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Warts are skin lesions generally caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) which are contagious. One can develop warts just by coming in contact with an infected person. They are most commonly noncancerous lesions caused when the virus invades the skin through a cut or break and causes infection. They commonly occur on hands but can also infect the face, genitals, knees, and feet. Warts disappear over time but may affect the physical appearance if developed on the face or hands. Hence, it is natural for people to look for treatments that can permanently lead to wart removal in Bangalore.

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Types of Warts

Based on the appearance and location, warts can be of the following types.

Common Warts

  • These generally develop on the nails, fingers, toes, or the back side of the hands. Common warts can also develop on the knees. They can also develop on broken skin parts.
  • They have a rough texture and differ in size ranging from a pinhead to a size of a pea.
  • A common wart that has a cauliflower-type appearance is considered a butcher’s wart.
  • Tiny seed-like black dots can also appear in the common wart.

Plantar Warts

  • Warts on the feet or ankles are considered Plantar warts. Plantar warts on the toes and feet soles are generally referred to as verrucous.
  • Plantar warts have a thick, calloused skin appearance and frequently have surface black spots.
  • Plantar warts can be pushed inward while walking since they frequently appear on the soles and are flat.
  • This inner development may hurt and make a person feel like they have a pebble in their shoe.

Mosaic Warts

  • Mosaic warts typically develop in groups and are seen on the toes or in the balls of the feet.
  • Mosaic warts can also appear anywhere on the foot's sole.
  • Compared to plantar warts, mosaic warts are paler and flatter.

Genital Warts

  • They usually occur through sexually transmitted infections.
  • Genital warts frequently do not result in any additional symptoms as per studies.
  • These warts are known to cause some pain or itchiness based on their place of development or size.
  • They can vary in colour ranging from dark brown to pink.
  • The shape can also vary for these kinds of warts. While some are flat, others are bumpy. Sometimes, they appear as a skin tag.
  • The locations of gentle warts include the vagina, penis, scrotum, anus, vulva, cervix, and urethra.
  • Certain types of cancer can be brought on by the same HPV strain that causes genital warts. Hence, some genital warts can be cancerous. So, if one notices the development of a genital wart, it is advisable to book a doctor’s consultation as early as possible.

Periungual Warts

  • Sometimes warts can be seen developing around the fingernails and toenails. These warts are referred to as Periungual warts.
  • They typically spread below the nail as they mature.
  • Due to their location of occurrence, it is difficult to treat them.

Flat Warts

  • Warts that are flat or plane-like smooth and slightly elevated are referred to as flat warts.
  • These appear in a color of light brown and are generally found developing on the forehead and cheeks
  • But flat warts can also appear on the lower arms, legs, and hands.

Filiform Warts

  • Filiform warts frequently develop around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • These are lengthy and spiky growths.
  • Filiform warts expand rapidly. Hence, seeking doctor help immediately is advised.

Causes of Warts

  • According to studies, warts are believed to be caused by a group of HPV viruses. When one of these viruses infects the epidermis of the skin, warts develop.
  • Those who have minor cuts or other types of skin trauma are more likely to get warts.
  • Warts typically spread more quickly on wet skin.
  • Warts are contagious meaning they can spread from an infected person to a normal person through physical contact. Even habits like cuticle picking and nail biting can also cause warts.
  • Shaving is also one causative factor for warts.
  • Sexual contact with a person who has genital warts, whether it be vaginal, oral, or anal, can cause genital warts.

Diagnosis of Warts

Warts can be recognized by bumps. However, a doctor may refer to a skin biopsy for confirming HPV infection.

Health Impacts of warts

Risk of Cancer

Anal cancer, cervical cancer, and throat (oropharyngeal) cancer are a few types of cancer that HPV and genital warts have been related to. By receiving the HPV vaccine and using protective barriers such as condoms, one can reduce your risk of developing genital warts.


Most warts are painless. However, plantar warts can develop inside the foot and hurt to walk on. They can give the feeling of pebbles under the skin.


On the hands, face, and body, unattractive clusters of warts can appear in people with compromised immune systems. This can change physical appearance and cause low self-esteem in people. So, consulting doctors can help in the wart removal in Bangalore.


Picking or cutting the wart can result in serious infections. Bacteria can infiltrate the skin through cracks and cause various skin and other infections.

Wart Removal Treatment In Bangalore

Laser Treatment

With this technique, warts are removed using a laser beam. Laser treatment for wart removal in Bangalore can be quite costly. Depending on how large the affected region is, there can be degrees of associated pain with the treatment. However, the doctors use a local anesthetic to help with the incurring pain.

The top parts of the wart are removed and later the remains are burnt using a laser. This method generally leaves scars. However, one can opt for advanced laser procedures to prevent scars during wart removal treatment in Bangalore.


In this method, warts are removed by using radio waves. This type of wart removal in Bangalore is offered by La Belle. The wart removal cost in Bangalore for radiosurgery treatment is quite affordable for many.


It is a type of biological treatment that aids in provoking the immune system to combat the human papillomavirus. Due to its low recurrence rate and ease of use in comparison to other therapies, immunotherapy is becoming more and more popular. It is most frequently used to treat resistant warts and genital warts at clinics.

Bleomycin Treatment

An anti-cancer medication known as bleomycin or intralesional bleomycin is well-known and widely used by doctors for its ability to help in eliminating different kinds of warts. It is used when the physician finds it hard to remove warts due to their location, for example, mosaic warts. To stop the wart cells from multiplying, bleomycin is directly injected into the wart's side. This breaks down the HPV DNA molecules and thus stops cell growth in the region.


This method is generally associated with curettage, a type of surgery that removes tissue with a tool that resembles a spoon and has a sharp edge.  Not just electrosurgery but curettage is also followed for effective removal of warts. But this procedure can be painful for some. So, certain doctors administer local anesthetics to reduce the pain and discomfort. To remove the wart, this procedure involves heating the electric needle which is used to destroy the wart. Later curettage is done.

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If someone is looking for wart removal in Bangalore, then La Belle is the best option. La Belle offers treatments such as radiosurgery for wart removal in Bangalore. They use high-end equipment for surgical processes. So, if one is suffering from warts, approach La Belle now for wart treatment in Bangalore, Indiranagar.

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FAQ's Wart Removal in Bangalore

The lesions on the skin at various places on the body such as the face, hands, neck, and feet, caused by HPV are known as warts

Most of the warts are non-cancerous but certain genital warts are associated with cancer. So, seeking a doctor’s advice is good while dealing with warts.

Yes, wart removal treatment can be painful at times and doctors may provide local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort.

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus.

Yes, warts are contagious and can be transferred from an infected person when in contact.

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