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Understanding The Nature of Pimples

A pimple, also referred to as a spot or a zit, is a small pustule or papule and is commonly associated with acne.

Pimples occur when the sebaceous glands, responsible for producing oil, become obstructed and infected, resulting in inflamed, red lesions filled with pus. While they are more prevalent during puberty, pimples can manifest at any age. Hormonal changes and bacterial infection contribute to this occurrence.

Pimples develop on the face, back, chest, and shoulders, primarily due to the abundance of sebaceous glands in these skin regions.

What Causes Acne?

Acne arises from the blockage of skin pores by a combination of dead skin cells, surplus sebum, dirt, and occasionally bacteria that contribute to acne formation.

The triggers of acne are as follows:

  • Genetic and hormonal imbalance
  • Emotional stress
  • Overactive oil glands
  • Side effects of medications
  • Squeezing or picking at blemishes
  • Constant consumption of oily and deep-fried dishes, as well as unhealthy snacks
  • Pressure on the skin from helmets, cell phones, chinstraps, and similar items
  • Accumulation of bacteria following physical activity or exercise
  • Excessive use of cosmetic and skin care products
  • Contact with industrial substances.

While teenagers are particularly prone to acne, it can affect individuals of all ages.

Commencing treatment at an earlier stage reduces the risk of encountering issues such as acne scarring and pigmentation.

Identify the type of acne to choose the appropriate Labelle treatment that you require.

Discover Labelle Dermatologists' Expert Solutions for Acne Treatment

Labelle’s dermatologists adhere to a methodical approach, which includes analyzing the patient's skin and evaluating the extent of the condition to formulate a customised and best treatment plan for pimples.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP therapy proves effective in healing various conditions and promoting tissue regeneration. Specifically, when applied to facial blemishes and acne scars, PRP treatment stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the underlying skin layers, resulting in the disappearance of scars.

PRP treatment can be seamlessly combined with other acne therapies like laser or microneedling. It not only restores the skin's flawless appearance but also serves as a preventive measure against future breakouts.

This non-invasive procedure involves extracting a small amount of the patient's blood, concentrating the platelets, and injecting the PRP solution into the targeted area. The platelets within the PRP solution contain bioactive molecules and growth factors that further enhance tissue regeneration by stimulating collagen production.

By promoting blood flow, nutrient delivery, and oxygen circulation, PRP treatment aids in removing accumulated toxins from the skin, contributing to overall skin health.

Q-Switched Laser Technology

Advanced Q-switched laser technology utilises high-intensity light pulses to target and eliminate acne-causing bacteria in the skin. This cutting-edge technology is meticulously designed to selectively focus on skin pigments, such as melanin and hemoglobin, without causing harm to surrounding skin cells and tissues.

As the laser energy is absorbed by these pigments, a photothermal effect is induced, destroying acne-causing bacteria while simultaneously promoting collagen synthesis through targeted heating.

As the laser energy is absorbed by these pigments, a photothermal effect is induced, destroying acne-causing bacteria while simultaneously promoting collagen synthesis through targeted heating.

Moreover, the versatility of Q-switched and long-pulsed 1,064nm Nd: YAG lasers extends beyond acne treatment, making them highly regarded for efficiently and safely addressing mild to moderate post-acne scars. These lasers facilitate dermal collagen remodeling while minimizing downtime, offering a comprehensive solution for skin enhancement and rejuvenation.

Microneedling Radiofrequency Technology

Labelle’s microneedling radiofrequency technology stands out as a minimally invasive and highly effective cosmetic pimple treatment in Hyderabad. This procedure involves the use of tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin, followed by the application of radiofrequency energy.

The combined approach stimulates the body's natural healing process, promoting collagen production and enhancing skin tone and texture.

Notably, this technology addresses acne concerns by not only triggering the growth of healthy new skin but also by destroying acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. It is particularly effective for treating moderate to severe cases of acne, providing a practical alternative for those dealing with such conditions compared to other pimple treatments.

Despite its minimally invasive nature, multiple sessions may be undertaken to achieve optimal results. The effectiveness is based on the individual's specific acne condition.

Microneedling Radiofrequency technology emerges as an efficient solution for individuals seeking rejuvenation and improvement of their skin health.

Get the best acne treatment in Hyderabad from the dermatologist at Labelle Clinic.

Revel In The Transformative Benefits Of Labelle’s Pimple Treatment In Hyderabad

Early Acne Control

Achieving the desired results from pimple or acne treatment usually requires time, but initiating early treatment effectively manages and prevents future acne breakouts.

