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Having an ideal body weight is crucial to good health and quality of life. Labelle's obesity treatment in Bangalore is based on a healthy nutritional intake, lifestyle modification, exercise, and therapy support. This clinic is a leading provider of body shaping, fat loss, weight loss treatment and body slimming treatments in the area. Further, weight loss can be defined as a decrease in total body weight due to better health and fitness, or a change in appearance associated with slimming. Schedule your appointment with Labelle's obesity treatment in Bangalore team today!

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What is obesity?

Obesity, a complex disease, is caused by excessive body fat. It goes beyond simple aesthetics. As a result of having this problem, you are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Some people find losing weight difficult for a variety of reasons. In addition to diet, physical activity, and exercise habits, obesity is caused by genetic, physiological, and environmental factors.

BMI is commonly used to diagnose obesity. A person's BMI can be calculated by multiplying their weight by 703, dividing their height by inches, and then dividing by their height again. To convert kilograms to meters squared, multiply the weight by height in meters. Body mass index is a simple and effective way to determine weight. The BMI does not measure body fat directly, however, so some athletes who are lean, for example, might have a BMI that falls into the obese category.

You can always turn to the Labelle Obesity Treatment Center in Bangalore for best weight loss treatment.

What is body mass index?

By measuring a person's body mass index, doctors can determine whether they are obese. Weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) is what determines a person's body mass index.

What happens when you lose weight?

Weight loss can lower health risks, improve fitness, and delay the onset of diabetes in overweight or obese people. It could be beneficial for knee osteoarthritis patients if it reduced their pain and improved their mobility. Losing weight can lower blood pressure, although it can also happen if the body expends more energy on metabolism and work than it receives from food. Once stored reserves are depleted, whether they are fat or muscle, the weight will gradually come off.

An Overview of Labelle’s Slimming program on Obesity Treatment in Bangalore

What constitutes a weight loss program?

By controlling your food intake (calories) and increasing your metabolism, you can lose weight. Passively converting fat into fatty acids will fill the energy gap by converting it back into fat. The more calories expended daily, the more fat will be converted back into. This leads to people gradually losing weight and fat.

  • Body Composition Analysis (BCA), Body Mass Index (BMI), and anthropometric measurements
  • Medical conditions and their histories
  • A history of weight loss
  • Psychiatric and physiological conditions
  • Sleep patterns
  • Gaining weight: causes and effects
  • Cutting unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

Weight loss with Obesity Treatment in Bangalore has what health advantages?

  • A better feeling
  • Get a boost of energy
  • You can lower your cholesterol
  • Getting rid of or improving type 2 diabetes
  • Lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, gastroesophageal reflux disease, fatty liver disease, and osteoarthritis
  • Improve your breathing and mobility
  • There is a solution to sleep apnea

What Is The Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore For Overweight People At Labelle?

If you are overweight, you might have a medical issue related to your body, so you should see a obesity doctor. Labelle has also been offering weight loss treatment in Bangalore for the past 21 years, and our results are always excellent.

Before weight loss treatment, Labelle uses Computerized Body Composition (CBC) tests to determine if fat is being lost. You can find out how much fat, lean muscles (muscles and soft tissue), and water your body contains by taking a body composition test. Tests are repeated periodically throughout the treatment course in order to verify the weight loss and fat loss. One of the side effects of the treatment is short-term weight loss due to fat loss, but this is neither long-term nor permanent.

By helping people lose weight while improving a variety of medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism, infertility, arthritis, etc., Labelle helps people control their weight.

LaBelle Obesity Clinic in Bangalore

The reasons for obesity treatment in Bangalore are diverse at Labelle.

  • With over 21 years of professional experience
  • A high level of patient satisfaction is generally observed.
  • Effective weight loss treatment.
  • Uniformity is ensured.
  • Results that are clearly defined.
  • Safety that is unsurpassed.

You can trust Labelle as your Obesity Clinic in Bangalore

A top obesity clinic that offers safe and effective obesity treatment in Bangalore is Labelle, which combines passive activity with diet modification and exercise. Slimming programs are based on scientific principles, provided by a team of doctors, dieticians, psychotherapists, and nutritionists. In addition to that, they recommend not taking drugs, being appetite suppressants, or exercising too intensely. At the Labelle obesity clinic in Bangalore, you can receive the best treatment for obesity.

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User Reviews

I am taking weight loss treatment in Labelle Kukatpally branch reduced 5kgs in one month and very good inch loss from over all body. I'm super happy with the diet and fitness sessions..

Hari Krishna

Joined for weight loss treatment and got very good results. I am very much happy with the service and the result which I got with Labelle. All staff are very cooperative and they motivate us in such a way that we can achieve our goal easily. Dietician gives us sustainable diets to reduce and maintain our weight easily. Thank you so much.

Vijay Venuthurla

FAQ's - Obesity Treatment in Bangalore

  • Painless and non-invasive
  • There are no downtimes or restrictions
  • FDA approval
  • Monitoring daily progress by an expert nutritionist
  • Both men and women can use it
  • Increased metabolism
  • Circulates blood better
  • Improved lymph circulation facilitates the elimination of toxins
  • Helps you lose inches
  • Muscle toning
  • Losing weight in general
  • Central region obesity reduction
  • Target area reduction

Obesity treatment isn't an option for the following:

  • Pregnancy and IVF
  • After delivery, three and six months: Lactating women
  • A patient with any metal implant, including a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear implant, or diabetic pump.
  • Uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes mellitus
  • Cancer, ulcers, and hernia
  • Post-surgery at 3 months
  • Infected with a skin infection, the targeted area is infected
  • Epilepsy recently

Individuals tend to lose between 500 grams and five centimeters of weight each week, depending on their body types.

Diet and calorie reduction are the keys to overcoming obesity. It is most effective and safest to lose and maintain weight steadily over the long haul in order to lose and keep it off forever. Every person has a different ideal diet.

A Labelle obesity clinic appliance is based on advanced technologies, and its advantages include:

  • Weight loss can be achieved by utilizing fat while toning can be achieved by using muscle.
  • A special focus is placed on the desired body part.
  • This program reduces your waist-to-hip ratio by reducing your central obesity - both a health and cosmetic concern.
  • A shapely and toned appearance overall.

It is not necessary to do so. A crash diet, fast, and strict diet aren't necessary. A dietitian at our obesity clinic will carefully follow your eating habits in designing a diet plan for you.

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