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Labelle is a wellness and fitness clinic with one mission to help people achieve their desired beauty and maintain body fitness. As leading pioneer in holistic well-being, we bring you the most advanced technologies and treatments, focusing more on revitalization and relaxation.

Our medico-aesthetic clinic focuses on leveraging advances in medicines to help you look beautiful and youthful. We have ensured to create advanced facility with qualified trichologists and dermatologists, to provide effective Weight Loss, skin and hair treatments. Our advanced equipment brings you the best of what aesthetic medicines have to offer.

With 24 years of experience, we cover the most of South India. We serve in some of the major cities and localities, including:

  • Hyderabad - Gachibowli, Adarsh Nagar, Ameerpet, Marredpally, Kukatpally, Banjara Hills
  • Vizag - Asilmetta
  • Vijayawada – Mogalrajpuram
  • Bangalore – Indiranagar
  • Chennai – Kilpauk

Anyone looking for weight loss program or skin & hair treatment can book an appointment at Labelle Slimming, Skin and Hair clinic for the best solutions. Labelle houses all skin and hair treatments under one roof. Let’s know more about our treatments available.

Weight loss:

  • Obesity Treatment – we present you with the most advanced and safe obesity Treatment. With the help of our experienced dieticians and trained therapists, you will achieve a noticeable weight loss in no time.
  • Body Contouring – Body contouring treatments now hold major popularity due to the eternal desire of everyone to look slim with perfect body shape. It is true that saggy skin and fat bulges will result in poorly defined body shape. It will adversely affect our appearance too. But, with our non-surgical and safe procedures, effective body contouring services are the first choice for everyone.
  • Body Toning – We present non-invasive body toning treatment, available for all specified areas of the body like thighs, arms, back, legs, and more. We present a comprehensive, intensive analytical approach after considering past medical history, present condition, and more to focus on the all-around well-being of an individual.

Skin services:

  • Fairness Treatment - At Labelle, we use safe, effective and proven skin lightening treatments. Our treatments don’t have any side effects and are completely safe. Our expert dermatologists will advise a customized program to each client as per their skin type and other health conditions.
  • Laser Hair Removal – We have the best laser treatments for unwanted hair removal with state of the art equipment. With Laser hair removal treatment one can say goodbye to the unwanted hair in any part of the body permanently. Its safe to use on all skin and hair textures. The procedure is quite effective and completely painless.
  • Acne Scar Removal – We offer a comprehensive and effective acne treatment regime, which gets to the root cause and ensures the cure of it. Our experienced dermatologists will examine your skin and help with the best suitable treatment considering your skin condition and type.
  • Pigmentation Treatment – We treat pigmentation with the help of advanced procedures by minimizing melanin build-up in an effective and safe manner. Right from chemical peels to laser toning and more, we have several procedures for clients to choose from.
  • Skin Tightening Treatment - Labelle has taken one step further in bringing you the best and advanced radiofrequency technology for tightening saggy skin conditions. The advanced RF technology is a safe procedure to bring your youthful skin back and provides perfect contour to the jawline too.

Hair Services:

  • Hair Re-growth – Our hair re-growth solutions are advanced and non-surgical methods, which will promote healthy hair re-growth naturally. It does that by stimulating the hair follicles. With our comprehensive analysis and formulated regimen, we will help you get back your lost hair in no time.
  • Dandruff Treatment – Dandruff mainly refers to dead skin cells from the scalp. Some common causes are psoriasis, too much shampoo usage, severe dry skin, eczema, and more. We have effective anti-dandruff treatments at Labelle, which will need close dermatological investigation. From us, you will receive a solution after complete analysis, thus, formulating an effective anti-dandruff treatment.
  • Mesotherapy – We offer the best Mesotherapy treatment to help in hair re-growth. It is a procedure of offering scalp with a boost of the vitamin. This method further helps in improving blood flow for hair re-growth. Our Mesotherapy treatment is perfect for treating bald patches and activating follicles for positive hair re-growth results in both men and women.
  • Hair Transplant – At Labelle, we always ensure bringing the latest and most effective hair transplant techniques for our clients. Hair transplant is the safest and most effective procedure for getting back your hair naturally.
  • Hair Bonding – Through our Hair Bonding method, we are able to integrate artificial human hair with your own hair for the most natural looking result. Through this procedure, patients will achieve fully natural-looking hair in no time. It is widely accepted and most pocket friendly option also for treating baldness.

Weight Loss, Skin and Hair Clinics in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag & Vijayawada

Labelle has 24 years of working experience and is one of the most renowned and trusted brands in South India. We have an entire team of experienced dermatologists and well-trained therapists to take utmost care of our clients ensuring their safety and comfort while delivering the best results. We use the most advanced equipment and technology for treatments throughout Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vijayawada, and Vizag.

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