Acne Scar Removal

Every girl’s worst nightmare is the appearance of acne scars that seem to mar her beautiful face. Without proper treatment at a skin care clinic, whether through laser or other acne scar removal methods, acne marks refuse to go away and continue to reside on your skin. They hamper your skin’s appeal and give rise to the use of cosmetic products for hiding them.

What are Acne scars?

Acne scars are different in texture and colour than the surrounding skin. They are caused when the infection caused by acne infects the deeper layers of skin, causing inflammation. Even when the pimple disappears, the skin is not able to heal which leads to pits or depressed scars on the skin. Some scars might be caused due to injuries or burns while the most common reason for scars on face is acne. They steal the skin’s appeal and often lead to inflammation. There can be different ways in which the acne hampers your skin- the extent of acne scars requires much-needed treatment.

Acne Scars and Their Types

Acne scar treatment depends on the type of acne present. Ice-pick, rolling scars, boxcar etc are depressed or atrophic scars that are caused when there is no production of collagen during skin healing. Raised or keloidal scar are hypertrophic scars that are caused when there is excessive production of collagen during skin healing. So basically, the different forms of acne are-

  • Rolling scars
  • Boxcar scars
  • Keloidal scars
  • Ice-pick scars

Are Acne Scars Permanent?

Acne scars are caused due to over-production or under-production of collagen. Since these scars are permanent, they cannot be treated topically by some simple lotions or creams. It becomes vital to take medical help or cosmetic treatments to get rid of those acne scars.

Acne Scar Removal in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Scar removal is vital to be performed by dermatologists since acne scars cannot be treated by simple creams or lotions. At Labelle, there are various treatment options available

  • Subcision
  • Dermal fillers
  • Scar excision
  • Pixel laser resurfacing
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser treatment for acne scars

Whether the doctor suggests you laser treatment for acne scars or any other procedure, it is done only after a thorough analysis of individual’s medical history, allergies, lifestyle patterns etc in order to yield best results. They analyse the individual skin in order to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it.

Acne Scar Treatment at Labelle

Labelle is the award winning clinic which aims to provide world class acne scar removal service with advanced technologies. Labelle aims to provide customer satisfaction with success rate. At Labelle, safety comes first and hence all the required precautions are taken to avoid any side effects. We have the best team of dermatologists who are skilled and experienced in treating acne scars with laser. The best thing about Labelle is that you can easily find a centre across cities like Vizag, Vijayawada, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. In order to get started, simply call on our number or contact us via our website.

What to expect?

Labelle is not only about treating the acne scars, but also revealing your glowing skin by eliminating any other prominent skin problem. Whether there are dark spots, discolouration, wrinkles or anything- Labelle specialises in treating them overall.

  • During the initial consultation, the doctor performs a detailed analysis of your acne scars and checks the history in order to understand the factors causing them. By carefully examining the acne scars, the doctor helps in suggesting combination of treatments required to remove them.
  • During the procedure, the skilled dermatologist helps in preparing your skin for the treatment. The skin is cleansed thoroughly with either a topical anaesthetic cream or degreasing solution for a painless and comfortable treatment. This requires approximately 30 to one hours.
  • After the procedure, the dermatologists help you in understanding the care that is needed after the treatment. For example, sunscreen is vital to be used after any skin treatment.
  • Due to the stubbornness of acne scars, you might require 6 to 8 sessions of treatment for complete removal. Every session is paced at an interval of one month.

FAQ's - Acne Scar Removal

How many sessions of laser scar removal are required?

It can range from four to eight sessions to completely eradicate the problem. It also depends on the type of acne scar issue.

What is the cost of acne scar removal?

At Labelle, acne scar treatment is affordable and customised as per individual needs. The cost of scar removal is per session can vary as per the individual’s type of acne marks treatment.

Does acne scar treatment pain?

At Labelle, our priority is the customer and we make the procedure as comfortable as possible by suggesting topical treatments before the session. The treatment is fast and painless.

Are there any side effects experienced with scar removal?

Post acne marks treatment: you might feel mild swelling and slight redness in the area. However, this lasts only for a day or two. The dermatologists at Labelle prescribe a soothing cream or lotion to combat the redness and allow the dead skin to peel off within a week.

How much time does it take for the results to show up?

It varies from procedure to procedure. It can immediately show results or might take a few days of skin peeling to reveal the new skin.

What does laser scar removal involve?

Laser treatment for acne scars involves using a laser to improve the appearance of scars, reduce fine lines, even out the discolouration and skin tone. In order to achieve flawless skin, pixel laser resurfacing is used that requires four to six sessions spaced at an interval of one month each. It works on every skin type.

Why should you opt for Labelle?

Labelle is India's leading skin care clinic with centres spread across cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada, Vizag and Bangalore. With us, you can be assured of international standards of quality, the best team of experienced and skilled doctors for laser acne scar removal, customised skin care packages that suit your individual needs at the most affordable price.

In order to achieve acne-scar free skin, call Labelle today and book your appointment. With our world-class acne scar removal treatment, you can regain your lost confidence and flaunt your beautiful skin.