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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Weight gain has always been an issue with people who love to experiment with food. Everyone wants to eat new varieties of food but no one wants to take-in calories. The excessive fat looks hideous and brings in a lot of health issues along with chubbiness.

Are you stuck on rigid diet plans and vigorous exercise routines to lose unwanted weight gain? Do you want to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise? Do you want to lose weight naturally at home without starving yourself? If your answer is a yes, then read on this article to know tips on how to lose weight without exercise with guaranteed results.

Reasons For Weight Gain

There are multiple reasons for weight gain that include genetics, over eating, stress induced eating patterns, unhealthy lifestyle, junk consumption etc. Whatever the reason, you should always aim for weight reduction to ensure a healthy body. Fat body can cultivate various diseases.

Tips On How To Reduce Weight Without Exercise Fast

There are multiple ways in which you can reduce weight without exercise or strict diet plans. Only tweaking your diet plans or workout plans can help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By following these tips, you can become slim and healthy-

  • Always chew your food slowly.

When you chew slowly, you get tired easily which makes you eat less. This also makes you feel full fast, in turn making you intake lesser calories. Also, avoid using electronics while consuming food or else you tend to eat more.

  • Learn how to portion control your diet.

When you serve your food on a small plate, even small quantity makes the plate look full. This in turn, makes you feel full easily. Small portion sizes of food intake helps in cutting down calories every day. You may eat frequently, but eat less. It is also advisable to weight yourself frequently to keep yourself motivated.

  • Don’t eat while stressed and cut down on sugar intake.

Stress releases a hormone in your body known as cortisol, which makes you crave unhealthy junk food which are high in calories. We often make the mistake of eating a lot of junk food while in stress. This makes you gain weight fast. Cutting down on sugar is also a vital step towards reducing weight fast. You should make a habit of consuming healthy snacks like fruits, vegetable with hummus; that do not increase your calorie count. Unhealthy food items should be stocked out of sight.

  • Drink lots and lots of water.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important tips to reduce weight. When you drink a glass of water before every meal, you tend to intake lesser food. Most often when we are thirsty, our brain makes it look like we are hungry.

  • Consume protein rich and fibre rich diet.

Consuming protein tends to make you feel fuller for a longer time which makes you crave less food. When you include soluble fibre in your diet, it helps in maintaining your ideal body weight. Fibres help in suppressing appetite. You should consult a dietician to determine the ideal amount of protein and fibre in your daily diet. At Labelle, we have a team of expert dieticians who can personalise your diet plan.

  • Lay back on alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is very high in calories. You should avoid drinking alcohol. If there is too much temptation, you can consume red wine in moderation. Instead of alcohol, you should make a habit of drinking black coffee without milk or sugar.

  • Get good amount of sleep.

Weight gain is also related to poor sleeping patterns. Inadequate sleep imbalances ghrelin and leptin hormones, also known as appetite control hormones, which make you want to have high calorie food items. Also, it is vital to be physically active to help in boosting metabolism. Getting less than 6 hours of sleep may lead to obesity.

If you are still concerned about what would work for your body type and what won’t, you should visit our clinic Labelle, to get a customised diet plan based on your body type.

Treatments Available To Lose Weight Without Exercise

At Labelle, we aim to help our clients to lose weight fast without exercise. There are various weight loss and slimming treatments available to choose from-

Obesity Treatment

Obesity clinic at Labelle focuses on reviewing the individual’s medical history and finding the reason for weight gain. The experts also study the sleep pattern, psychological and pathological condition, and habits etc of the client and then offer solution. Obesity treatment results in inch loss, muscle toning, increases metabolism, reducing central obesity and is painless.

Body contouring

It is non-surgical and low-invasive procedure that stops the fat cells in targeted area of the skin. There are two types of body contouring.

  • Cryolipolysis

In this one, extreme cold temperature is transmitted through a device on the targeted area to freeze fat cells. The skin is not damaged while the fat cells get destroyed.

  • Mesolipolysis or injection lipolysis

In this one, fine needles consisting of fat dissolving agents are injected on the target area.

Body toning

Body toning covers all parts of body like abdomen, thighs, arms, legs, back and even neck regions where fat accumulation is most prominent. Body toning does not have any side effects.

Lose Weight Without Exercise at Labelle

Labelle is India’s leading weight loss and slimming centres where you can be assured of guaranteed results. The health care professionals at Labelle aim to help people in leading a healthy lifestyle with customised diet plans made for the clients. We, at Labelle, understand that every individual’s body is different and one diet plan cannot work for everyone. Hence, our expert dieticians make use of varied diet plans based on individual’s body needs. You don’t have to starve anymore in order to lose weight. With Labelle, you can eat while your body flushes out excessive unnecessary weight. With so many weight loss treatment options available, Labelle is your ultimate destination for effective weight loss. You just have to book your free consultation today by calling us on 0801-900-2020. You can also book an online appointment by going through our website!

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