Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangalore

Everyone desires radiant, healthy, and appealing skin; however, achieving this is not always easy and straightforward. Over time, the skin reflects the true age of an individual, acting as a window that unveils underlying health issues. Given the expanding array of options for diverse skin fairness treatments in Bangalore, reclaiming lost radiance and skin tone has become more accessible than ever. Whether through laser treatments or bleaching, there are varied procedures to achieve a lighter skin complexion. Skin lightening treatment in Bangalore emerges as one of the safest and best approaches to achieving and maintaining the ideal skin.

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How Will Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangalore Benefit You?

  • Brightens the skin and promotes a uniformly toned complexion.
  • Minimises the melanin levels in the skin.
  • Addresses issues such as dark spots, melasma, sun damage, and freckles.
  • Lessens fine lines, mitigates age spots, minimises scars, and alleviates other skin marks.
  • Transforming one's personality and significantly enhancing unwavering confidence.

Learn More About Labelle's Skin Whitening Treatment Options In Bangalore

Our skin whitening treatment in Bangalore entails:

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels stand out as a successful technique for eliminating uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

Labelle’s dermatologist may suggest using a solution composed of natural alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the damaged outer skin layers, promoting the removal of melanin buildup and revealing healthier tissue.

Chemical peels come in three types - light, medium, and deep - based on their concentration. They offer a gentle method to lighten discolored skin, reduce facial blemishes, tan, and dark spots, and achieve a more even skin tone. Chemical peels are a viable option for facial skin-lightening procedures in Bangalore.

Laser Treatment

Referred to as Q-Switched NdYAG Laser skin whitening treatment, this method effectively evens out skin tone. It is particularly beneficial for those dealing with visible hyperpigmentation, providing an ideal solution for its removal.

Beyond addressing pigmentation issues, laser procedure proves effective in eliminating tan, and restoring a radiant complexion. The advanced laser technology employed in this treatment specifically targets and breaks down skin pigmentation, addressing concerns such as melasma and freckles.

Beyond addressing pigmentation issues, laser procedure proves effective in eliminating tan, and restoring a radiant complexion. The advanced laser technology employed in this treatment specifically targets and breaks down skin pigmentation, addressing concerns such as melasma and freckles.

Medication Prescription

In addition to topical solutions, Labelle provides an alternative approach to expedite the skin-whitening journey through oral medication.

A standout feature of this treatment method is the prescription of medications, including those containing glutathione. These drugs play a key role by releasing the antioxidant glutathione, effectively curbing excessive melanin production and preventing unwanted pigmentation.


Indulge in a revitalizing skin polishing procedure that effectively eliminates dead skin cells. Our skilled dermatologists employ a specialised instrument to delicately exfoliate the skin, unveiling a youthful and radiant complexion.

Experience the transformative power of gentle rubbing as it unveils your skin's true luminosity, leaving you with a brighter and rejuvenated appearance.

Skin Whitening Injections

In skin whitening injections, glutathione serves as a skin lightening agent, inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase that governs melanin production. These injections, commonly seen as detoxifiers, are considered to protect the skin from UV rays and improve complexion.

Categorizing the use of these injections as "possibly safe," the assessment doesn't guarantee their effectiveness as skin-lightening agents.

However, it is recommended to seek advice from an experienced dermatologist of Labelle before proceeding with this option or any of the other skin lightening treatment in Bangalore.

Enhance your skincare journey with Labelle! Reach out to us and schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dermatologists and unlock the path to radiant and healthier skin!

Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangalore - Understanding the Procedure


  • At Labelle, the journey to skin whitening commences with a personalised one-on-one consultation in Bangalore.
  • Your expectations and skin condition guide our experienced dermatologists in crafting a tailored treatment plan for the most effective skin lightening results.
  • The treatment schedule and associated costs will be thoroughly discussed during this phase.

During The Procedure

  • Labelle’s dermatologist will initiate the treatment once a suitable schedule is identified.
  • Depending on the treatment chosen, it could be completed in one or two sessions, while in other instances, a more extended duration may be required.
  • While it may be an uneasy experience, it will be painless regardless of the procedure.