Desired Results

Thanks to technological advancements, people can now easily achieve their desired results efficiently. While the results are permanent, adherence to protective measures is essential to prevent future occurrences of the acne condition.

Quick Recovery

Labelle’s treatment procedures, primarily least to moderately invasive, ensure a short recovery period.

Halt the Spread of Mild Acne

Initiating early treatment for pimples assists in preventing mild acne from spreading further across the body.

Regulate Your Mental Well-being

Regardless of its severity, acne can impact the self-esteem of individuals. Acne when treated at an early stage can effectively alleviate emotional challenges and facial appearance.

Labelle's Exclusive Acne Treatment in Hyderabad - Unveiling a Step-by-Step Process for Radiant Confidence


  • An in-depth consultation with the client to educate them about the pimple treatment options in Hyderabad.
  • The practitioner discusses the procedure, cost, benefits, and outcomes of the procedure.
  • Individuals are provided with tailored prescriptions and treatments for their pimples, addressing the specific cause and unique needs of their skin. This personalised approach enhances the likelihood of achieving superior results.

On the day of the treatment:

  • It's important to ensure that you are well-hydrated and free of any makeup.
  • On the day of the procedure, your practitioner will clean your targetted skin using alcohol to ward off potential infections.
  • Approximately one hour before the procedure, the practitioner will administer a topical anesthetic to the treatment area.
  • In certain instances, a local anesthetic may be injected. This anesthetic serves to numb the area, ensuring you do not experience any pain during the procedure.
  • Once the procedure is completed, the practitioner will check for rashes or redness on your skin and will accordingly provide you with medicines.
  • The process concludes with the application of a calming solution to alleviate any potential discomfort.


  • You can return home after the treatment and resume your regular activities.
  • You should follow the post-treatment skincare routine created by your practitioner that involves incorporating dietary and lifestyle modifications.
  • Apply ice packs to alleviate swelling and discomfort. Remember to wear SPF for several weeks post-treatment, as your skin will be susceptible to the sun during this period.
  • Opt for a gentle cleanser for your skin after the treatment.
  • Following the treatment, you'll experience a revitalised and enhanced sense of confidence in your appearance. Your skin will exude a newfound freshness, vitality, and overall health like never before.
  • Visit your practitioner if you experience any sort of severe discomfort.

Cost of Acne Treatment in Hyderabad

The overall acne treatment cost in Hyderabad is based on numerous factors, and significantly based on –

  • The location of the clinic
  • The nature and severity of the pimples or acne
  • Chosen pimple treatment procedure
  • Nature of the technology/tool or laser utilised
  • Number of sessions required after the first procedure
  • The scope of the treatment area, including the face, back, chest, etc
  • The prescribed topical and oral medications

Explore cost-effective pimple treatment options in Hyderabad for clear and healthy skin.

Embark On A Journey With Labelle – Your Ultimate Clinic For Excellence In Pimple Treatment

Labelle’s cutting-edge methods and proven techniques effectively target and eliminate pimples and acne. Our best treatments not only combat existing pimples but also proactively prevent future breakouts, ensuring a clear and radiant complexion in the long run. The personalised solutions are crafted exclusively for your unique skin type and concerns.

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I've taken treatment for skin and slimming and after taking treatment for skin my black spots got reduced and I can give 5 out of 5 for that but slimming I didn't notice any changes

Tripura Sai P R

I have taken skin treatment and hair treatment here in Labelle. I really like the way the staff is cooperative. I get my lasers session done by Sravanthi. she is very kind and humble. She also contact after sessions to check about the results. Keeps me updated about the upcoming sessions. I am glad that I chose Labelle for the treatment

Sheema Sultana

FAQ's – Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad

Starting acne treatment in Hyderabad early decreases the likelihood of facing issues such as acne scarring and pigmentation.
It is particularly effective for moderate to severe cases of acne, offering a practical alternative compared to other pimple treatments.
The absorbed laser energy induces a photothermal effect, not only eliminating bacteria but also promoting collagen synthesis through targeted heating.
Yes, it is highly regarded for efficiently and safely addressing mild to moderate post-acne scars through dermal collagen remodeling.
By promoting blood flow, nutrient delivery, and oxygen circulation, PRP treatment aids in removing accumulated toxins from the skin, contributing to overall skin health.
PRP not only restores the skin's flawless appearance but also serves as a preventive measure against future breakouts.

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