LaBelle Reviews: Weight Loss, Skin & Hair

Rated 4.6/5 based on 24 reviews

I highly recommend La Belle which helped me regain my confidence. It was very frustrating and I just could not control eating. The therapeutic approach helped me shed big kilos only in a few months.

- Lavanya. R

I was not obese, but I always had this abdominal fat issue. I tried everything without success. At last, my friend Vijayasri recommended La Belle. I am glad that I listened to her advice.

- Sunitha.M

I am in the entertainment industry and maintaining a slim figure is always top priority. It would have been very difficult without the body toning therapy from La Belle. You are the best!

- Padmaja

I feel healthier ever since I visited la Belle. First, I went there for a skin cleansing, but then I found out about its weight loss features. Their treatment restored my confidence.

- Chandra Kishore

The dietary consultation offered by the expert at La Belle is better than any suggestion I have ever received. The professional was very straight forward in explaining that weight gain depends on faulty lifestyle.

- Niranjan

Thanks for your amazing help La Belle. I have been following your diet and weight management suggestions for 3 months now, and 3 kilos are gone! I just cannot believe it! –

- Swetha Reddy

What I like best about La Belle is the unique treatment they offer me every time I visit. Although many people visit the clinic daily, the professionals still remember every patient with special attention.

- Sharvanan .B

La belle is an amazing facility for weight management. They do not offer cosmetic surgery or anything, but focus on holistic management of the weight depending on the unique lifestyle of the person.

- Anisha

I am not old! At my age, even my mother did not have wrinkles. It all became clear when I understood the stress factor. I needed a new start, and La Belle is perfect.

- Mithi Mukherjee

My daughter always had this acne problem. I understand it's teenage, but the pimples just keep on appearing! At last, I took her to La Belle, and the results are very positive.

- Nishitha

La Belle skin clinic is probably the best of its kind in India. I have visited other facilities, but none of them are so professional and amazing as this clinic in my neighborhood!

- Samreen

La Belle offers full-fledged cosmetic care as well as it has great facilities for ensuring the general health of the skin. The dermatologist is very experienced and can offer great remedies on skin infections.

- Koushik

I am like any other modern man who was totally frustrated with losing hair! Even in my twenties, I was almost bald. Luckily, I found out La belle right on time.

- Harini

La Belle is definitely one of the most advanced hair fall treatment facility. They offer stem cell treatment for hair re-growth. It is something that you do not even find at big medical facilities.

- Jyothi Bose

Once I cut my hair short, I actually went into depression. I could not believe that my hair was not there! My husband suggested that go to La Belle. I have an amazing husband.

- Avanthika

La Belle has both mesotherapy and stem cell treatment for re-growing hair. It is definitely a very wonderful clinic where professionals attend to the unique condition of each patient. La Belle is amazing!

- Bindu

I just wanted to get in shape before my friend's wedding. Also, I needed a deep skin cleansing. Well, La belle attended to both needs, and today I am out shopping for the wedding!

-Preethi Singh

I have a very sensitive skin prone to rashes on exposure to sunlight. I need more special care than others actually. La belle is totally a blessing in my life. I am happy.

- Poonam Mathur

I have been struggling with extra weight always. Although I am not that fat, yet, the abdomen was never good in a sari! All I can say now, I am looking up Kanjivarams online.

- Sneha Latha

La Belle treats me with best care. The setup and attitude of the clinic is very comfortable. They always suggest the necessary changes in lifestyle that is causing the problem in the first place.

- Haneesha

I always had a slim figure, although the unwanted, extra belly popping out from by body used to mar the beauty of my figure. I'm thankful to my friend who suggested me La Belle and got me my perfect body-line.

- Prerna

Shamed, I decided to do something about my expanding body. While doing my research, I ran into La Belle, and gave a shot to it. The way their professional meticulously guided me and shrank me down to someone I find healthy on mirror is unbelievable.

- Deepthi

Being an office goer, my skin was horribly defiled in the pollution. I asked my friends from theater who advised me for La Belle, and today, my skin has regained back its sheen. The best part is their professionals follow up regularly.

- Arshi

Uncontrollable hair fall in thick coils literally scared life out of me. For hair is a woman's crown. By La Belle's grace, my hair is again in love with my scalp. Their expert professionals and treatments are really effective.

- Krithika Santhanam
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