp's current look.
  • The SMP specialist will create a precise outline of the hairline to attain total coverage. It will make sure that the procedure is not out of line. It is like a sketch before the drawing. The next step is more of a more complex one.
  • Here, the specialists try to create an ideal camouflage. They make ink using definite tattoo pigments that will suit the texture and colour of the hair. For the safety of the client, most physicians use nature-friendly and low-in-metal content pigments.
  • In the next step, the SMP expert uses a micro-fine needle tool that injects the tattoo pigment in the minute microdots to duplicate natural hair follicles. It is a tedious method because the technicians will create over thousand imprints on the scalp. It helps to match the density and depth of natural hair.
  • After spending five to six hours in the scalp micropigmentation clinic, the process will start to show the result. The result depends on the expertise of the SMP technician. Without adequate knowledge of the exact angle and the depth of the scalp penetration, it will be impossible to obtain the natural look.

Different Scalp Micropigmentation Options

Different types of micro-pigmentation help to create different kinds of illusions. The following three are the major options available among non-surgical scalp micro pigmentation:

Widow's Peak and Soft Hairline

In several cases, patients want their existing hairline to be lower, refilling where it has withdrawn over a while. It provides the look of a packed and clean hairline. Skilled surgeons use the natural hairline method by layering imprints that gives a lifelike appearance.

Adding Thickness to Retreating Hair

Thinning of hair can cause weird-looking broad scalp areas that one can see through the hair. In the early stage, the treatment is moderately soft. Further, the hair thickness rises until the thinning hair procedure is finished.

The Permanent Edge Up

The physicians first create a side temple area and the hairline for this method. Then, they cautiously match the density and the texture to form the impression of a head full of hair. This treatment option will give you a refreshed look to suit your personality. The scalp micropigmentation treatment is very different for both women and men.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in India

This treatment is gaining popularity in India because many patients who choose cheaper hair transplants can lead to wide-ranging scarring. Also, people choose this over hair transplant revision because it provides noticeable results despite being a non-surgical treatment. Although, the number of clinics providing the treatment in India is comparatively lesser. Therefore, you should choose the near me option to see which clinic works for you.

Considering the cost of scar hiding, this is one of the most affordable treatments available in the medical field. Although, Scalp Micropigmentation Cost varies from patient to patient because of the kind of micropigmentation one needs. The cost varies from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 80,000, depending on the type of SMP. Also, many NRIs go for this treatment when they are in the country because it costs thrice as much in western countries.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Vijayawada

In the post-pandemic world, going for the best medical options is always better. Labelle has blessed Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Vijayawada with quality scalp micropigmentation treatment in South India. If you want to have a natural look without going through a surgical treatment, then SMP is the best option for you. In the near me option, you might see endless options for SMP treatments. But keep your eyes and ears open and read the reviews and what people have to say about their experience. It is better to do your homework before the treatment than look at the reviews when you have suffered endlessly.

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It has been great experience right from the consultation. I have enrolled for hair loss and hair thinning, sessions. Especially The staff is cordial and super friendly And Dr. Harish sir also very good and friendly awesome, excellent he always understands the needs of a client and works upon it and he give us good suggestions and staff also every week without fail they will call me and update about next appointment without fail over all super, excellent no words to say about it.

Sunil Kumar Metra

Very friendly staff and good service has been provided. They are very patient with their clients. Dr. Harish is very professional in treating clients. I am undergoing HRF treatment seen good results in 4 sessions. Thank you Labelle Kukatpally.

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FAQ's - Scalp Micropigmentation

The pain is minimal, almost equating to no pain. Most physicians or SMP technicians apply one kind of numbing lotion before and after the treatment to avoid any discomfort.

Many people have this wrong idea that SMP is like planting seeds for new hair. But this concept is wrong because SMP will not help to grow your hair again. It is more about appearance or illusion. Therefore, it will look like a clean-shaved head with very short hair. To get the most natural look, it is advisable to maintain a shorter length of hair.

There are no major complications or risks in SMP because it is a non-surgical procedure. Though, it is better to consult a doctor before going for the procedure. Otherwise, there might be some redness in the SMP area. Patients with allergy issues might face some allergic reactions because of the pigment. If unskilled physicians do this without proper sterilization, it can cause infection. Also, these are a few reasons you should choose the best clinic.

It is essential to comprehend that SMP is a semi-permanent treatment. The results might last for almost eight years. As the skin of the scalp exfoliates naturally, the pigment will fade over time.

It depends on how much you spend and where you spend your money. Good money usually ensures a good technician that is rudimentary for this process. Some people even call it a hair tattoo. Therefore, you must go to skilled technicians, which might cost you more than the average. If you go to the best scalp micropigmentation clinic, the look will be so perfect that you will have difficulty distinguishing.

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