Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

If you are dreaming of beautiful and strong hair, then you are not the only one. To help you fulfill your dreams and give you the hair, we at Labelle, are more than happy to help. We have various hair loss or hair regrowth treatments, our advanced mesotherapy is one such option.

Mesotherapy for Hair

Before you catch up with us for mesotherapy treatment for hair, we would like you to know more about the benefits of this treatment.

  • Mesotherapy is a treatment for re-growing your hair.
  • It is a process which will provide scalp with boost of vitamin and also improve the current blood flow resulting in proper hair re-growth.
  • This entire Mesotherapy treatment will take 10 to 30 minutes, based on the area of thinning hair or baldness.
  • Mesotherapy is quite useful for any kind of hair loss.
  • For maximizing the visible results, it is always advisable to go for minimum 5 sessions of Mesotherapy. However, the final number will only get calculated once the patients have been examined for their thin hair and undernourished scalp.
  • Our experts from Labelle will first schedule your sessions examine the scalp & hair and then determine the number of Mesotherapy sessions you need for hair regrowth.
  • This procedure is perfect for making your hair follicle grow faster and then survive in long run because of the active blood circulation.
  • In case you have been suffering from dandruff for a pretty long time and even have been the victim of seborrhea, then this kind of mesotherapy treatment is the one that you should watch out for.
  • In case you are willing to treat thin or devitalized hair, then mesotherapy from our center at Labelle will be the one that you can try.
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Mesotherapy for Hair Loss in South India

Labelle offers best mesotherapy for hair loss in Vizag, Vijayawada, South India, book a free consultation now!.

FAQ's - Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy will hardly take 10 to 30 minutes for each session. For best result, you should go for 5 sessions.


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