Hair Regrowth Treatment

People are quite dedicated towards their hair growth, whether men or women. Hair loss and thinning has now become a common issue resulting in premature baldness and loss of self-confidence. With proper hair regrowth treatment, you get to keep these issues at bay. Poorer blood circulation in scalp region, pollution, stress, illness, medications, infection and lower nutritional values are some of the reasons behind unwanted hair loss and thinning.Join us at Labelle for the most awaited hair fall treatment of all time.

Hair Fall Treatment

Labelle offers a chain of specialized medical hair and skin centers, noted to offer fines hair growth treatment for over 20 years now! Our experience towards flexible clients and their different treatments has now made us a leading name in the market. We have a team of consultants for hair fall treatment, ready for a thorough chat session. Here, we learn more about your health history, before analyzing the hair and suggesting best treatment, depending on hair loss type.

Join our team at Labelle and procure multiple kinds of hair loss treatments. Some of those are:

More about the PRP treatment:

PRP is also known as Platelet Rich Plasma and it is one non-invasive form of hair restoration treatment. Here, we use patient’s own blood for generating new hair growth.

PRP is here to utilize the own platelets from your body for delivering concentrated growth factor. It will further work on multiple other bioactive proteins, designed for stimulating hair growth.

  • The growth factor associated with anti hair loss treatment is always towards the higher scale.
  • We use the natural, safe and effective PRP hair fall Treatment for restoring hair loss in both men and women./li>
Before and After Hair Loss Treatment

Best Hair Loss Treatment

The next time you are looking for a reputed center offering premium quality hair growth treatment, then Labelle is the name to watch out for! We hire expert dermatologists, whose main goal is to supervise and then perform non-surgical procedure for multiple indications. Get free consultation at Labelle for hair loss treatment in South India to give out a try!

FAQ's - Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair regrowth treatment helps in treating generalized hair loss, hair thinning and also baldness which is actually patterned hair loss. It also helps to maintain the transplanted hair after hair transplant for both Men and women.

Well, experts will suggest you to have some blood tests done before you start off with the process. The Labelle doctors will suggest the right ones to go for, before heading towards the final treatment session.

If you are going for PRP, you might expect some rare side effects like itching of scalp, swelling, infection and temporary pain. If you feel any of those, contact Labelle experts right away for best hair fall treatment.


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