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Wondering if the march of time on your hair could be erased? Want to go back to your good hair days? If your answer is yes and you are in Bangalore, cheers! The garden city hides a secret to lush, thick hair — discovers the magic of PRP treatment in Bangalore at Labelle.

Here — urban dynamism weds state-of-the-art rejuvenation. Each session, finely tuned to your scalp’s whisper, promises to bring back your hair’s lost glory with science's gentle touch.

Get ready to embrace a chapter where youth's bloom is a vivid, radiant reality. Timeless beauty awaits you at Labelle!

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What Is PRP Treatment for Hair Loss?

PRP treatment in Bangalore harnesses the healing power of your blood to rejuvenate skin and hair. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy involves a simple draw of blood — about the volume of a shot glass. In a powerful centrifuge — blood spins rapidly and parts platelets from plasma with precision.

These platelets are then transformed into a potent serum. With a gentle hand – this serum finds its way back to your scalp, through careful injections. Hair follicles, once weary, now rejuvenate and come alive. The transformation doesn't drag its feet — within weeks, your hair starts to look thicker, stronger and more lively.

PRP is a revival that ushers in a resurgence of growth. Labelle has refined this art, ensuring each serum is a bespoke elixir.

Walk the path to lusher locks with Labelle!

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

PRP treatment in Bangalore offers a number of tangible benefits. They include but are not limited to the following:

Thicker Thatch

Thicker Thatch

It helps thicken hair with visible gusto. Research nods to significant density improvement, highlighting its potential as a non-invasive solution for those struggling with thinning hair.

This groundbreaking treatment extracts the patient's own platelet-rich plasma.

They’re injected into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and encourage new growth.

When you say “yes” to the best PRP treatment in Bangalore with Labelle, you effectively sidestep the need for surgical interventions.

Reduced Shedding

Farewell to falling strands!

PRP bolsters hair anchors and reduces shedding.

Clinical trials witness fewer hairs bid adieu — underlining its success in promoting the strength of hair roots.

PRP helps rejuvenate follicles that have gone dormant and breathes life back into the scalp. This eventually allows new hairs to thrive.

This process curtails current shedding and lays a strong foundation for future growth. Patients often report a significant reduction in hair fall, accompanied by the sprouting of new, healthy hairs.

Reduced Shedding

Say goodbye to scalpels with the best PRP treatment in Bangalore at Labelle.

This minimally invasive procedure sidesteps the lengthy recovery times associated with hair transplant surgeries. It offers a quicker return to daily activities.

The simplicity of PRP therapy minimises risks and speeds up recovery.

There's no need for stitches or scars because the treatment gently encourages the scalp to repair and regenerate. Thanks to the minimal disruption and discomfort, patients appreciate the swift resumption of their routines.

Natural Nurturer

Harness your body's own elixir for hair growth.

PRP is Mother Nature's nod to science – it utilises the healing powers inherent within our blood to promote hair regeneration.

This eco-friendly approach helps bypass synthetic chemicals and drugs, which helps reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

The process concentrates and re-injects platelets to tap into the body’s innate recovery mechanisms. It's an avant-garde blend of natural processes and scientific innovation that offers a sustainable solution to hair loss.

100% Safe

Afraid of allergic reactions?

Well – PRP is a safe procedure. Why? Because it uses your own biological bounty.

The autologous nature of the treatment reduces the risk of immunological responses, making it a safe choice for nearly everyone.

Unlike treatments that involve foreign substances or drugs – PRP's compatibility with the body's natural composition ensures a high safety profile.

Youthful Yield

Witness the clock rewind as youthful vigour returns to roots!

PRP therapy restores hair density and rejuvenates the scalp at a cellular level. This, subsequently helps promote healthier, more vibrant hair.

The growth factors in platelet-rich plasma reinvigorate follicles, often resulting in hair that grows more abundantly and appears more youthful in texture and lustre.

This transformation goes beyond mere numbers – it imparts a visible radiance and vitality to the hair that speaks volumes.

Sustained Serenity

PRO is a continued calm for your scalp, as maintenance keeps the dreaded balding at bay.

Long-term results are the talk of the town – PRP offers a lasting solution to hair loss concerns.

It can progressively improve the scalp environment - this means that with each session, you can see continued improvement and strengthening.

This long-term approach promises a sustained resurgence of hair growth and ensures that the benefits of PRP therapy can be enjoyed for years to come.

Precision and Personalisation

Every serum is your scalp’s bespoke suit, fitting your follicles to a T.

It's the tailor-made touch for tresses that sets PRP apart. This personalised approach ensures that the treatment is precisely calibrated to meet the unique needs of each individual's scalp and hair growth patterns.

The process adjusts the concentration and targets specific areas of concern, therefore, the therapy can be fine-tuned for optimal results.

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure in Bangalore

This is how the experts at Labelle performs the treatment:

The Collection: The procedure begins with a blood draw — typically around 40-60cc (a small tea-cup). It's a quick and familiar process – similar to standard blood tests.

Centrifugation Station: Your blood is then spun in a centrifuge — a machine that uses high speed to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood components. This step is crucial for extracting the healing factors needed for the treatment.

Serum Crafting: The concentrated platelets are then mixed with a clinically prepared activation serum. This concoction transforms the platelets into a potent treatment formula — ready to stimulate hair follicles.

