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Beauty spots on Marilyn Monroe's and Cindy Crawford's faces set them apart in this world. Unfortunately for the rest of us, most of our moles are not as aesthetically appealing or safe as theirs. Whether you have had that mole as far as your memory goes or it is a recent development, moles must be carefully watched. If you are not feeling very receptive to a new or existing mole, there is no reason to keep them. Getting treatment for mole removal in Bangalore is easy.

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At Labelle, you can choose from a wide range of treatments to eliminate all your unsightly moles. Clear and smooth skin planes are only a matter of a few sessions with us.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Moles?

The biggest reason you should keep track of your moles is that some can become melanoma in time. As a type of cancer that spreads quickly, keeping an eye out for symptoms of melanoma is critical. The condition is entirely treatable if caught in the early stages. This is why it is always recommended to do regular self-examinations and full body check-ups at the clinic. Undertaking regular examinations becomes all the more important if you have a history of melanoma in the family.

Apart from this, even if the moles are not life-threatening, they can pose aesthetic issues. Moles on certain areas like the face, neck, or back can also be inconvenient. Getting in the way of zippers, getting caught on clothes, and many other inconveniences are why people desire mole removals.

Mole Removal Treatment in Bangalore with Labelle

Labelle is known for offering various modes of mole removal in Bangalore. When you visit us, your assigned dermatologist will discuss your symptoms and conditions before deciding on a procedure that will work best for you.

Asking for Local Anesthesia

Labelle always administers local anesthetics, if required, before procedures like mole removal. Apart from using lignocaine, topical numbing creams also numb the area at least an hour before the procedure begins. This is the most effective in mole removal treatments and has fewer side effects. While some swelling, bleeding, pain, and minor scarring are possible side effects, we take extra care to ensure no further complications arise.

Radiofrequency for Mole Removal

Radiofrequency surgery is one of the most effective and popular methods for mole removal in Bangalore. This technique works well on all kinds of unwanted growths on the skin, though it is used more on the face. Such a trend arose because of the lower chances of scarring, which is desirable in cosmetic surgery.

Radiofrequency removal is recommended for moles that protrude above the skin's surface. Using the Ellman RF electrode loop, the mole is slowly shaved into layers from the skin's surface. The skin is also simultaneously cauterized while the mole is shaved. The skin's texture is preserved and left uniform in this procedure since our dermatologists have better control over the degree of mole removal. Radiofrequency surgery is not recommended to treat warts or lesions such as flat moles or melanoma.

After the procedure, a week or two of healing is recommended. As the removal wound heals, there are numerous ways to treat the scar. Caring for the wound according to the dermatologist's instructions is crucial in preventing infections and gives you a better chance of avoiding scars. Shave Excision

If you need a sample of the cells in the mole for further examination, laser mole removal in Bangalore is never the right choice. This is when shave excision is recommended. Though the results of this procedure are satisfactory, they cannot detect deep tumor margins nor help distinguish various types of skin cancer.

In this procedure, the therapist takes a razor-like tool to shave off the growing mole so that it appears on a level with the skin around it. After the removal site has healed sufficiently, the region is cauterised for aesthetic purposes. However, moles removed through shave excision are more likely to reappear than the ones removed by the surgical method.

Why Choose Labelle for Laser Mole Removal in Bangalore?

Labelle is a leading skin clinic in South India, and top-tier customer experience is guaranteed at all the branches of Labelle. Regardless of the procedure you seek, we offer our customers vast knowledge and valuable experience. Our mole removal treatment plans are by no means a one-size-fits-all affair. Instead, we tailor them according to the patient's needs. We never slack off when it comes to safety protocols. Over 20,000 clients have tooted our horn. You can peruse their testimonials before settling on us. Finally, our technologies and our professionals are out of this world.

Wrapping Up

Mole removal is a simple process but an essential one. As much as the joy it brings to eliminate an unappealing mole, the procedure also eliminates major health scares for many. Thus, checking yourself for moles and getting them treated as recommended is best.

With Labelle, you know that you are in the best hands. Our clinic offer laser mole removal treatment in Bangalore and meet every expectation of yours. Hurry up and book an appointment now!

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I've taken treatment for skin and slimming and after taking treatment for skin my black spots got reduced and I can give 5 out of 5 for that but slimming I didn't notice any changes

Tripura Sai P R

I have taken skin treatment and hair treatment here in Labelle. I really like the way the staff is cooperative. I get my lasers session done by Sravanthi. she is very kind and humble. She also contact after sessions to check about the results. Keeps me updated about the upcoming sessions. I am glad that I chose Labelle for the treatment

Sheema Sultana

FAQ's – Mole Removal in Bangalore

Moles are formed when skin cells grow in a cluster instead of spreading throughout the area. It can happen due to various causes, with pregnancy and puberty being natural causes. When the moles are exposed to excess UV rays from the sun or through tanning booths, they mutate. This mutates them and changes their size, color, and even spread throughout your body.

If our dermatologists think your mole is cancerous, we will inform you immediately and prepare a treatment plan. Melanoma is not something you need to panic about. With the advanced technology available today, your chances of coming out of this unscathed are high. You do not have to worry about expensive procedures or pain while treating melanoma.

After the mole removal procedure, you will notice some tenderness in the area for the first two to four days. This is expected and passes once the skin begins to heal. You must keep the site of mole removal clean and covered in a bandage for the prescribed time. After this period, you should remove the bandage and focus on keeping the area clean and moisturized. The rest of the healing process will be determined by your dermatologist when you visit them.

Mole removal in Bangalore is a low-risk procedure that is also simple and safe. In the case of surgical mole removal, there are chances of infections, bleeding, and scarring. For the other procedures, slight pain, tenderness, and bleeding might appear if healing takes longer. Disregarding the mole removal cost in Bangalore and getting treated at shady clinics and uncertified professionals increases your risks.

There is no specification regarding males and females undergoing mole removal procedures. If the individual has a mole that does appeal to them or interferes with their daily activities, removing it is the best. Suspicious moles that are clearly changing in size, shape, color, or bleeds need medical attention immediately. If a mole has a chance of becoming malignant, it is safer to have it removed than to take chances with your health.

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