After The Treatment

  • You may experience mild redness or burning after the procedure, however, the doctor would prescribe some medication depending upon the severity of the after-effect.
  • Your dermatologist will guide you through these details, ensuring you maximise the treatment's benefits without encountering complications.
  • With valuable tips on handling potential side effects like itchiness and redness, you can confidently move forward to achieve the skin you've always desired.

Recovery And Follow-Up

The outcome of skin lightening treatment in Bangalore can last from a few months to a few years. Dermatologists at Labelle advise the following practices to sustain the results:

  • Adhering to an appropriate skincare routine
  • Maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet
  • Drinking plenty of water and healthy fluids
  • Ensuring a healthy lifestyle
  • Incorporating an effective sunscreen
  • Not missing out on your follow-up sessions

Facts about Skin Whitening Treatment

Thorough Research

Before undergoing skin whitening procedures, conduct thorough research and diligently assess the potential risks and benefits associated with them.

Managing Expectations in Skin Whitening Journey

While skin whitening products and procedures have the potential to lighten your skin and improve the appearance of specific conditions (like uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation) achieving flawless skin is not guaranteed.

Patience and Adherence

Achieving skin whitening takes time, often necessitating the daily use of various products or treatments. Patience is key.

To yield the desired results, you have to adhere to the recommended usage instructions from Labelle’s dermatologist for applying skin whitening products/medications after undergoing the treatment.

The Cost Element Of Skin Lightening Treatment In Bangalore

The cost of a cosmetic procedure in Bangalore is influenced by numerous factors, both external and internal to the process. One must schedule an appointment at Labelle’s clinic to learn more about the benefits and associated costs of the skin whitening treatment in Bangalore.

Factors That Affect Skin Whitening Cost

Type Of Whitening Treatment Chosen

The cost of skin whitening treatment is based on the chosen method, with oral, topical, injectable, and laser options available.

Oral treatments, such as Glutathione, are considered safe for skin whitening. Topical solutions are applied to maintain skin health. Laser treatments use light beams to enhance skin complexion. Injectable and laser methods deliver immediate results but are pricier compared to other treatments. As the demand for skin whitening grows, individuals can choose from diverse treatments, each with its own cost and effectiveness.

Choosing an Expert Dermatologist

Experienced cosmetic dermatologists charge more than regular physicians. Choose a recognised professional based on qualifications, accreditation, certificates, and extensive cosmetic dermatology experience for optimal treatment.


The pricing of the treatment fluctuates based on your location, with the treatment cost in a metropolitan city potentially being higher than that in a semi-urban city.

Session Variations

The frequency of sessions is determined by the type and severity of the concern, influencing the permanent skin whitening treatment cost in Bangalore.

Full-Body vs. Targeted Skin

Opting for full body skin whitening incurs a higher cost compared to treating specific areas like the face, neck, hands, or underarms. The price depends on the targeted body parts, making treatments for specific areas more affordable than a comprehensive full body approach.

Additional factors impacting the overall cost include the equipment utilised and the chosen modality.

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User Reviews

I've taken treatment for skin and slimming and after taking treatment for skin my black spots got reduced and I can give 5 out of 5 for that but slimming I didn't notice any changes

Tripura Sai P R

I have taken skin treatment and hair treatment here in Labelle. I really like the way the staff is cooperative. I get my lasers session done by Sravanthi. she is very kind and humble. She also contact after sessions to check about the results. Keeps me updated about the upcoming sessions. I am glad that I chose Labelle for the treatment

Sheema Sultana

FAQ's – Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangalore

We need to take care of our skin as it serves as a barrier against rashes, bruising, and sunburns. Proper care involves keeping the skin clean, healthy, and fresh.

You may experience mild redness for nearly 15 minutes after the procedure is completed.

As time passes, the skin's self-repair diminishes, leading to accumulated melanin in the upper layers and a darker complexion than in earlier years.
The visibility of expected results varies, with laser treatments showing instant results in fewer sessions, while other methods may take more time for the noticeable effects.
Labelle provides oral medication to expedite the skin-whitening process as part of its comprehensive range of treatments.
The permanent skin whitening treatment cost in Bangalore is based on the treatment chosen, the skin type, the size of the target area, the dermatologist's expertise, and the equipment utilized.

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