Targeted Injections: The serum is carefully injected into targeted areas of the scalp where hair thinning is most pronounced. The injections are administered precisely to the areas that require the most attention for hair growth.

Activation: Once injected, the platelets get to work. They release growth factors that rejuvenate hair follicles, encourage new growth and strengthen existing hairs.

Recovery: There's no significant recovery time required. That said – you can return to everyday activities immediately after the procedure. It's non-surgical and involves minimal discomfort.

Follow-Up: Labelle’s experienced trichologist may write a series of treatments for optimal results. These are typically spaced weeks apart to allow the scalp to respond to the PRP and to maximise hair growth.

PRP Treatment Cost in Bangalore

PRP treatment cost in Bangalore usually starts from 15000-20000 INR per session. It can, however, fluctuate for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Reputation and Localization of Clinic: Reputation and location of the clinic are important. Exclusive clinics located in premium areas may have higher charges. It reflects their superior service quality and performance records.
  • Expertise of Therapist: The expertise level of the therapist is crucial. On average — experienced clinics known for their artistry in performing PRP treatments, charge more.
  • After all – you’re paying for treatment and hands using tools with precision and care!
  • Treatment Quality and Customisation: How the treatment is customised may influence costs. This helps ensure that PRP mix and method perfectly fit your scalp’s needs.
  • Number of Sessions Required: Very rarely does hair revival start with one session. The overall cost could be influenced by how many PRP sessions needed to achieve desired results.
  • Additional Treatments/Technologies: In some cases, PRP can work together with other therapies or technologies to improve its results.

Prices go up if there is an inclusion of advanced methods or supplementary therapies put in place to ensure best possible outcomes.

Need an accurate cost estimation?

Book a visit with Labelle, let the experts run a few tests and get detailed pricing.

Side Effects of PRP

While PRP treatment is otherwise safe, it may show the following side effects:

  • Potential Side Effects: Awareness of possible temporary side effects prepares you to navigate the PRP journey with ease.
  • Skin's Mild Blush: Post-injection redness is a typical – harmless response. It often fades as quickly as it appears.
  • Swelling's Brief Visit: A slight swelling may occur — it indicates the scalp's natural healing process is underway. It subsides swiftly.
  • Bruise Marks: Occasional bruising might surface, – akin to a minor, short-lived knock. These marks usually clear within a week.
  • Gentle Tenderness: You might notice tenderness at the touch – a temporary sensation that diminishes as recovery unfolds.
  • Itchy Signals: A mild itch may develop – it's a normal sign of the underlying restorative action taking place.
  • Opting for Excellence at Labelle: Selecting a reputable clinic like Labelle can greatly influence your treatment experience.

Labelle commits to the highest safety standards and provides excellent aftercare. Their team works dedicatedly to reduce any discomfort and supports your path to hair recovery.

Why Choose Labelle for PRP Treatment in Bangalore?

Choose Labelle for your hair PRP needs because exceptional care transforms journeys into success stories. Here's why Labelle stands out:

Expertise at Hand: Labelle boasts a team of seasoned professionals, experts in administering PRP with precision and care.

Tailored Treatments: Every PRP session at Labelle is customised, addressing the unique requirements of your scalp and hair.

Cutting-edge Technology: Utilising the latest in PRP techniques, Labelle ensures you receive the most advanced treatment available.

Safety Record: With a focus on your well-being, Labelle upholds an exemplary safety record of more than two decades.

Comprehensive Care: Post-treatment support at Labelle is second to none. The clinic guides you through the healing process with ease and comfort.

Proven Results: Labelle’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction is reflected in their track record of successful outcomes and glowing testimonials.

The Labelle Edge in PRP Treatment in Bangalore

Choosing Labelle for your PRP treatment in Bangalore means you're opting for excellence.

The clinic leverages science and luxury to, offering you top-notch treatments that cater to your quest for beauty and wellness.

Labelle understands that seeking the best PRP treatment goes beyond procedure – it's about the experience.

The clinic’s tranquil spaces, warm hospitality, and meticulous attention to detail orchestrates an experience that's as pleasant as it is profound.

Step into Labelle and walk out with a vitality that resonates with your personality.

Book your consultation now!

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It has been great experience right from the consultation. I have enrolled for hair loss and hair thinning, sessions. Especially The staff is cordial and super friendly And Dr. Harish sir also very good and friendly awesome, excellent he always understands the needs of a client and works upon it and he give us good suggestions and staff also every week without fail they will call me and update about next appointment without fail over all super, excellent no words to say about it.

Sunil Kumar Metra

Very friendly staff and good service has been provided. They are very patient with their clients. Dr. Harish is very professional in treating clients. I am undergoing HRF treatment seen good results in 4 sessions. Thank you Labelle Kukatpally.

Mohan Gummadi

FAQ's - PRP Treatment In Bangalore

PRP treatment at Labelle revitalises your skin and hair, and promotes cell growth and tissue repair. You can expect a natural lustre and a reduction in signs of ageing.

Comfort is key at Labelle. With expert techniques, the slight discomfort is managed efficiently, ensuring a smooth experience.

The frequency depends on individual goals and conditions. A Labelle specialist will craft a bespoke plan for you.

While offering competitive rates, Labelle ensures exceptional value. The clinic believes in transparent pricing, tailored to your treatment plan. For more information, reach out to Labelle today.

Patience paves the path to beauty. Noticeable improvements typically appear after several weeks, with continued enhancement over time.

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