Double Chin Removal

Double chin is one extra roll of fatty flesh found under person’s jaw line or chin. It is mainly referred to as the neck wattle in case the fat is loose and also hanging. Double chin will not be a sign of aging as it can take place at any time in your life. You can easily spot one in your profile view of the face.

Before and After Double Chin Reduction

Reasons behind double chin:

If you have been of double chin, then going for double chin removal is the only way to enhance your facial structure and beauty. Well, before that, learning about the three major reasons behind double chin is important. It helps you to select the right method of double chin reduction.


Most of the time, people inherit double chin from the genes. The genes will decide on current facial bone structure and the fat deposit. People with the round faces will have noticeable double chin. In case the chin is genetics, it might be a bit hard for you to get rid of. So, you can try to maintain a proper lifestyle and reduce appearances of double chin.


People with excessive weight might have of double chin as well. As the fat gets stored in some usual spots like things, arms and stomach, fat will then eventually start to fill out the under-chin area. You must know that quick weight loss might lead to sagging chin. As fat vanishes quickly, it will leave the skin under the chin hanging. Try eating food with lower fatty amount an exercise on a regular basis for diminishing double chin.


With growing age, the metabolism rate starts to slow down. It will lead to muscle loss, fragile bones and lower skin elasticity. As the elasticity fails to hold skin up like previously, this might lead o sagging of the skin and finally double chin. Moreover, with fat depositing under the chin once you turn 40, you have high chances of getting double chin. No matter whatever the reason might be, our team from Labelle will offer the best double chin reduction treatments to follow.

Double Chin Reduction Methods

If double chin has been deteriorating the current look, then it is time to head for the double chin removal. Our team from Labelle offers some of the best removal techniques, scientifically proven to offer desired results at a fast pace. So, let’s get to learn about those points.

  • - Fat dissolving injection: (MESOLIPOLYSIS)

    Also known as Mesolipolysis, fat dissolving injection containing deoxycholic acid is used for dissolving fat cells in some targeted areas in chin. Our skin specialist will draw grid of dots on the specified area where the fat has accumulated and then administer the injection into delineated site. It is a proven way of double chin reduction, and the number of treatments varies from one to another.

  • - Freezing the person chin fat: (CRYOLIPOLYSIS)

    Freezing the fat under the chin using Cryolipolysis is another fat reduction procedure for your chin. There are no needles involved and the results can be seen mostly after 2 – 3 months.

    Here, the temperature is carefully controlled for targeting the fat cells within chin, which will then destroyed. Later, the fat cells get eliminated in a natural way from the body over a certain span of time. Patients might face a bit of discomfort during and for few days after the procedure.

  • - Botox:

    Botox Injections can be injected into the muscle which drapes the neck, tightening it and therefore giving a more defined look to the chin and jawline, results are seen as early as a week and last up to 6 months.

  • - HIFU:

    HIFU is the abbreviated form of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and used for tightening up the skin, skin lifting an also body contouring. So, after losing fat from your double chin, if you want to tighten up the sagging skin, HIFU is the best double chin removal procedure to opt for. This cosmetic double chi reduction treatment will target the deep skin layers and boost collagen production and regeneration from the source.


    Lavatron is one RF device, used for delivering both monopolar and the multipolar RF. IT will heat up the deeper layer of the skin or dermis and hypodermis, which is the superficial fat layer situated right under the chin area. So, this is yet another procedure to tighten and create jawline after the double chin fat removal procedure.

Double Chin Removal at LABELLE

Labelle provides help from well-trained professionals, who are ready to take care of your skin issues, and even cover double chin removal procedures. We have our centers located in south India. So, visit any of the centers for better double chin reduction results.

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FAQ's - Double Chin Removal

Depending on the method your dermatologist has chosen for you, the time for double chin removal will vary.

Both men and women can apply for this service.

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