Microdermabrasion involves spraying inert Alo2 crystal rubbing a so called crystalline impregnated wand with sufficient voccume to dislodge the superficial dead upper layer skin cells without damaging the deeper layers of living cells to give healthy and clear skin.

Crystal-free method:

In crystal microdermabrasion, aluminum oxide crystals are blown directly onto the face and then vacuumed off with the help of a single handpiece. There is also another crystal-free method where, in place of crystals, diamond-tipped devoice is used for abrading the skin.

This is yet another kind of handpiece, which has a tip made using diamond chips of multiple sizes and coarseness for resurfacing. With us at Labelle, you can opt for the aluminum oxide-based crystal method or even the crystal-free one, based on your convenience.

Is microdermabrasion good for Indian skin?

Well, with proper microdermabrasion treatment from us at Labelle, you get the chance to remove not just discoloration but also age spots, blemishes, stretch marks, and sun damage. Our same process is also help in thickening the collagen of the skin.

  • Extra collagen results in younger-looking skin for a longer time span.
  • It is also suitable for all kinds of skin tones and ages and will not cause any scarring and change in skin color.
  • It will not need any numbing as well as there is no pain involved in this procedure.
  • Microdermabrasion helps in tightening up the skin to make it firm and smooth. It will remove the mild to moderate scars along with some deformities on the skin surface.

Get to the benefits included:

There are some benefits associated with microdermabrasion treatment now. It is going to change the present perception of this wonderful treatment and let you know more about it.

  • Whether you are suffering from acne or acne scars, this microdermabrasion method help reduce it.
  • This method is perfect for improving the larger open pores.
  • It will lessen the visibility of stretch marks too.
  • With the help of this method, you can reduce skin hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and even some dark spots.
  • Remove unwanted blackheads and age spots with the help of this microdermabrasion treatment.
  • On the other hand, you can reduce sun damage, including melisma. It can also be used for improving overall complexion and can brighten dull-looking skin as well.

Do you have any side effects with microdermabrasion?

Potential side effects are pretty minimal and limited as upper skin later is removed very gently. Some patients can see reactions in case they have sensitive skin like sensitivity, redness, tautness, and bruising. Most clients won’t experience any side effects. If you have delicate skin, make sure to notify the dermatologist about that before commencing the microdermabrasion treatment. For a quick result, experienced dermatologists from Labelle have the answer for you.

Microdermabrasion Treatment at Labelle Clinic

Consult for microdermabrasion treatment at Labelle, one of the renowned brands in South India, with 21 years of experience. Our team has experienced dermatologists taking utmost care of each and every client. We use advanced technology and modern equipment to provide best Microdermabrasion results to our clients.

FAQ's – Microdermabrasion

You can see immediate Microdermabrasion results with a new glow, which will remain consistent for a minimum of one week. Furthermore, you will feel a firmer, softer, and brighter complexion. Sometimes mild redness seen in some people.

There is no downtime with microdermabrasion. You can easily resume your daily activities for the day without any adverse side effects.

The Microdermabrasion results are pretty cumulative. Most of the time, patients have to go for 6 to 10 sessions followed by maintainance session. Doctors will suggest the number of sessions after the basic examination of the skin.

Mostly known as the “lunch hour” session, this Microdermabrasion treatment will last for around 20 to 60 minutes. Immediate results are visible after the treatment, but for good improvements multiple sessions are required.

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