Microdermabrasion in Chennai

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive process that removes the superficial layer of dead skin cells by using small crystals or other exfoliating surfaces. The body interprets the removal of the top layer of skin as an injury. It then quickly regenerates new, healthy skin cells to replace the ones that have died.

Microdermabrasion in Chennai at Labelle used for minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkles, surface blemishes, and markings, relieve congested skin, and light pigmentation issues, and form part of a general anti-ageing treatment regimen. At Labelle, the leading clinic for Microdermabrasion treatment in Chennai you will get the best result.

Microdermabrasion, commonly known as 'body polishing,' is a simple and painless process performed in the office. Aluminum oxide crystals are blown onto the face and subsequently suction removed using a single hand piece in this treatment method.

There is another approach that does not require the use of crystals. Diamond-tipped devices are used instead of crystals to abrade the skin. For resurfacing, this hand piece features a tip consisting of diamond chips of various sizes and coarseness. Depending on the convenience, one can choose between the aluminum oxide crystal method and the crystal free approach at Labelle.

What Happens During the Microdermabrasion Treatment in Chennai?

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, less intrusive technique. You only need to prepare a few things for this. To begin, you should speak with a skin care professional about all of your skin issues. You will be advised not to use tanning products and to avoid waxing for at least one week. Also, stay out of the sun as much as possible.

The doctor will sand down the outer layer of your skin or use a device to gently spray the skin in the targeted regions to smooth it out. Finally, a moisturizer or sunscreen is applied to your skin.

Crystal-Free Method

Our Chennai experts will blow aluminum oxide crystals directly onto the face and subsequently sucked off with the help of a single hand piece in crystal microdermabrasion. Another crystal-free procedure involves abrading the skin with a diamond-tipped devoices rather than crystals.

Another type of hand piece is one with a resurfacing tip made of diamond chips of various sizes and coarseness. You can choose between an aluminum oxide-based crystal approach and a crystal-free microdermabrasion method using at Labelle Chennai clinic, depending on your preferences.

What Are The Benefits Of Microdermabrasion Session?

  • It helps in revealing new living cells
  • Epidermal layer of skin rejuvenated
  • Soft skin

Visit the Expert for Microdermabrasion Treatment in Chennai

Get the treatment from experts like Labelle, the best Microdermabrasion treatment in Chennai ensure you get the best result and soft skin for life-long. Book a FREE consultation at Labelle Kilpauk, Chennai.

FAQ's – Microdermabrasion in Chennai

MMicro crystals are used in the microdermabrasion process, which are harsh enough to disrupt undesired fatigued skin cells that create dull skin but small enough not to cause harm or pain.
A microdermabrasion facial not only eliminates the need for any artificial or even natural chemicals, but it also functions in harmony with the body. After the therapy has removed the dead and exhausted cells, the body will try to replace them with newer, healthier skin.
A minimum of 5-10 sessions are required, with a 10-to-14-day break between them.
Microdermabrasion in Chennai at Labelle is painless because it only acts on the top layers of the skin.
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