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Extra fat is something we all fear, but extra fat on the face and especially below the chin is an even scarier proposition. Because that leads to the formation of a double chin, which is an extra roll of fatty flesh found under the jawline or chin. A double chin is not a sign of aging as it can occur at any point of time in life.

Before and After Double Chin Reduction

Also referred to as neck wattle when the fat is loose and hanging the presence of a double chin can negatively affect your appearance as well as self-confidence. There are ways to remove it, and Labelle’s modern treatment and technique can deliver you a highly effective double chin treatment in Chennai.

Reasons behind the Formation of Double Chin

There can be various reasons why you might end up with extra padding of fat under your chin. It is useful to know about these to be able to select the appropriate method of double chin treatment in Chennai. There are three major factors behind a double chin –


We inherit certain physical traits via genes, and a double chin could be one of those. Genetics is the most common cause. Genes determine the facial bone structure and fat deposit, and people with round faces are more likely to have a noticeable double chin. People who inherit a double chin might find it difficult to get rid of it, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the appearance of the double chin.


Being overweight can lead to a deposit of fat beneath the chin and lead to the creation of a double chin. Once fat deposits in the usual places like thighs, arms, and stomach, it starts to accumulate below the chin. Quick weight loss could also lead to sagging of the chin as the fat vanishes quickly leaving the chin hanging. Eating food with a lower fat content and regular exercise can help in diminishing the double chin.


As the body’s metabolism slows due the age, the chances of getting a double chin increase. The skin is held in place due to its elasticity, and a loss in metabolism decreases this elasticity, along with causing muscle loss and fragile bones. This leads to sagging of the skin and the formation of a double chin, as the skin is not able to hold itself up the way it could before. Moreover, with fat depositing under the chin once you cross the age of 40, chances of a double chin increase even further.

Whatever the reason behind your double chin may be, our expert team at Labelle is qualified and always prepared to understand your specific needs and concerns and provide you with the most suitable method for double chin treatment in Chennai.

Procedures for Double Chin Removal in Chennai

If a double chin has been deteriorating your appearance and preventing you from looking your best, it is time to get rid of that obstacle. Labelle brings to you some of the best techniques for double chin removal in Chennai, scientifically proven to offer desired results at a fast pace. Let’s look at the various treatments we offer in our clinics –

Fat dissolving injection (Mesolipolysis)

Mesolipolysis is a proven technique for reducing double chin. It utilizes an injection containing deoxycholic acid to dissolve the fat cells in some targeted areas in the chin. One of Labelle’s experienced skin specialists draws a grid of dots on the area where fat has accumulated and then administers the injection into the delineated site. The number of sessions required varies from person to person.

Freezing your chin fat (Cryolipolysis)

Cold temperatures affect fat cells more than other cells in the body, and cryolipolysis exploits this property to freeze and destroy the fat present under the chin. The chin area is exposed to a carefully controlled low temperature. This destroys the fat cells under the chin, leaving the other cells unharmed. The destroyed cells are later expelled from the body via a natural process.

Although cryolipolysis does not use any needles, patients may experience slight discomfort during and for a few days after the double chin treatment in Chennai. Results can be noticed in 2 or 3 months.


Botox injections can be a viable option when you need to see results fast. This procedure can deliver results in just a week, with effects lasting up to 6 months. Botox is injected into the muscle that drapes the neck, which leads to its tightening. This provides a more defined and shapely look to your chin and jawline.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU works on the deep skin layers and boosts collagen production and regeneration from the source. It is used for tightening up the skin, skin lifting, and also body contouring. When you lose fat from a double chin, the skin is left sagging and HIFU can be very helpful in tightening that skin.

Lavatron (Non-Ablative Radio Frequency)

Lavatron is also a procedure that comes in handy to tighten and create your jawline after the double chin fat removal procedure. It is an RF or Radio Frequency device, used for delivering both monopolar and multipolar RF. It heats the der layer of the skin, the dermis, as well as the superficial fat layer situated right under the chin area, called the hypodermis.

Why Labelle for Double Chin Reduction in Chennai

Labelle is well known for providing cosmetic treatments for a wide range of issues, and double chin is something we can help you with. With Labelle, you get help and suggestion from well-trained professionals, who utilize modern technology and equipment to deliver viable results. They examine your specific situation and provide you with the best, most ssuitable double chin treatment in Chennai to get rid of your chin fat.

So, get in touch with us, or better yet, visit us at one of our clinics for double chin reduction in Chennai today!

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FAQ's – Double Chin Treatment in Chennai

With the botox injection, results can be noticed as quickly as a week. So, if you’re looking to drop the double chin fast, botox can be an option for you.
Not at all. Labelle dermatologists are highly experienced and well trained to control the temperature and destroy only the fat cells present in the chin. Under their guidance, you can be assured of a safe double chin treatment in Chennai.

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