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Fed up with stubborn dark spots on your skin? We all are well aware of the frustration that comes with trying to conceal or treat skin discoloration. Skin pigmentation can transform your complexion, imparting dullness through brown or gray spots and unwanted freckles, a result of melanin clustering. It's time to take a stand and fight back against those disturbing dark spots.

Seeking targeted treatments or dermatological solutions can aid in managing or minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation for those looking to restore an even skin tone. Discover radiant skin with Labelle's advanced pigmentation treatment in Chennai, targeting the root of your pigmentation concerns by expertly reversing cellular damage.

Your path to flawless skin starts at Labelle.

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Understanding The Skin

The skin, our body's largest external organ, serves as a protective barrier against bacteria and microorganisms.

Comprising layers like the epidermis, dermis and endodermis undergo continuous regeneration and houses crucial elements like elastin, collagen, hair follicles, nerve receptors, oil glands, and sweat glands. These components collectively contribute to skin elasticity, strength, resilience, and overall well-being.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Skin hyperpigmentation refers to the variation in the coloration of your skin, predominantly influenced by the presence of a pigment called melanin. The following are the causes of skin hyperpigmentation:

Sun Exposure

In defense against the sun's harmful effects, the skin produces additional brown pigment known as melanin, resulting in a suntan. However, there are instances where melanin is not evenly produced, leading to patchy pigmentation in the skin.

This uneven coloring, known as pigmentation, highlights the impact of sun exposure on the skin's natural defense mechanisms.

Hormonal Imbalance

Elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone contribute significantly to the overproduction of melanin, intensifying pigmentation concerns. Pregnant women, experiencing constant hormonal fluctuations, are particularly prone to skin pigmentations.

Moreover, exposure to sunlight enhances the production of melanocyte-stimulating hormones, further contributing to the development of pigments in the skin.

Genetic Disorders

Certain genetic and hereditary skin conditions, such as albinism, vitiligo, and other disorders, can lead to variations in skin pigmentation, causing either hypo or hyperpigmentation.

Other Factors

Various factors can contribute to hyperpigmentation, including the use of medications like oral contraceptives and light-sensitive drugs, insufficient intake of specific vitamins such as B12 and folic acid, and thyroid disorders.

Types of Hyperpigmentation

The following are the types of hyperpigmentation:

Age Spots

Age spots, also known as liver spots or solar lentigines, appear as brown, tan, or black spots on the skin due to overexposure to the sun. These spots are commonly found on the face, hands, or other sun-exposed areas of the body.

Typically affecting older adults or individuals with prolonged sun exposure, age spots are a visible reminder of the impact of sunlight on the skin. While they are generally harmless, various Labelle treatments are available for those seeking to address or prevent their appearance.


Melasma, also known as chloasma, presents as large patches of darkened skin, commonly appearing on the forehead, face, and stomach. This condition predominantly affects women, particularly those who are pregnant, taking birth control pills, or individuals with medium to darker skin tones.

While melasma is generally harmless, it can be a source of concern for those seeking to manage or alleviate its appearance.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is characterised by spots or patches of darkened skin that emerge after an inflammatory skin condition, like acne or eczema.

These discolorations can appear anywhere on the body and often affect individuals who have experienced inflammation or injury to the skin.


Freckles, harmless pigmentations resulting from excessive melanin production, can be effectively treated using lasers and skin peels.

Unveil Radiant Skin: Labelle’s Solutions for Skin Pigmentation in Chennai!

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel involves using acids at higher concentrations to treat targeted areas of the skin. It diminishes hyperpigmentation by removing the top layer (epidermis).

Deeper versions can go into the middle layer of your skin (dermis) to create more noticeable results.

Controlled exfoliation with plant extract-based alpha-hydroxy acids is employed to lighten tanned areas and reveal rejuvenated skin. Labelle’s specialised skin rejuvenation treatment in Chennai is suitable for all skin types and yields visible results after just one session.

Laser Therapy

Laser toning is employed for addressing deeper sun tan and pigmentation concerns, utilizing the USFDA-approved laser. This advanced laser effectively lightens the skin and promotes an even skin tone by targeting pigmented cells. It works to remove tanning, dark spots, and marks left by pimples, revealing bright and radiant skin underneath.


Microdermabrasion is effective in addressing pigmentation concerns, including age spots, melasma, chloasma, and lentigines.

Uneven skin tone and deep scars are gently removed using a minimally abrasive instrument. This process induces minimal bleeding, triggering the brain to generate new skin cells. Consequently, it effectively addresses pigmentation, scars, and wrinkles.

Glutathione treatments

Glutathione treatments for full-body skin lightening are utilised as an effective formula to correct pigmentation. This concoction is known to protect cells from free-radical damage and reverse darker skin tones. Glutathione also inhibits Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for producing melanin, thus addressing skin pigmentation.


Medications, in oral and topical forms, are prescribed by Labelle’s dermatologists to rejuvenate your skin and effectively eliminate visible pigmentation.

Possible treatments for pigmentation issues include anti-inflammatory medications, antioxidants, and medications that inhibit tyrosinase, thereby preventing the production of melanin. However, these medications are recommended under the expertise of Labelle's doctors.

