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How To Lose Weight In One Month

Weight gain is a vicious cycle. Ironically, what causes a rapid increase in weight is also its consequence. Taking care of your body today is essential but also challenging. With fast-paced lifestyles, people seldom give their bodies the care they require, leading to mental and physical stress—which also causes weight gain in the first place, along with other factors. If you want a quick fix to lose weight in one month, you have come to the right place. Labelle has all the answers for you!

At Labelle, we understand how disheartening it can feel to see your favorite shirt not fit you anymore. Not only does weight gain take a toll physically, but it also affects your mental health. It lowers your self-esteem, makes you self-conscious, and confines you to your room, limiting your social life. However, with the right treatment and lifestyle, you can bring your body in shape in no time.

Causes of Weight Gain

Various factors work individually or collectively to increase an individual’s weight, such as:

Calorie Consumption: When the amount of calories you consume exceeds the amount your body uses, the remaining calories cause weight gain.

• Diet: If you want to become slim in a month, consider altering your diet. When your food intake comprises high portions of fast food or readily processed meals, your muscle-to-fat ratio fluctuates, resulting in your body gaining a few pounds.

• Genetics: Genetics cause hormonal changes or imbalances, leading to a dramatic increase in weight. For instance, if a person’s parents are overweight or obese, they may acquire the same weight genetically.

• Medical Reasons: Medical or health problems like high insulin, PCOD, or diabetes can also add to an individual’s weight.

• Side Effects of Medicines: Your medication may sometimes clash with your body, resulting in rapid weight gain. For instance, if you take pills for anxiety or depression, they may cause excessive drowsiness, leading to an increase in weight, or blood pressure medication can cause obesity.

• Poor Lifestyle: Spending hours sitting in one place, inactivity, or a lack of an active lifestyle contribute significantly towards weight gain. Furthermore, sitting idle or barely working out can also cause physical problems, such as arthritis, PCOD, or backache.

• Psychological Factors: Psychological factors like depression, stress, anxiety, and mood swings, can lead to emotional disorders, such as Compulsive overeating disorder, causing weight gain.

Problems Caused by Weight Gain

A rapid increase in weight can throw your body’s internal system off-balance, causing various health problems, such as:

• High blood pressure
• Obesity
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Joint pains
• Mental health issues, such as depression
• Sleeping disorders
• Acidity or gastroesophageal issues
• Type-2 diabetes
• Infertility
• Strokes
• Low self-confidence
• Cancers, such as colon, breast, ovarian, or prostate

Labelle’s Weight Loss Plan

Labelle promotes a healthy relationship with your body. If you have spent countless hours going through every search result for “How to lose weight in one month?” Labelle’s dieticians, doctors, and healthcare experts have the solution. Our doctors use their expertise and skills to offer effective and guaranteed weight loss programs, helping you get fit quickly, safely, and healthily. Labelle’s weight loss procedure is a five-step plan.

• Body Tests: We begin our weight loss program with a one-on-one session to gauge your body’s health. Our medical professionals will conduct various tests, such as BMI and BCA, to check your body’s mass index and weight and compare them to your age, sex, and height. These evaluations are crucial in creating a personalized treatment plan to help you meet your weight loss expectations. In addition to body assessments, our experts may also ask for your geographical and ethnic information.

• Your Mental Health: An individual’s mental and physical health are interconnected. Mental stability ensures physical stability. Therefore, our healthcare experts will also consider psychological elements like stress, mood swings, anxiety, and eating disorders when finding the cause and solution of your weight gain. Staying mentally jovial is an effective way to reduce weight quickly.

• Medical History: Your medical history is critical in determining the cause of weight gain. Labelle’s doctors will request your and your family’s medical records before assigning you a treatment program. For instance, if your family has a medical history of obesity, the chances of obesity being significant in your weight gain are high. Alternatively, medical files also contain information regarding current or past medication or drug usage that can also lead to an increase in weight.

• Lifestyle: You can lose weight at home by improving your lifestyle! Poor lifestyle choices, such as sitting idle, late working hours, and irregular sleeping patterns, cause mental and physical health imbalances, leading to mood disorders and stress that can result in rapid weight gain. Other lifestyle habits like excessive smoking, drinking, post-midnight snacking, or vaping can also take a toll on your health.

• Weight Loss Exercises: Today’s nine-to-five lifestyle is a primary reason why people neglect their bodies. If you cannot spend hours taking care of your body, you can incorporate twenty- to thirty-minute exercises to lose weight in your daily schedule. However, make sure to work out in the presence of professionals and expert care, as they require proper exercising poses and techniques. Following the wrong workout program can have the opposite effect; instead of reducing weight, it may increase it.
What Happens When You Lose Weight Quickly?
Losing weight within a month can seem exciting. However, it is only rewarding when you take gradual weight loss steps. Overdoing and drastically reducing your weight can have catastrophic effects on your body, such as:

• Dizziness: Losing excessive weight in a short period can affect your body’s ability to retain water, causing dehydration. A dehydrated body can further lead to headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Furthermore, a lack of water can lead to kidney or gallbladder stones.

• Saggy skin: Another downside of quickly losing weight in a short span is loose skin. Saggy skin can affect your appearance and accelerate the aging process.

• Weakness: Reducing weight fast can have severe repercussions on your body. It can cause excessive muscle loss, affecting your strength and balance and making you prone to injuries.

