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A hair transplant in Bangalore is one of the most popular treatments. The hairline receding and hair getting thinner can be very scary and make us feel less confident. But you can fix this problem with the best hair transplant in Bangalore. It not only gives you results that last but also helps you feel better about yourself and makes you look younger.

Before and After Hair Transplantation Bangalore

If you're looking for a thorough hair loss assessment and the most all-encompassing treatment plan to fulfill your unmet demands, go no further than the best hair transplantation in Bangalore. In order to assist patients in restoring their self-esteem and feeling of attractiveness, our team of committed hair transplantation surgeons uses cutting-edge methods and cutting-edge technology for hair restoration.

What is Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a procedure that relocates hair to parts of the bald scalp or where hair is getting thinner. It's also called "hair replacement" or "hair restoration," and most people who use it have already tried other treatments for hair loss. Those who perform this procedure include doctors who specialize in skin care, dermatologists, surgeons who specialize in reconstructive surgery, and plastic surgeons who do hair transplants.

How Many Distinct Hair-Transplant Procedures are There?

Hair transplant procedures may be carried out in a variety of methods.

  • Grafting
  • Hair removal surgery./li>
  • Reconstructive surgery using a flap.
  • Growth of new tissue.

Major Techniques for Hair Transplant at Labelle

Labelle does Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) most of the time.

FUT Hair Transplantation Bangalore

This method takes a thin piece of skin from the back of the head, where hair grows well. It is then separated into grafts in a Petri dish with normal salt water. The area that will get the grafts is derm-abraded before the grafts are inserted. After this, the patient comes back in two weeks to have the stitches taken out. The hair growth angles are considered, and the doctor makes small cuts in these directions one at a time. Sharp, gentle dissection is used to make sure that almost all the grafts on both sides survive. This lets more grafts stay on the donor area, making the scar almost impossible to see.


Strip grafting is less expensive, takes less time, uses more follicular units, and doesn't bury the grafts.

FUE Hair Transplantation Bangalore

This method uses a unique tool and a local anesthetic to take one to four hairs out of Follicular Units one at a time. Behind the scalp, there is no cut. Like FUT, the individual follicles are planted there after derm-abrading the recipient portion.


Men and women can use it. It works on all types of hair loss and all parts of the skin (beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.).

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore

If hair loss is making your life hard and you want the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore, go to the Labelle clinic closest to you. With 21 years of experience and lakhs of happy customers, we offer the best transplant services at prices that are easy on your wallet. A team of doctors backs us with years of experience who care very much about our client's comfort and safety.

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Benefits of Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

Most individuals would respond by regaining their lost confidence if asked about the benefits of a hair transplant. Yet, the fact is that there are also several other perks, including:

  • You can be sure that your hair will seem natural after a successful hair transplant.
  • Your battle with bald patches will be over, thanks to the permanent hair that will be implanted.
  • The donor region will always be a permanent location. Thus, even after hair removal, new hair will grow back there.
  • Hair transplants are so powerful these days that you can do everything without a care, including dance, play, and swim.
  • You can trim and style the hair any way you desire after it has reached a particular length. After an FUE operation, you can cut your hair as short as you want.

What's "Donor Area" and a "Recipient Area"?

The portion behind your scalp is the donor area. This is where the specialist harvests follicular units. One of the best parts about hair transplantation is that you get to be your very own donor. The thinned area is called the recipient area. This is where you are bald or where your hair is thin. The doctor will plant the hair follicles in the area where they will grow.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore:

The price of a hair transplant in Bangalore typically relies on three factors.

  • The number of follicles needed for transplant
  • Hair transplantation method FUE, robotic, and FUT hair transplant
  • Donor region

Why Should You Trust Labelle Bangalore for Your Hair Transplant?

  • Each customer at our clinic receives the individualized treatment they need thanks to our highly trained and pleasant doctors and technicians working together to provide this service.
  • Combining our decades of knowledge with cutting-edge tools gives you the premium treatment and first-rate service you've been looking for.
  • We provide hair transplantation at affordable pricing and have earned a reputation as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Bangalore. Without compromising on professionalism or client care, we can provide you with cost-effective solutions for hair restoration.
  • Superior, long-lasting outcomes are something we can assure you of. Everything we do is done with complete honesty, integrity, and openness, which we take great pride in.
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Very good treatment at this center. I'm taking Hair treatment here from last 6 months, results are more than Expected. Very soon start session for my wife as well. Thanks Labelle and team.

Dokka Kondalu

Hi Labelle team
I am taking hair treatment in Kukatpally branch here services are most satisfied I am very happy with the results thank you Dr Harish Garu and staff.

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FAQ's - Hair Transplant in Bangalore

You will need surgery with the right hair transplant surgeon for natural results. It would be best if you chose a doctor who has extensive experience doing hair transplant in Bangalore

Everyone of any age may have a hair transplant. Yet, if you want to undergo a hair transplant, you should do it before you are 25. A hair transplant can be performed successfully if a sufficient quantity of healthy donor hair is sufficient. 

After 6-9 months, you'll see significant improvement; after a year, you'll notice the whole effect. Hair loss after a hair transplant usually occurs between 2 and 8 weeks following the procedure. That's just how the system works, so chill out.

Hair transplants are indeed permanent. Thus it's crucial to work with experienced doctors. Hair from the back of the scalp is used for transplants because it has a higher survival rate in the human genome. Because of the importance of planning for future hair growth, a professional hair transplant surgeon is required. 

No, hair transplants are not painful. The specialise will anesthetize the area and prescribe painkilling medication after the procedure. It is common knowledge that every surgical procedure involves some amount of pain. For a hair transplant, you might experience some temporary discomfort. Hair transplantation is typically non-intimidating and even pleasant for most patients with hair fall. 

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