Mesotherapy For Hair in Chennai

If hair loss is bothering you and you are looking to grow strong and beautiful hair, mesotherapy is one option that you should be looking at. Mesotherapy is a hair loss or hair regrowth treatment to help you get the hair you desire. Labelle’s advanced mesotherapy for hair in Chennai is among the best in the business.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a partially invasive hair regrowth treatment. The procedure followed in mesotherapy is to have microscopic quantities of vitamins, minerals and amino acids injected into the scalp,which improves the current blood flow resulting in proper hair re-growth.

Labelle offers you a premium quality hair mesotherapy treatment in Chennai by understanding your distinctive regrowth needs and providing you a pertinent treatment procedure.

Why Mesotherapy in Chennai?

Mesotherapy can be helpful for various kinds of hair loss and hair problems. It can treat your thin and devitalized hair and help you grow thick and strong hair. Mesotherapy also improves blood flow, and the active blood circulation is perfect for making your hair follicles grow faster and then survive in the long run. Why not mesotherapy in Chennai?

The process

Our dermatologists at Labelle will examine your hair and scalp, then determine the number of sessions needed. The treatment is then carried out in these sessions which last between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the area of thinning or baldness.

Hair Mesotherapy Treatment in Chennai

We use the latest technology and modern equipment in all its hair clinics providing hair mesotherapy in Chennai. Over 20 years of expertise has made Labelle a leading name in south India. With a smooth and effective treatment procedure, satisfaction is a guarantee.

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Before and After

FAQ's - Hair Mesotherapy in Chennai

No, Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure. The process followed is injection of components necessary for hair restoration or revitalization into the scalp.

Mesotherapy Clinics in Chennai

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