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We provide the best professional obesity treatment at Labelle's obesity clinic in Chennai. With international standards of treatment, experienced professionals, and modern facilities, Labelle's obesity clinic is a specialty wing of the hospital. You will enjoy a stress-free and healthy lifestyle in the future with this weight loss treatment in Chennai. Our specialists will make sure you are comfortable and treated with extra care. Counseling will assist you in mentally preparing for the journey. The Labelle obesity treatment in Chennai team assesses your condition and tailors treatment to meet the specific needs of your body.

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Among the top health concerns of the affected population is obesity due to its physical, metabolic, and psychological effects. Medical professionals use the term obesity to describe overweight people who are at risk of developing health problems. In order to avoid health complications, it is important to maintain a healthy weight.

Diet and exercise alone have failed to treat most obese people. A behavior counselor, physical trainer, dietician, and obesity specialist can provide best weight loss treatment and help you avoid future health problems related to obesity.

Obesity is commonly diagnosed with BMI. To calculate a person's BMI, multiply their weight by 703 while dividing their height by their inches, and divide again by their height. Multiply the weight by the height in meters to convert kilograms to square meters. Calculate the body mass index by multiplying the weight by the height. As the BMI does not measure body fat directly, some lean athletes might still have a BMI that is considered obese.

You can seek assistance at the Labelle obesity treatment center in Chennai.

What is body mass index?

Obesity doctor can determine a person's obesity status by measuring their body mass index. The body mass index is composed of a person's weight (in kilograms) divided by their height (in meters).

Losing weight results in what?

Overweight and obese people can lose weight, improve their fitness, and delay the onset of diabetes through weight loss. Patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis may benefit if it improves their mobility and lessens their pain. Even if you lose weight, your blood pressure may increase if you expend more energy than you receive from food. Whether the reserves are fat or muscle, once they are depleted, the weight can slowly be lost.

A Comprehensive Look at Labelle’s Slimming Program on Obesity Treatment in Chennai

Losing weight can be achieved by controlling your food intake (calories) and enhancing your metabolism. The fat will be converted back to fat by passively converting it into fatty acids. Calories expended daily are converted back to fat and vice versa. Over time, this leads to weight and fat loss.

  • Body Composition Analysis (BCA), Body Mass Index (BMI), and anthropometric analysis
  • Diseases and their histories
  • Loss of weight history
  • Medical and psychiatric conditions
  • Routines of sleep
  • Effects and causes of gaining weight
  • Stopping unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking, etc.

What health advantages does weight loss with Obesity Treatment in Chennai have?

  • An improved feeling
  • You'll feel energized
  • Lowering cholesterol is possible
  • Type 2 diabetes can be cured or improved
  • Improve your chances of preventing cardiovascular disease, stroke, gastroesophageal reflux, fatty liver, and osteoarthritis
  • Become more mobile and breathe easier
  • Sleep apnea can be treated

At Labelle Obesity Clinic, How Is Weight Loss Treatment Handled?

Your body could suffer from an issue if you are overweight, so you should seek medical attention. Weight loss treatment services have been offered by Labelle obesity clinic for 21 years, and our outcomes have consistently been successful.

A Computerized Body Composition (CBC) test is used by Labelle to determine if fat is being lost prior to treatment. If you take a body composition test, you can learn what percentage of lean muscle, fat, and water your body contains. Throughout the course of treatment, a series of tests are repeated in order to verify that the patient is losing weight and fat. Weight loss caused by fat loss is a short-term side effect of the treatment, but not long-term or permanent.

Labelle's weight-loss program solves a variety of health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism, infertility, arthritis, etc.

Count on Labelle to be your Obesity clinic Weight Loss Treatment in Chennai

Labelle, which combines passive activity with diet modification and exercise, is a top clinic that offers safe, effective obesity treatment in Chennai. Diets, psychotherapy, and nutritionists work together to provide slimming programs based on scientific principles. In addition to that, they advise staying away from drugs, being on appetite suppressants, and overexerting. The Labelle obesity clinic in Chennai offers best weight loss treatment to help you if you have obesity problems.

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User Reviews

I am taking weight loss treatment in Labelle Kukatpally branch reduced 5kgs in one month and very good inch loss from over all body. I'm super happy with the diet and fitness sessions..

Hari Krishna

Joined for weight loss treatment and got very good results. I am very much happy with the service and the result which I got with Labelle. All staff are very cooperative and they motivate us in such a way that we can achieve our goal easily. Dietician gives us sustainable diets to reduce and maintain our weight easily. Thank you so much.

Vijay Venuthurla

FAQ's - Obesity Treatment in Chennai

  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Toxin elimination is facilitated by improved lymph circulation
  • Reduces your waistline
  • A muscle-toning program
  • General weight loss
  • Reduced obesity in central region
  • A reduction in the target area
  • Efficacious and non-painful
  • No downtimes or restrictions apply
  • Approval from the FDA
  • Expert nutritionists monitor daily progress
  • Males and females can both use it
  • Metabolic rate increases

The following people are not eligible for obesity treatment:

  • Pregnancy and in vitro fertilization
  • Lactating women after 3 and 6 months after delivery
  • Metal implants such as pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear implants, or diabetic pumps may be present in such patients.
  • Diabetes mellitus and uncontrolled hypertension
  • Hernias, cancer, and ulcers
  • Three months postoperative
  • The targeted area is infected with a skin infection
  • Recent episodes of epilepsy

The average weight loss per week varies between 500 grams and five centimeters depending on the individual's body type.

Obesity can be overcome through calorie reduction and diet. Weight loss and weight maintenance must occur steadily over the long term. Specifically tailored diets are ideal.

Labelle appliances feature advanced technologies and offer the following advantages:

  • While weight loss is accomplished using fat, toning is accomplished by using muscle.
  • Special attention is paid to the desired body part.
  • By reducing central obesity, you reduce both your waist-to-hip ratio and your cosmetic concerns.
  • Overall, the body appears toned and shapely.

This is not necessary. It isn't necessary to follow a crash diet, fast, and strict diet. Your diet plan will be carefully designed by a dietitian based on your eating habits.

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