Book your consultation at Labelle Clinic today and let your skin's natural beauty shine with Labelle’s specialized pigmentation treatment in Chennai.

Unlock Radiance: Transformative Benefits of Skin Pigmentation Treatment

  • It results in a notable improvement in skin hyperpigmentation.
  • Diminishes hyperpigmentation without inducing unwanted hypopigmentation or irritation in the surrounding area.
  • The treatment enhances the skin's radiance, leaving it with a glowing and luminous appearance.
  • It imparts a smooth texture to your skin and minimises pore size.
  • It addresses melasma, aids in acne control, and helps prevent the formation of acne marks.
  • It is a painless and comfortable treatment with a rapid recovery period.
  • The procedure can be applied to areas ranging from a single colored dot to large areas.
  • Assists in collagen production and the prevention of scarring.

Embark on a transformative skin journey at Labelle Clinic in Chennai.

Pigmentation Treatment Journey At Labelle Clinic

Before the treatment:

  • • Book a one-on-one consultation at Labelle’s clinic in Chennai.
  • • A comprehensive skin examination is conducted to assess the extent and cause of pigmentation. This includes a medical history review, genetic background, and medication details.
  • • UV studies are performed to determine sunlight exposure's impact on pigmentation. The examination aids in understanding hormonal imbalances or medical conditions contributing to the issue.
  • • You must disclose your past surgeries or skin procedures to the dermatologist during the consultation.

During the procedure:

  • The practitioner will clean the targeted area on which the pigmentation treatment has to be performed.
  • For your skin pigmentation laser treatment in Chennai, you'll enter a specialised treatment room where a dedicated laser targets skin pigments. The laser's intense light penetrates the skin, breaking up pigment cells
  • While there may be temporary effects like bleeding or crusting, these are natural and will subside.
  • Immediate fading of pigments may not occur; multiple sessions are essential for visible and lasting results.

After the treatment:

  • Following the pigmentation procedure, you may experience bleeding.
  • You will be guided about the detailed care instructions on your skincare post-treatment.
  • The doctor will recommend procedural treatments at regular intervals to effectively manage pigmentation.
  • Prescribed medications will aid in pain relief and support healing.
  • You are expected to avoid the sun for a few days to enhance the recovery process.
  • Adequate hydration is required.
  • Labelle’s skincare professionals comprehend your sentiments and are committed to delivering personalised care tailored to your specific needs.

Connect with our dedicated team today to explore the diverse range of rejuvenating procedures available at our state-of-the-art skin clinic in Chennai.

Cost Of Pigmentation Treatment in Chennai

The cost of pigmentation treatment in Chennai depends upon several factors and, typically ranges between INR 2,000 to INR 10,000 per session.

The elements influencing the best pigmentation treatment in Chennai are as follows:

  • The selected treatment solution.
  • The extent of the skin pigmentation issue.
  • Specific regions affected by skin pigmentation, include the face, neck, arms, and hands.
  • The proficiency of the practitioner conducting the treatment.
  • The clinic's location is within the city.
  • Specialised laser technology is employed for pigmentation treatment.
  • The number of treatment sessions needed to achieve the desired result.

Want to learn more about the laser treatment for pigmentation cost in Chennai? Contact Labelle and take your skincare journey to new heights with our experts in Chennai.

Radiant Skin Journey: Discover Pigmentation Perfection at Labelle

Hyperpigmentation is a widespread skin concern that may arise from various factors. Opting for consultations at Labelle is the optimal choice for pigmentation treatment in Chennai.

Our expert dermatologists delve into the underlying causes of the skin condition, tailoring treatments accordingly.

Elevate your skin with Labelle’s cutting-edge pigmentation treatments, featuring advanced laser therapies in Chennai. Experience the magic of laser skin rejuvenation and bid farewell to dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

Begin your journey to luminous and flawless skin right now at Labelle.

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I've taken treatment for skin and slimming and after taking treatment for skin my black spots got reduced and I can give 5 out of 5 for that but slimming I didn't notice any changes

Tripura Sai P R

I have taken skin treatment and hair treatment here in Labelle. I really like the way the staff is cooperative. I get my lasers session done by Sravanthi. she is very kind and humble. She also contact after sessions to check about the results. Keeps me updated about the upcoming sessions. I am glad that I chose Labelle for the treatment

Sheema Sultana

FAQ's – Pigmentation Treatment in Chennai

The skin undergoes darkening as one age, attributed to a combination of heightened melanin production, prolonged sun exposure, and a decline in skin cell turnover.

Following your consultation with Labelle’s specialist, a tailor-made treatment plan of the highest standards is devised.

Chemical peels are effective for age spots, sun damage, melasma, and blotchy skin, promoting an even and radiant complexion.

There may be minimal downtime, with potential temporary effects like mild redness or crusting that typically resolve on their own.

Microdermabrasion is generally suitable for various skin types but may require customization based on individual conditions.

Glutathione protects cells from free-radical damage, reverses darker skin tones, and inhibits Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for producing melanin.

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