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No one in the world is unfamiliar with hair loss. An average person experiences some form of hair loss at some point in their lifetime. Since hair is often linked to confidence, beauty, and self-esteem, seeing clumps of hair fall out after brushing your hair can be devastating. Hair loss can be traced to multiple factors acting together. Regardless of the cause, hair loss treatment in Chennai can be just what you need to maintain your self-image and facilitate hair growth..

When you start noticing bald spots, receding hairline, widening parting, scalp irritation, and hair thinning, seek the right treatment to prevent further damage. Labelle has skilled medical experts who can help you with their knowledge and expertise to avoid hair fall. As one of the leading skin and hair clinics in South India, Labelle has the most modern technology and trained professionals to help with your every concern.

Before and After Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss: What to Look For

Studies show that losing around a hundred strands of hair daily is an everyday occurrence. Anything beyond this number calls for concern. If you see extensive hair fall, immediate medical attention is required for the best hair regrowth. The following signs can help you determine whether you need to be concerned about your hair health:

  • Falls out gradually or abruptly
  • Thins rapidly
  • It cannot regrow on its own
  • Does not show signs of growth without treatment

In such cases, you need immediate hair fall treatment in Chennai to rejuvenate the damaged hair follicles on your scalp.

As a result of damaged hair follicles and scalp, this health problem can manifest in many ways. These signs can vary in degrees, appearing faint in some cases whereas evident in others.

  • Bald spots or patches
  • Hair easily breaking
  • Receding hairline
  • Circular bald spots on the scalp
  • Dry or rough hair
  • Oily or itchy scalp

Causes for Hair Loss

Most of the factors viewed as causes of hair loss are usually variables that exacerbate the condition. The following are a few of the common causes of hair loss:

  • Genes
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor lifestyle or diet
  • Medical conditions, such as anemia, PCOD/PCOS, or eating disorders
  • Side effects of certain medications and treatment

Labelle’s Hair Fall Treatment in Chennai

Labelle takes a structured approach to hair fall treatment in Chennai hair clinics. The climatic conditions and other factors specific to the geography call for attention to specific elements that our experts know to look for. The initial appointment is a chance to determine the basics like hair type, causes behind hair loss, and other such information to build a personalized treatment program. Following this, one of the following treatments is chosen depending on the results of the initial assessment.


Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) is a non-invasive hair restoration method that facilitates hair growth at a rapid rate. As a natural approach to hair loss treatment, it is better suited to the conditions of Chennai than patches or other artificial restorations. It is a great way to keep hair from thinning and falling extensively, increase the volume, and enrich the follicles with the help of platelets.

Better yet, PRP is a pain-free treatment. It involves the dermatologist drawing a small amount of blood from your body and centrifuging it to retrieve the plasma. The growth factors are then separated from the plasma and injected into the designated areas. PRP might be slow in bringing the results, taking almost five to eight sessions to show the desired effects. However, this can change depending on various factors.

Hair Transplant

As the name suggests, a hair transplant involves taking healthy hair follicles from the scalp and placing them in the affected areas. It is a popular hair loss treatment in Chennai for those experiencing moderate to severe baldness. There are various types of hair transplants, and your clinician can help you choose the right one that gives your tired follicles a chance to grow again.

As a non-invasive method, it is a safe way to replenish hair on your scalp, and almost no recovery time is required. For the mild discomfort experienced during the procedure, local anesthesia is used. You can obtain the desired results with hair transplantation in almost two or three months.


As another viable hair regrowth technique offered by Labelle, mesotherapy has more benefits than just hair fall treatment. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that involves creating minute holes in the scalp to inject a solution containing nutrients essential to hair growth, such as vitamins, proteins, and biotin. On average, seven to nine sessions are required to produce outstanding results like healthy hair, a nourished scalp, and better collagen levels. Mesotherapy can be done mechanically or chemically, depending on the specifics of your hair.

Why Choose Labelle for Hair Growth Treatment in Chennai ?

Labelle is one of the best clinics in South India that you can visit for cost-effective and best hair care and hair regrowth treatment n Chennai. We have:

  • 23 years of expertise
  • Over two lakh satisfied clients
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Trained and certified dieticians and dermatologists
  • Highly standardized protocols
  • State-of-the-art equipment


Finding a skin and hair clinic with solutions to all your concerns is a tall order. Yet, Labelle is all that and more. The branch in Kilpauk, Chennai, offers treatments that will transform your life. In hair fall solutions alone, Labelle’s offerings come with benefits like strengthened hair follicles, increased self-confidence, better scalp health, no side effects, and so much more.

Labelle is the place to go if you are looking for a one-stop shop to resolve all your hair-related concerns. Call +91 80190 02020 between 9:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. to book an appointment now for hair loss treatment in Chennai !

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Very good treatment at this center. I'm taking Hair treatment here from last 6 months, results are more than Expected. Very soon start session for my wife as well. Thanks Labelle and team.

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Hi Labelle team
I am taking hair treatment in Kukatpally branch here services are most satisfied I am very happy with the results thank you Dr Harish Garu and staff.

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FAQ's - Hair Fall Treatment Chennai

Shampoos may or may not lead to hair fall. It is entirely dependent on the ingredients in the shampoo and your sensitivities. However, applying the product can loosen the hair that is about to fall out and bring it down while washing your hair. In addition, excessive hair styling, especially with the heat, can weaken, damage, and break hair. Neither of these methods can be confirmed as the cause of hair fall.

Normal hair loss is not permanent. It is a part of the natural cycle of hair growth. Only some cases are slow and chronically progressive, leaving bald patches and receding hair lines. If you see any signs and symptoms, you must consult an expert for diagnosis and treatment. 

Hair loss affects nearly 90 million people across the globe, making it a common issue. Since both men and women suffer from chronic hair loss, it is because of genes that cause hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing.

Hair loss is widespread and occurs in people at varying degrees. It happens for a combination of reasons such as severe stress, illnesses such as thyroid disease and anemia, nutritional and hormonal changes, vitamin D deficiency, or side effects of strong medication.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet with adequate Vitamin B and iron can facilitate hair growth. Detecting any underlying causes, such as anemia or thyroid disease, is another way to ensure that hair grows well.

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