Therefore, weight loss plans are only effective when you follow the right tips and guidelines to ensure your body receives proper care and time to acclimatize to new changes.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

A month is a relatively short period to lose noticeable weight, regardless of the reasons. So, before creating a weight loss plan, set a realistic and attainable goal that motivates you to work harder and prevents you from feeling discouraged if you do not meet the desired mark. Instead of aiming for a big figure instantly, losing around 2 kgs per month ensures you reduce it safely and healthily, avoiding dehydration, kidney stones, or muscle loss. It would be best to make long-term goals rather than thinking on a short-term basis.

In addition to choosing Labelle’s weight programs, you can follow the following dietary, lifestyle, and exercise tips to efficiently lose weight in one month.

Diet Plan

Your diet should consist of five-time meals: early morning, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.

Early Morning

Starting your day with a detox drink will recharge and push your weight loss journey forward. Your detox drink can include the following:

• A glass of room-temperature lemon or honey water.
• Mix boiled cumin in lemon or honey water to break down the fat particles.
• To burn fat, you can have a glass of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of cinnamon or pepper.
• Add one-third tablespoon of ginger and mint solution to room temperature water.
• Mix your lukewarm water with cucumber and ginger paste.


Nothing is better than having a healthy, hearty, and filling breakfast to reduce weight in one month!

• A cereal bowl: Pour delicious crunchy mixed-fruit or oatmeal cereal into a bowl and add cold milk on top. If you enjoy a bowl of oatmeal cereal, you can make it tastier with a sliced banana, chopped apples, or a neatly-cut strawberry.

• Bread and eggs: If you cannot live without eggs, don’t worry! Eggs will not interfere with your weight loss plans if you fill your plate with brown bread toast and an egg salad or egg whites on the side. One toast and egg every morning is the key to losing weight and looking slim.

• Upma: If you want to feast on something light yet delicious, you can have a bowl of upma or poha. Just chop some vegetables and fry mustard seeds to sprinkle on top, and you’re good to go! You can also prepare a glass of chilled lemonade to stay hydrated.

• Any combination of Idli-Sambar or Sambar-Vada: You don’t have to compromise taste for health. Preparing idli sambar or sambar vada with coconut chutney will keep you fed and healthy.
Congratulation, you have successfully followed your diet plan for the first half of the day. For the second half, you can begin with any of the following or similar lunch ideas:

• A vegetable and salad bowl: If you feel lazy, tired, or not in the mood to make a sumptuous lunch, you can boil beans or chickpeas, add a pinch of salt, onions, cabbage, carrot, peas, and tomatoes to make a vegetable bowl. You can have lemonade, buttermilk, or a plain glass of water as your lunch beverage.

• Brown rice: Contrary to popular belief, brown rice is as tasty as white rice; in fact, it is slightly better than white rice in terms of nutritional value. Brown rice contains fiber and antioxidants that keep you fit and healthy by regulating blood circulation. Cook any dal and enjoy it with fresh hot rice. You can also prepare a small salad bowl with cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. You can have fish curry or a salmon fillet instead of dal if you crave a non-vegetarian diet.

• Roti and Chicken Broth: Make two multigrain wheat rotis and prepare a bowl of chicken broth with vegetables to provide your body with fiber and proteins. Roti and chicken is a guaranteed way to lose weight naturally.

Evening Snacks

You can munch on the following snacks to keep your stomach fed in the evening:
• Green tea, lavender tea, or hibiscus tea
• A fruit bowl with apples, pears, pineapples, grapes, and oranges.
• A bowl of nuts, such as cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, raisins, hazelnuts, peanuts, or macadamia nuts.


You started your day with a refreshing drink and hearty breakfast, so you should also end it with a proper and nutritious low-calorie dinner.
• A bowl of chicken noodle soup
• Two vegetable rolls using multigrain wheat
• Boiled or scrambled eggs

Proper Sleep

A tried, tested, and proven answer to the global question of “How to reduce weight in one month?” is fixing your sleep schedule. A regular sleep schedule is known to accelerate the weight loss process. According to a study, people who slept six-eight hours daily at night reduced their calorie consumption by approximately 270 calories per day.

Be Active

If you want to reduce weight without exercise, you should start being active. Inactivity is a major cause of weight gain since sitting in one place for long durations can lead to sore muscles and fat collection. Therefore, remember to get up and walk for 20 minutes every hour.

Why Choose Labelle to Lose Weight in One Month?

Labelle is the best clinic in South India if you want to lose weight in one month. We offer you the following:

• 23 years of expertise and knowledge
• Highly trained and skilled therapists and dieticians
• Highly standardized protocols
• The best-in-class technologies
• Customized Treatments

Final Thoughts

Labelle weight loss clinic has the best plans to reduce weight in one month. Losing weight can be for any reason, but as long as you lose it healthily and safely, it will do wonders for your health by boosting your self-esteem and improving your mental and physical well-being. Weight gain is a shared concern worldwide, with millions of reports incoming daily. Not taking care of your weight can lead to various health issues, such as cardiac problems, PCOD, infertility, or joint-related conditions. Thus, losing weight is a positive step towards promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At Labelle, we aim to transform your life by prioritizing your mind and body. Our doctors use their skills, knowledge, and the best equipment to give you a healthy lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, book an appointment with us today!

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