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Dark circles are considered one of the common problems of insomnia. The dark circles under the eyes may reduce the beauty of the face and often attract unwanted attention from people. They also make the face look tired and depressed. So, many teenagers as well as adults try various remedies to prevent and treat dark circles. Let’s get some insights into the causes & dark circles treatment in Bangalore.

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Causes of Dark Circles

People of all ages can develop dark circles, but they are prevalent in older adults that have a dark complexion and persons with the genetic condition called periorbital hyperpigmentation. In dark-skinned people, hyperpigmentation under the eyes causes dark circles. However, there are many other reasons for black circles under the eyes.


The most typical reason for black circles under the eyes is less water intake or dehydration. As the human body is made mostly of water, dehydration can cause the dullness of the skin around the eyes. It can also make eyes appear sunken. The main reason for this is the placement of eyes near the underlying bone.


Fatigue is one of the reasons for many lifestyle-related health issues among which dark circles are also listed. Some of the reasons for dark circles include extreme fatigue, oversleeping, or insomnia. The glow of the skin can also be lost due to sleep deprivation. There is also the chance of the skin's dark tissues and blood vessels being visible in an individual. Messing with the sleep schedule can also result in the accumulation of fluids under the eyes giving a puffy appearance.

Straining of Eyes

Though mobiles are incremental as they connect people across borders, they also have some disastrous effects on the eyes. Increased screen time can cause strain on the eyes, and thus, affect the health of an individual. This strain makes the blood vessels around the eyes swollen resulting in the darkening of the skin around the eyes.

Exposure to Sunlight

Skin becomes dark after exposure to the Sun because of melanin synthesis. Melanin is known to give hyperpigmentation of the skin. So, more exposure of the eyes to sunlight can cause dark circles in individuals.


Reports suggest that allergies can also result in dark circles. Histamines are the chemical components released by the human body during an allergic reaction to remove the allergic substance.

This results in many symptoms, such as redness, puffy eyes, and itching. So, rubbing or scratching the skin under the eyes can increase these symptoms resulting in a condition of inflammation, tearing of blood vessels, and swelling. This may also be a reason for dark circles. Histamines are also known to enlarge the blood vessels which can make them more prominent under the skin.


The occurrence of most diseases in organisms is believed to be genetic. Similarly, genetics can be a factor that causes dark circles under the eyes. There is a chance for the lightening or darkening of dark circles.


Another prominent cause of dark circles around the eyes is natural aging. The skin grows thinner as individuals age due to the loss of skin elasticity. The area under the eyes darkens due to the exposed dark blood veins beneath the skin resulting in dark circles. Hence, these are prevalent in the older population.


Most of the population, especially women suffer from anemia. Anemia is considered another reason for dark circles under the eyes. The condition of anemia is when the red blood cell level is less than normal.

The symptoms of anemia include lightheadedness, tiredness, shortness of breath, weakness, and dizziness. If a person is suffering from anemia then he/she is likely to develop dark circles and skin appears much paler. One can consult a doctor to check for anemia and use medication accordingly to reduce dark circles.

Other Factors

Dark circles around the eyes can also be a sign of vulnerability to various medical diseases, like thyroid disease.

Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment In Bangalore

If one is inclined to get their under eyes dark circles treated, one can approach La Belle, which offers the best under eye dark circles treatment in Bangalore. La Belle offers services like dark circle treatment in Bangalore at affordable prices. They have specialists that will first investigate the cause or underlying factor that is leading to the condition and provide treatment accordingly. Here is a list of treatments for dark circle removal in bangalore.

Chemical Peels

These contain components such as retinoic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroquinone. These chemical peels help in lightening the pigmentation under the eyes, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Some physicians may also prescribe medical combinations such as salicylic acid, resorcinol, and lactic acid.

Skin-Lightening Creams

Medical practitioners generally recommend skin-lightening lotion with azelaic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, or hydroquinone to reduce under-eye dark circles. These creams are also available over the counter. However, such formulations are with lesser concentrations of the active ingredient.


It is a surgical method in which the fat present under the eye is removed surgically. This procedure can be carried out by a dermatological surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon. The technique might cause the shadow to develop a lighter tone, making dark circles appear less prominent.


Injecting fillers is another technique applied by doctors to remove dark circles. In this technique, a dermal filler like Juvederm or Restylane which has hyaluronic acid will be injected into the under eye tissue. This procedure can be carried out by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, or ophthalmologists. By this method, one can reduce the volume under the eye.

Laser therapy

Most cosmetic procedures can be carried out using laser treatment. Removal of dark circles is no exception. Heat energy is made use of in laser treatments to melt the damaged cells. It targets the darker pigment under the eyes using a laser. Laser therapy might encourage the creation of new collagen in addition to lightening darker skin tones.

Other Treatment Methods

Other methods for dark circles treatment include carboxytherapy and surgical implants. Carboxytherapy increases the blood flow under the eyes.

Doctor Consultation

For undergoing any of the dark circles treatment in Bangalore mentioned earlier, it is required to consult an authorized doctor. One can book an appointment with a physician when

  • The discoloration or hyperpigmentation happens only under one eye.
  • Swelling of a single eye without any improvement also needs a doctor's examination.

Laser Treatment for Dark Circles Removal in Bangalore

If someone is looking for laser treatment for dark circles in Bangalore, then one may consider visiting La Belle for the best treatment options. Their treatment methods include both skin-lightening treatments and fillers to give a natural look to the customers. SSo, if you want to undergo dark circles treatment in Bangalore, Indiranagar, La Belle clinic is the one you should visit!

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FAQ’s - Dark Circles Treatment in Bangalore

Dark circles can be developed due to several factors but mostly they do not reflect any serious health condition.

Yes, on the advice of a doctor, one can remove dark circles using skin-lightening creams and chemical peels.

Often the adult population develops dark circles as the skin loses its elasticity and becomes thin making the blood vessels visible.

The laser treatment for removing dark circles is budget-friendly at La Belle, Bangalore.

The appearance of dark circles on the face can make a person look stressed, dull, and depressed. So, it is important to treat dark circles in time to have a beautiful glowing face.

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