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Acne is often said to be more of a modern civilization’s problem. Regardless, the condition is common in males and females, regardless of age. Often seen as a trivial condition by many, pimples take a toll on those who are affected by it. Spiking during puberty, teens who are already undergoing issues with self-esteem and their changing bodies find it tough to cope with pesky acne. Even as adults, finding a new zit on the face on an important day brings down your confidence to face the world. With pimple treatment in Chennai, you no longer have to dread looking in the mirror because of your acne. After a few sessions with Labelle and your skin will be healthy, smooth, and free of blemishes in no time.


What are the Leading Causes of Pimples?

In its simplest form, acne or pimples are a result of clogged pores and hair follicles. Too much ‘material’ in these pores or follicles makes it possible to develop acne. Your pores and hair follicles are usually clogged with:

  • Sebum, an oily or wax-like substance that keeps your skin and scalp lubricated, often accumulates in the pores. Especially during puberty and other times of hormonal fluctuation, the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum that interferes with other processes like shedding or dead skin cells. This causes the pores to be backed up and gives way to breakouts.
  • There are helpful and unhelpful bacteria that reside on your skin. An imbalance in the ratio of these bacteria, with the unhelpful bacteria winning out, can lead to various skin conditions. Acne is the most common of the skin issues caused by bacteria.
  • Your skin sheds old and dead cells to make room for regeneration. This pimple treatment in Chennai keeps your skin healthy and youthful. However, the rejuvenation process can be intercepted when dead skin cells are stuck in the hair follicles or pores. Usually, excess sebum holds the dead skin together, leading to inflammation and breakouts.

While the ones mentioned above are the leading causes, other factors influence the appearance of acne. Pollution is a major trigger for acne these days. Along with this, certain weather conditions also worsen the risk of acne. People in humid regions like Chennai are more prone to developing inflamed skin and acne. Certain dietary choices like whey protein, highly processed sugar, and lack of hydration also worsen acne.

Stress is another condition that makes acne worse. In fact, stress can make your overall skin condition poor, leading to other conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Wearing tight clothes that prevent proper circulation and airflow also leads to acne. Finally, picking at the pimples is a surefire way to make it worse altogether.

Why Should You Get Best Acne Treatment in Chennai?

While preventing acne from appearing at all is impossible, you can always get it treated in the early stages. Early acne treatment in Chennai has benefits like:

  • Avoid acne scars for life. Early pimple treatment means lesser chances for complications with acne. When your acne is resolved quickly, you are less likely to pick at it and scar yourself in the process. Whether you have mild or severe acne, avoiding scarring is a win-win for everyone.
  • Better response to pimple treatment. When you treat acne, you will see that it is easier to see the desired results when you are in the earlier stages of the condition. Pimple treatment becomes slow and complicated when you are trying to resolve cystic acne and pimples that have been around for a long time.
  • Prevent mild or moderate acne from progressing to severe conditions. Without giving enough attention, the few zits you see now can progress to a widespread smattering of whiteheads, blackheads, painful pustules, and so much more.
  • Avoid a lifetime of acne breakouts. Acne sets in during puberty, and chances are, if you have bad episodes of acne in your adolescence, you will also continue to have the issue later. By treating your acne, you can give your skin a chance to be healthy and avoid thirty or forty years of pimples.
  • Spare yourself the emotional distress. Acne is never just a skin condition. It always comes with an emotional component, often wreaking havoc on the individual’s confidence and self-image. Dealing with acne in its early stages with the most effective acne treatments can keep your psychological well-being intact.

Why Labelle for Acne Treatment in Chennai?

Dealing with acne becomes so much easier when you have experienced professionals at your side. Labelle’s acne treatment cost in Chennai is affordable and worth the investment. At Labelle, we offer the best in technology, professionalism, and customer service. We have helped over 2,00,000 customers in South India overcome skin conditions like acne as well as weight disorders. With superior technology and constantly evolving expertise, we guarantee satisfaction, happiness, and your money’s worth.

Wrapping Up

Acne can be a lifelong problem for some people, but it need not be the case for you. With a few smart decisions, you can have acne-free skin and face the world head-on with your newfound confidence. By visiting a Labelle clinic for pimple treatment in Chennai, you can find the solution to your pimple problem easily.

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I've taken treatment for skin and slimming and after taking treatment for skin my black spots got reduced and I can give 5 out of 5 for that but slimming I didn't notice any changes

Tripura Sai P R

I have taken skin treatment and hair treatment here in Labelle. I really like the way the staff is cooperative. I get my lasers session done by Sravanthi. she is very kind and humble. She also contact after sessions to check about the results. Keeps me updated about the upcoming sessions. I am glad that I chose Labelle for the treatment

Sheema Sultana

FAQ's – Pimple Treatment in Chennai

If you have acne, it is not a reason to stop wearing makeup altogether. Makeup is never the cause of acne, but it can always worsen the condition. If you have acne breakouts and suspect your makeup, try switching brands and types until you can find something that works for your skin. Consulting a dermatologist for pimple treatment in Chennai to help you understand your skin can go a long way.

No, these conditions are not the same, but they are similar. Rosacea results in the rose coloration of the skin from redness, flushing, and broken blood vessels. There might be bumps formed on the cheeks and nose, but they cannot be popped like regular pimples. This condition is seen more in individuals in their 30s and 40s.

Your diet is never the cause of your acne. The cause of acne is the work of hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands and clogs the pores. Breakouts happen when bacteria grow inside these clogged pores and become inflamed. However, what you eat can exacerbate these conditions. Too much-processed sugar, dairy products, and greasy foods can increase the severity of the breakouts.

It is a frequently encountered misconception that acne results from not washing your face enough. While washing your face regularly is essential, it is noted that most people with acne usually overdo it. Washing your face too much can make things worse for your skin. Scrubbing too hard and using astringent products can irritate your skin and aggravate acne. Resolving acne takes more than just keeping your face clean. Washing your face gently with a mild product and water at night can be beneficial in keeping your skin healthy.

Acne on the cheeks is often a consequence of exposure to pimple-causing bacteria on your phone and surfaces like pillow covers. Keeping them clean with regular washes is a great way to reduce the risk of acne.

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