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Balding and hair loss can be caused by numerous reasons, including lifestyle, genetics, environmental factors, and so on. While several treatments and procedures are available today for restoring lost hair, not every procedure suits everyone.

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Hair bonding is one among the handful of procedures known for its versatility. Thanks to the various customizations available in this procedure, hair bonding in Bangalore can be tailored to suit the needs of every individual, thus making it an effective solution to restore hair among people with different hair types, colors, and textures.

This procedure is extremely popular and can vastly help patients achieve fuller, thicker, and more vibrant hair. This treatment is also non-surgical as it involves attaching extensions or weaves of hair to the existing hair through a bonding agent such as tape, clips, or glue. Such extensions could be made of synthetic or natural hair and can be customized to a great extent based on the patient's requirements.

Ensuring you consult medical establishments specialized in offering such treatments and procedures, such as Labelle clinics in Bangalore, which offers the best hair bonding in Bangalore, will ensure the procedure is carried out effectively, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and tools available and the highly trained medical professionals. These reasons make this procedure a highly sought-after option among people seeking to avoid surgery.

This article discusses non surgical hair replacement in-depth by answering questions such as what hair fixing is, how it works, its advantages, and more. Upon reading this article thoroughly, readers will gain a much more comprehensive and clearer understanding of non surgical hair replacement.

What is Hair Bonding?

Hair bonding is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure that involves attaching hair weaves or extensions to existing hair. Such extensions can be made of synthetic or natural hair and are usually attached to the scalp through several the help of several bonding agents. Such agents could be anything like tape, clips, glue, and more to help the extensions stay in their place.

Hair bonding in Bangalore is a highly popular procedure in the beauty industry, as it also adds volume and length to the hair. This is also an excellent option for individuals looking to address the issue of hair thinning and losing out volume. Such a procedure is painless, relatively quick, and is usually done at a hair clinic. But one needs to note that this procedure shall require regular upkeep as the extensions must be removed and re-attached often in a few weeks to a couple of months.

How Does Hair Bonding Work?

Although hair bonding may seem a simple technique, it requires the professionals dealing with it to be careful and attentive to the minute yet critical details of the subject's hair to achieve a seemingly natural result. Not only is this procedure non-surgical, but it is also minimally invasive.

Firstly, one has to select the right type of hair extensions to be used for the procedure. Whether the hair extensions are natural or synthetic shall depend on the preferences and budget of the patient. Such extensions can attach the hair using a bonding agent such as clips, tape, or glue.

The bonding process begins by preparing the natural hair to accommodate the extensions. The hair of the patient is thoroughly washed and dried, ensuring it is clean and free from any dirt and oil. The professional shall then apply the bonding agents to the natural hair and carefully position the extensions so that they seamlessly blend in with the natural hair. These extensions are then secured by using the right bonding agents.

This entire process can be carried out in two manners: hot fusion and cold fusion. While hot fusion involves the melting of the bonding agent using a heating tool, thereby causing the natural hair and extensions to fuse, cold fusion involves using a bonding agent that shall not require heat treatment to secure the hair. For that reason, cold fusion is a much safer option for those people with sensitive hair and skin.

What are the Benefits of Hair Bonding?

Instant Results

The most significant advantage of hair bonding in Bangalore over other hair restoration procedures is its ability to provide immediate results. While most other hair restoration procedures take several months to show any signs of improvement, hair bonding can help you achieve this in hours. This is particularly beneficial for those who may have an upcoming event where they may want to look their best.


Hair bonding is a highly customizable procedure allowing it to be tailored to the needs of most individuals. There are various options: the type of hair extensions to be used and the length and color they must come in, allowing them to blend in with the natural hair of the subject seamlessly.

Low Maintenance

Although hair bonding requires regular maintenance, it is a lot lesser when compared to other hair restoration procedures. Such an attribute makes it an ideal option for busy people. These individuals can wash and style their hair regularly and as required while requiring no additional tools or products.


Hair bonding could be a highly cost-effective solution, especially compared to some pricier hair restoration options. While the initial thought of hair bonding cost in Bangalore may be slightly high, when taking the life of the extensions into account, they are an economical option in the long run.


Hair bonding is a versatile option for those looking to flaunt various looks. These individuals can choose to opt for an extension with a good amount of volume and length or choose to go ahead and add just a few extra strands of hair. These extensions can also be styled to pull off various looks.


Hair bonding can be an extremely safe procedure when conducted by a professional. And since the bonding agent used is specifically designed to be applied on the scalp and hair, they are made gentle and hence do not come with any risk of damaging the natural hair.

Why to Choose Labelle for Hair Bonding in Bangalore

Hair bonding in Bangalore is a non-surgical procedure that helps people suffering from hair loss achieve a much more vibrant and fuller head of hair apart from the numerous benefits associated with this procedure. Nevertheless, one must always consult a trained professional at a reputed medical facility such as Labelle in Bangalore. These professionals shall assess the situation and condition of the patient to guide the patient through the procedure and avoid any complications that may arise along the way.

With its ability to completely transform the appearance of a person's hair and confidence, hair bonding has turned into a highly sought-after hair restoration option.

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FAQ's - Hair Bonding in Bangalore

Hair bonding in Bangalore at Labelle is an entirely painless procedure, and the bonding is specially formulated to be gentle on the hair and the scalp.

Hair bonding in Bangalore can typically last for several weeks to months, depending on the kind of extensions or weaves used and how it is maintained.

Yes, you can wash and style the hair as you normally do. Additionally, there is no need for any special tools or products.

No, non surgical hair replacement doesn't interfere with the health of your natural hair. Additionally, the bonding agent used during the procedure is formulated to go gently on the hair and scalp.

Patients undergoing a hair bonding procedure can continue swimming or exercising as usual. Nevertheless, one must avoid exposing the weaves or extensions to water or heat. Such elements can weaken the bond.

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