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Through the years, Labelle technology has been able to reduce fat in areas such as the stomach, neck, thighs, buttocks, and back. As a result of vacuum freezing, fat is converted into free acids, a process known as adipolysis. Through this procedure, excess fat can be gotten rid of from any part of the body. Consequently, any part of the body can be applied, allowing for total body transformation. This does not require any cutting or scarring. For more information about Labelle’s body contouring in Chennai, get in touch with us!

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What is Body contouring?

As a body shaping procedure, also called body sculpting, to reshape specific body parts. The methods include:

  • Eliminating excess skin.
  • Aiming to lose excess body fat.
  • Reorganization of an area.

The majority of times, body contouring does not just cause weight loss. This procedure is meant to help shape the body and remove excess skin after significant weight loss. It can also be used after significant weight loss has not been successful.

How can body shaping in Chennai help you?

These are the most common benefits that body shaping patients reporyo

  • Improved definition and symmetry of body parts.
  • Having a younger, slimmer appearance.
  • Skin that is softer than usual.
  • Improved symptoms have been observed.

Treatment will result in a noticeable and immediate improvement. You might experience a delay in results, but all for your betterment, from non-surgical treatments from a qualified clinic.

What does non-surgical Body Contouring involve?

In medical settings, most body shaping procedures take place. Sessions tend to last for around 30 minutes on average. The medical crew may:

  • Dress you in a hospital gown or robe.
  • Get you seated on a table or chair.
  • Mark all the necessary areas that are to be treated.
  • Implement injections

They may use a paddle or wand (either to deliver ultrasound waves, laser beams, cold, or heat) depending on the type of body contouring in Chennai.

Usually, the results take several sessions to surface for most people.

Body Contouring Treatment in Chennai

Some men and women are concerned about their physical appearance because of a double chin, excessive thigh fat, etc. To achieve the desired effect, today’s body contouring procedures can be used. Their results are almost instantaneous and long-lasting. Using body shaping, you can get toned buttocks, firmer arms, and a flatter stomach. A body shape is created by removing excess fat and skin and tightening it.

Chennai is home to Labelle’s experienced surgeons who perform liposuction, abdominoplasty, fat grafting, and many other effective body shaping in Chennai.

How does Labelle work?

As it is non-invasive, non-surgical, and involves minimal pain, it is less invasive than surgical liposuction. During this procedure, the fat cells are precisely cooled to cause apoptosis, which is a safe death process. Fat cells treated with FDA-approved drugs will eventually be destroyed by natural metabolic processes. A fat cell is highly sensitive to cold compared to other tissues such as skin, muscle, and nerve. The procedure removes fat cells safely and effectively without damaging surrounding tissues.

Comprehensive Facts about the nonsurgical body contouring in Chennai procedure with Labelle

Induction of apoptosis is mainly achieved by freezing adipocytes.

On the basis of a biological principle, this procedure can harm fat cells. Essentially, the procedure causes fat cells to die by altering their temperature. The fat is reduced by reducing subcutaneous fat in various body parts through a safe and effective method.

A variety of body parts can be treated to eliminate fat, which allows the body to be contoured. Unlike invasive surgery, this treatment does not cause any pain or downtime. This treatment has shown effective results in all kinds of patients, with high patient satisfaction. Your body is completely restructured and sculpted during this treatment, so you achieve the desired body shape. Using different applicators, specific body parts can be targeted and fat can be removed. It operates in the 3°-20°C range.

Appropriate Individuals for Labelle’s Body Contouring Treatment in Chennai

The patient has to be healthy for the procedure to be safe. It is essential to ask questions, share information, and discuss a patient’s health before starting treatment.

The ideal candidate would therefore meet the following criteria:

  • Count on a successful outcome.
  • Trying to get a more toned and curvy body.
  • Consistently weighs a considerable amount.
  • Make living a healthy lifestyle a priority after treatment by exercising, eating well, and being active.
  • Is 18 or above.

Labelle’s Body Contouring Treatment in Chennai: A Plethora of Treatments


In Cryolipolysis, cold is used to destroy fat cells in this non-invasive procedure. This also results in fat skin pockets being reduced. Using a cupped device, which has a temperature low enough to freeze fat, this procedure involves applying a heat source directly to the treated area. The fat here remains unaffected by the freezing temperature since it freezes at a lower temperature than skin or muscles.

Mesolipolysis or Injection Lipolysis

During mesolipolysis, substances are injected that dissolve fat in a series of tiny injections. A substance such as this one is naturally formed by the body in order to aid digestion and fat breakdown. An enlarged fat pocket can be reduced by destroying the fat cells within it.

If you want to educate yourself more about body contouring in Chennai, call Labelle today.

Why Labelle for Body Contouring Treatment in Chennai

At Labelle in Chennai, we believe that looking good and feeling great are the two most valuable things. We spend time getting to know you personally in order to create your individual treatment plan. Are you curious to find out more about body shaping? Reach out to our team today. Start today by contacting Labelle’s body contouring in Chennai Team.

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User Reviews

I am taking weight loss treatment in Labelle Kukatpally branch reduced 5kgs in one month and very good inch loss from over all body. I'm super happy with the diet and fitness sessions..

Hari Krishna

Joined for weight loss treatment and got very good results. I am very much happy with the service and the result which I got with Labelle. All staff are very cooperative and they motivate us in such a way that we can achieve our goal easily. Dietician gives us sustainable diets to reduce and maintain our weight easily. Thank you so much.

Vijay Venuthurla

FAQ's - Body Contouring in Chennai

The team at Labelle can offer you two types of body Contouring in Chennai . Lipolysis (by cryolysis) and mesolipolysis (by injection) are the two types.

It’s an assurance to have a non-invasive, painless body contouring procedure. These treatments are typically associated with mild pain, swell, or a feeling of warmth in the treated areas. An experienced, friendly practitioner will help you determine the most appropriate course of action.

Depending on the treatment you choose for body contouring, the time spent at your appointment may vary. The average treatment will require you to visit the office for between 4 and 8 visits in order to see results from 3 weeks of treatment.

Since body shaping isn’t painful, you’ll be able to do almost all the things you normally do immediately after the procedure. You may experience redness, tenderness, or swelling in the area after the procedure. It does not normally hurt afterward.

  • A minimal amount of side effects is usually experienced.
  • Anesthesia, incisions, and scarring are not necessary.
  • To maintain their long-term results, patients need to maintain a healthy weight.

Besides treating hips, abdomens, inner/outer thighs, backs, upper arms, and under chins, cryolipolysis is also effective in treating buttocks.

Aside from inflammation, redness, paresthesia, and tingling, there may also be temporary side effects. Generally, the side effects last from seven to five days.

Eventually, fat cells can rarely grow back once they are destroyed, therefore, even if you gain a great deal of weight, the results will last forever.

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