Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad

You have a big meeting or an important party to attend to. You dress up in your finest clothes and intensely groom yourself to create a great impression at the event. But at the last moment, you notice a pimple right on your face, which throws cold water on all your preparation and excitement. Acne doesn’t have to be a constant cause of stress in your life. Labelle brings to you an advanced pimple treatment in Hyderabad, which produces great results and helps you get rid of those annoying pimples.


If you’ve been in this situation, and especially if you’re a woman, you realize how concerning pimples can be. These tender, reddish bumps can appear at any age and across all genders and can be a huge nuisance if they spread. Sometimes pimples can cause you physical pain as well.

Pimples generally affect the face, chest, shoulders, and back. They may also leave behind scars on the skin, hindering your looks and self-confidence. They can affect people across all age groups, but acne is most likely to form during puberty, as your body goes through hormonal changes. Stress, hormonal imbalance, and improper lifestyle can also worsen your acne.

What Causes Pimples?

Knowing why pimples form is necessary to understand the cause and type of the pimple. This, in turn, helps in selecting an appropriate treatment. The below factors have been scientifically proven to cause acne –

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Oily skin
  • Menstruation
  • Steroids
  • Anemia
  • Pore-clogging makeups, creams, oils
  • Unhygienic practices ( not cleaning skin and hair properly)
  • Unhealthy diet and lack of proper exercise

Apart from these, certain medications and emotional stress have also been known to trigger and worsen acne. Whatever the cause, the expert dermatologists at Labelle are able to provide suitable procedures to tackle your acne.

How Can Acne Affect You?

Acne predominantly occurs on the face, front of the chest, back, and shoulders. It can develop in mild, moderate, and severe forms, and is a nightmare for your skin. Not only do they hamper your looks, but they may also leave ugly scars behind as souvenirs. Also, there are few things more embarrassing and distressing than a zit on your face, isn’t it?

Acne is not just a skin problem though, since it may also be caused by improper diet, lack of exercise, and emotional stress. Our expert dermatologists in Hyderabad are highly capable of fighting the battle on the outside, but that needs to be complemented by maintaining proper hygiene, keeping the skin and hair clean, a healthy diet, adequate water intake, and good sleep and exercise.

Best Acne Treatment in Hyderabad

When dealing with acne, it is always advantageous to seek medical help. It is vital to recognize the type and cause of the pimples to proceed with appropriate pimple treatment before it gets a chance to spread or increase their severity.

Our highly experienced and skillful dermatologists help you through every step of the acne treatment in Hyderabad procedure –

  • They first examine your skin to understand the type of acne you are suffering from.
  • Based on this information, they devise a personalized treatment plan and administer the appropriate treatment for best results.
  • Post treatment, they suggest some helpful tips, based on your skin type and acne-causing factors, to keep your skin clean, pimple-free, and healthy in general.

Acne scars can be a huge deterrent, especially if they happen to develop on the visible areas of your body like the face. If you are unfortunate enough to have already developed these scars, we have a solution for that too. You can avail a combination of modern medical treatments at your nearest Labelle clinic, like Q-switched Laser technology, Microneedling Radio Frequency (MNRF), and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to reduce those scars.

Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad at Labelle

If acne is troubling you, Labelle is there to help. We are one of the most renowned brands for cosmetic treatment in south India, with over 20 years of experience providing first-rate pimple treatment in Hyderabad. Our highly experienced dermatologists use the latest techniques and modern equipment to ensure you great results and a comfortable experience.

So, get in touch with us and begin your consultation today for best acne treatment in Hyderabad!

FAQ's - Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad

Acne treatment in Hyderabad is one of the most affordable skin treatments which will require just 15 – 30 minutes. They are effective lunch time procedures.
Yes, Labelle provides modern medical acne treatments in Hyderabad like Q-switched Laser technology, Microneedling Radio Frequency and Platelet-Rich Plasma; a combination of these treatments can help reduce acne.


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